Discours de Marine Le Pen à Brachay

Dans un article précédent, je vous disais ne plus vouloir appuyer de partis politiques en particulier et que ce seraient les citoyens qui sauveraient nos pays de la destruction. Je le pense encore. Néanmoins, il est important que nous continuions à appuyer certains politiciens, nommément ceux qui ont le courage de porter nos convictions et de défendre nos valeurs dans la sphère politique. En tête de liste, Marine Le Pen, François Asselineau, Donald Trump, Geert Wilders et Nigel Farage viennent à l’esprit immédiatement mais il y en a d’autres. Le combat pour la liberté n’est pas facile. Il est semé d’embûches et de difficultés, c’est pourquoi nous devons prendre soin de ceux qui prennent le risque de parler en notre nom et défendre nos droits et nos libertés. À l’occasion donc, je vous offrirai une présentation, un discours, une conférence d’une personnalité politique qui incarne bien le projet d’avenir que nous portons, nous qui rêvons du monde de demain. Aujourd’hui, je vous propose le discours de Marine Le Pen à Brachay, qui marque la rentrée politique de la Présidente du Front National. C’est un discours assez musclé, vif qu’elle nous offre ici. Alors que Marine Le Pen se propose en compagnie des militants du Front National de concocter une version 2.0 du parti, cette présentation est de bon augure. Le combat dans lequel nous sommes engagés pour la liberté de nos peuples est un combat multigénérationel. Nous n’en verrons probablement pas la fin de notre vivant. Nous devons donc dans ce cas développer le concept de la «longue guerre». Les patriotes, partout dans le monde, sont en lutte pour la reconquête de leur pays. En effet, beaucoup de pays sont aux prises avec des gouvernements d’occupation, littéralement, et les citoyens voient leurs droits bafoués tous les jours. Le travail de reconquête, la reconquista, est commencé. Nous devons chasser les occupants avant qu’ils n’aient fini de tout saccager et de piller toutes nos ressources. Dans cette longue guerre, les territoires de la France et des États-Unis sont extrêment critiques. Le combat pour la liberté sera gagné, ou perdu, dans ces deux pays. À nous de faire tourner le vent en notre faveur.


The ‘coup’ against Red Ice TV and independent media…

We are passing through extremely dark times. The recent solar eclipse is a mind-blowing expression of that. Decent and honest people are being attacked and destroyed while crooks and killers get away with almost anything. Why is that? It is difficult to give a definitive answer as this problem is multifaceted. The hacking of Red Ice TV website is a good example of what we are going through. The website is owned and run by a young couple, Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff. They belong to a fringe movement of the political right, called the Alt-Right. You probably heard of that movement. Their website was taken down during the events of the Charlottesville rally called Unite the Right in which one person died and several people were injured after clashes between participants and protesters. I can say that although there are things that I would phrase differently, I do support the work that they do. They do an important service to the community by providing a platform to political dissidents and free thinkers in the United States and worldwide. Their resource is absolutely indispensable in these terrible times we are getting through. Yet their website was hacked, supposedly by the ‘antifa’, but it remains to be seen who did it. Here are some of my reflections on the subject.

First, anybody that took a look at their material could see that more than often they provide opportunities to people who are extremely critical of not only Muslims but also of Jews and⁄or Israel, and of non-white ethnic groups in particular. I believe that nobody is above critical thinking. If somebody has something to say about a certain group or a certain category of individuals, if it is sound and rational, we should celebrate that as a great contribution to society. But clearly, there are people who don’t think this way.

Second, and this is a crucial point, their website provide what we could call ‘free TV’. In effect, they often livestream political gatherings on their website, events that they participate in or that represent important milestones in the political sphere. As such, they may be seen as an unjust competition. There is absolutely no publicity on their website. Their activities are funded by their listeners and viewers through voluntary contributions. It goes without saying that big TV networks are probably frustrated and angry about Red Ice TV and other websites of the same type such as The Rebel, etc. Put yourself in the shoes of the big TV networks for a moment. They pump up millions and millions of dollars into their channels. But the more money they put in, the crappier the content gets. When I was a kid, there was only four channels on TV and for today’s standards, it was rather good. Now you have 500 channels and the content is terrible most of the time. Marshall McLuhan has written extensively on the nature of the media. ‘The medium in the message’, he was saying. Well, that’s the point. TV is like a bottle of sauce. The amount of sauce in it is finite. If you take that sauce and try to put into more bottles, it only dilutes the sauce more and more. At one point, there is no sauce anymore but water that’s what is happening with TV. Playing directly in this phenomenon is the obsession of specialization. When zapping, you can fall on a channel dedicated to the preparation of omelettes on July sunday mornings every Year of the Dragon. Well…I am joking but does it need to be that specialized? Probably not. As I have said, TV was much better when there was only a handful of channels and that was before specialization occurred.

So again, put yourself in the shoes of big TV network producers. You have a bunch of kids or young adults creating excellent TV, almost for free, and offering it for free to the world! Big TV is certainly not happy about that. The shows that independent media offer on the web are far better than the ones that you get from the ‘official’ TV. I am not saying that they are the ones who hacked Red Ice TV but let’s say that they wouldn’t mind, really. Independent media content creators make their own TV, film themselves with regular cameras and cellphones, and livestream or upload their shows on the web at a fraction of the cost…It is often said that big newspapers are losing readership, that it is falling year after year and that certain ones are on the path to bankruptcy. But it is also true for TV. It is very expensive to put on the air and the viewers are dropping it in favor of the internet that offers content that is interactive, new, bold and edgy. Personally, I don’t see any solution for big TV networks. They will continue to fall apart. TV, in its present form, is a medium that belongs to the past.

Another part of the problem is censorship and control. Just take a look at the number of hosts that have lost their jobs recently at Fox News for example. Fox News is good TV network, of right-wing orientation, that provides a platform for people that you don’t hear on the other networks. Guests come from the right-wing in general, they are Republicans, libertarians, conservatives, etc. But the content is made for a general public, not a smaller fringe like the Alt-Right or some other orientation. You have to be blind not to see that a certain ‘purge’ is going on at Fox that seems to follow the purge that is happening also at the same time in the Trump Administration. Those who were supporting Trump the most enthusiastically, such as Andrea Tantaros and Bill O’Reilly are no longer there. I am not getting into the specific reasons about why these hosts were fired or have resigned, I don’t work at Fox News so I don’t know what is going on there, all I am just saying is that a lot of them were supporting Trump and that is not a coincidence.

To come back at the hacking of Red Ice TV website, the hacking happened on the very day of the Unite the Right rally when they were en route to the event or just on arrival. I already talked about the rally itself so you can read my analysis in this previous article. We know that the State of Emergency was declared rather early as the event was starting. And that’s rather relevant here because in any standard State of Emergency law, or martial law, you may have provisions that allow the government to take control of communications. You don’t need a big IQ to figure out that somebody used the State of Emergency as a pretext to take down the site, or that somebody just waited for them to leave their apartment as the two hosts were departing for Charlottesville. I am joining two Youtube videos in which they themselves talk about the incident as they went through it and the possible leads of investigations that they have.

Why am I writing about that subject? Because although you may think that ‘it doesn’t concern me’ or ‘it is good for them if they did something wrong’ or ‘I am not getting involved’ or ‘it is not my concern’ you are next. If our elites can do that to a young couple, with a young baby, destroy their business and their livelihood and you don’t come to their defense, who is gonna take your defense when it is your turn? What happened to Red Ice TV and at the Charlottesville rally is unacceptable. What happened to the Jews during World War Two was a test-run. It is obvious that our globalist elites are preparing that same fate for all of us. Master crooks and thieves, of a caliber never seen, are at work. Regardless of the color of our skin, regardless of our religion, our values, our ethnic background, we will be subjected to the most brutal totalitarian regime that the Earth has ever known, unless we make a serious course correction. In effect, you have to understand that Hitler and Stalin didn’t have the technology that we have today. That technology gives the power to take total control. We have embraced technologies that allow our elites to know everything about every single individual anywhere on the planet. Our civilizational ship is a Titanic on a collision course and when the impact occurs, you are going to feel it, believe me. A few days ago, North Korea was able to launch a missile that flew over Japan and it was not taken down. But yet, we find the time and the energy to take down some websites and Youtube channels that express hate and racism…Don’t you think that our priorities are not the good ones? I will write a follow up on that article, focussing on tips and advice. For the moment, I will leave you with Henrik and Lana. Listen to what they have to say. Again, I repeat that the fact that you agree or disagree with them and their political ideas is not the issue. The issue is freedom of speech and our future as free men and women. If we don’t fight back against these very dangerous people who are trying to take control of the planet, our children and grandchildren will only have a life of misery and pain in slave labor camps. That’s what is looming on the horizon, folks.

The rally in Charlottesville: The ‘coup’ against the Alt-Right and Trump…

It pains me a great deal having to write this article but it is my duty as a responsible citizen to do so, so bear with me. Things are not going well with the Trump Administration. The policies put in place by President Trump are importantly different from those advertised by Candidate Trump and it doesn’t bode well for the future. What we saw in Charlottesville a few weeks ago when the supposed ‘white supremacist’ rally, called Unite The Right, happened was a real circus, a theater of smoke and mirrors to deceive the many. The media lied about it in a way for me that was unprecedented. I knew the media was lying but they surpassed anything I was expecting. Even Fox News, a supposedly right-wing network, lied up to their cheeks. The female host who was describing the events going on live was absolutely horrible, calling rallygoers racists and nazis. She was so completely over the top, unprofessional and dishonest that you were wondering if she was not making a pitch to be hired by some other network. I had to check the station identification logo to be sure.

To set the record straight, here is what happened at Charlottesville, from the facts and witnesses accounts that I could gather. Right-wingers of a variety of school of thought and political philosophy gathered in that town to protest the removal of Confederate monuments, the statue of Robert E. Lee among many. It was also an occasion to meet other right-wingers, to network and create bonds. A lawfull permit was given to the organizers and the police was informed of every detail. Everything was looking good. Rallygoers start to assemble in the morning and the atmosphere was peaceful. The police was monitoring and securing the event. Then the antifa showed up and increased their numbers rapidly. Some of them were armed with clubs and other weapons. Then for some reasons not explained the rally was declared unlawful, the State of Emergency was declared and things deteriorated rapidly. The police, at the request of local authorities clearly not in sync with the ideas and values of rallygoers, pushed Unite the Right participants toward the antifa thugs making them easy targets for injuries of all sorts. What is important to precise here, again according to people who were there such as Richard Spencer and others, is that the perimeter had been set in a way that made rallygoers trapped and had nowhere to go to escape the antifa. So violence broke out between the two groups. That’s a chance that right-wingers brought shields to defend themselves. Then, there was also the incident with the car but we don’t even know if it was intentional. We don’t know the circumstances.

The media portrayed the whole event as a nazi and KKK event while it was nothing of the sort. There might have been a few people with nazi flags but that doesn’t make all rallygoers nazis. Effectively, if your neighbour puts a Bolivian flag on his balcony that doesn’t make the whole neighbourhood Bolivian. You also have to remind yourself that sometimes people in the New Right or the Alt-Right for exemple use nazi paraphernelia as a means of provocation, not because they are real nazis. I agree with Richard Spencer when he says that the Charlottesville rally was a total set up. Everything was ready, the police, local authorities, the media, to be able to present the event as a nazi rally.

But then who was the target of such an extensive operation? Obviously the Alt-Right movement first, which is gaining momentum and in strength rapidly. I think that those who planned this ‘coup’ against the movement wanted to be able to tie in the stain of nazism to the Alt-Right to be able, in turn, to get to President Trump. You see, the media and the Left have been trying unsuccessfully for months to portray Trump as somebody who ‘collude with Russia’. They have been repeating this story over and over again but it doesn’t stick. It is obvious that they have decided to change tactics: If the Russia label doesn’t work maybe the nazi label will. That’s what it was all about. Members of the Alt-Right movement, largely represented at this rally in Charlottesville, were instrumental in providing support to Candidate Trump to assure his victory on November 8. They made the difference, so to speak. So they were targeted to be smeared as nazis in Charlottesville, by the Left and other nefarious forces, to be able to smear Trump himself in a second step as a nazi and discredit him.

Then you have Trump’s response to the events. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure that Trump gets it the way he should. Or maybe he gets it but his entourage don’t let him think besides what Washington expects. In the very dangerous world in which we live, the puck is going very fast. So, in order to survive and win, you have to think fast and act fast. In the aftermath of the rally in Charlottesville, Trump provided a response that was rubber-stamped by the swamp, so to speak. He talked about ‘bigotry, hatred, racism, etc. Then, a few days later, going off script, he provided a much better response when he denounced ‘violence on both sides’. But again that’s not what happened.

It is obvious that Charlottesville was a set up, a very clever, meticulous, articulate information warfare and propaganda operation designed to break Trump’s Presidency. All the signs are there showing that a soft ‘coup’ is under way to overthrow the President and marginalize his supporters. Within the Administration, those who support his agenda and policies are being pushed aside, fired or dismissed. The ousting of Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka are sending the signal that the Trump Presidency will not be about what Candidate Trump made campaign on. Also, those who support or used to support President Trump are being kicked out of social media, they see their videos on Youtube being demonetized, censored, they see their access cut from payments services, etc, in other terms they are being targeted for their political ideas. In that regard, everybody can notice that there seems to be more censorship going on since Trump took office than there was during Obama’s Presidency. Obama transfered the control of the internet to ICANN, the organism that delivers names and numbers for websites. Technically, while that is still a matter of interpretation by legal experts and lawyers, that transfert took off the protection offered by the First Amendment on speech, since now it is no longer the government that is in control of the internet but a non-profit organization.

President Trump could have easily denounced that transfer and proposed to cancel it, bringing it back under the government’s control. Why hasn’t he done that? President Trump said a few times that he would defend ‘religious liberty’. Well…there’s just one problem. Religious liberty and freedom of speech are not compatible. If you look at history, you will notice that very often religions were imposed on populations by force, sometimes by the sword. So religions spread throughout the world thanks to their ability to suppress the freedom of speech of those they wanted to convert. As far as I know, all religions of any importance did it. And today, we have to face the problem of Muslims trying to impose shariah law on non-Muslims. To let the Muslims deliver their propaganda in order for them to impose shariah on us is not ‘liberty’. It is folly and submission. When President Trump made his trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with the leaders of the Muslim and Arab nations, he was received and treated as a king. Personally, I am not sure I like it. Islam is a supremacist religion that tolerates nothing and no one outside its realm. When Muslims don’t like somebody, usually, that’s a good sign, a sign that that person is not submitting to shariah and is actually defending our values and freedoms. In that regard, you could say that Muslims are divided on Trump. Some of them like him, others don’t. Recently, Muslim activitst Linda Sarsour proposed the idea that resisting Trump was a form of jihad. Was the whole circus of Charlottesville part of that jihad?

I would like to finish with this broader question: How far are we willing to go in the West to accommodate the Muslim world before getting destroyed? I suggest that you listen to these two witnesses accounts, those of Richard Spencer and James Allsup.

Why I stopped blogging in English…

Parti Québécois’s 2013 Charter of Values was a terrific opportunity for all Quebec patriots to express, in a formal document, the values upon which our society stands. Westerners, living among themselves for centuries as white and Christian individuals, took those values for granted without taking the time to identify and define them. Now, as the floodgates of immigration have been opened, these values are being challenged, questioned by other beliefs and ways of thinking. If successful, to my knowledge, the Charter of Values would have been the first official document adopted by a state legislature to define and defend those values we all share and cherish (besides the American Constitution, of course).

Unfortunately, there was a lot of opposition to the Charter. Various groups ranging from islamist groups, leftist organisations, freedom of expression lobbyists, judicial think tanks and legal experts, etc, expressed their opposition to the document each for their own reasons. On the other hand, a lot of groups and people supported the Charter in a way that was significant. But the most surprising of all came from the Conservative Party of Canada. The party denounced the Charter vehemently and in the process attacked the Parti Québécois itself for having crafted it and presented it. No need to say that it stroke a huge blow to the Parti Québécois and to the project of the Charter of Values. Eventually, the Parti Québécois lost the election on the following spring and the Charter of Values died with its defeat.

Following the stand taken by the Conservative Party of Canada against the Charter of Values, I decided at that time to stop blogging in English completely for doing it solely in French. That was my own way to protest politically against what seemed to me as something completely unfair. You see, being myself a Canadian and knowing a few things about Canadian politics, I knew and understood that the Conservative Party of Canada was doing that not to compromise their votes from the various communities of immigrants, especially Muslims. They played the « racism » card against the Parti Québécois, thinking that they would look nice and keep or get their votes at the next federal election. They went on full seduction mode, thinking that immigrants would literally rush to the voting booths to have the privilege and distinction to cast their ballots for the Conservatives.

And what happened exactly on election night in the fall of 2015? Canadians voted largely…for the Liberals of Justin Trudeau. The leader of the Conservatives, Stephen Harper, resigned. You see, what we call the Right or the conservatives, is not a unified front, nowhere in the world I would say. And a pattern that I have noticed through the years is that conservatives or right-wingers have the tendency to shoot themselves in the foot, figuratively speaking. The Charter of Values was a tremendous opportunity for all patriots to get a victory on defending their values and having adopted it by a state legislature. This would have created a precedent, a canvas, a blue-print, a model, for other legislatures in the western world to draft their own document or bill to do the same. By sabotaging the efforts of the Parti Québécois to adopt the Charter of Values, Canadian Conservatives not only hurt Québec patriots but hurt patriots worldwide. It was a huge blow to all nationalists.

I am absolutely appalled and astonished by the lack of political maturity and vision of a lot of so-called « professional » politicians. They don’t have a large scale and a long-run vision. They think only of what is good for the next two weeks or for the next election. They don’t understand that a short term loss can’t transform itself into a big victory in the middle and in the long term. Helping the Parti Québécois present and adopt its Charter would have allowed the Conservative Party of Canada to craft its own version of a charter, bill and/or policies to identify and defend the values of Canada, the way they see them appropriate for the country.

You see, a lot of the so-called right-wing or conservative parties think that they can win the hearts and minds of immigrants and refugees. They don’t understand that no matter how hard they try, left-wing parties will always propose something more appealing: more money, more governmental hand-outs, more advantages, more family reunification, more anything. Figuratively, to sum things up, you could say that the Left will always have sexier legs than the Right. And that’s precisely what the Conservatives in Canada don’t understand. And to be fair, I am not sure the Parti Québécois understand it either. Those two parties will continue to loose elections until the end of time unless they realize that we are at a crossroads. Either we do what it takes to survive and win the war against our enemies or we accept the idea of being replaced by populations from the third-world and simply die out of existence.

I am not very optimistic. I saw the news of the events at Charlottesville today. Again, the media is completely distorting the facts, as usual. Even Fox News, that I like very much, gets it wrong. The media is putting the blame on the patriots for what happened but think about it for a second. We are being invaded from the four corners of the Earth, we are being attacked by a hostile religion, islam to name it, that wants to impose us its moral code and obligations, drug cartels are destroying our communities, our history is being rewritten to erase our achievements and great victories and, on top of that, we have to deal with nuclear threats and cyber attacks coming from rogue regimes such North Korea, and we are supposed to believe that it is the fault of patriots?

As long as we will continue to accuse ourselves of the world’s problem and take the blame for everything, nothing will change. Our adversaries see that and they prey on our sens of guilt, on our fear, masochism and self-deprecation. You see, we suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. We have come to identify with our aggressors and raptors and now we defend them at our own peril. If we don’t correct that, it is true, that we will disappear. I would like to finish with a question: According to you, how long will it take for North Korea to launch a missile or drop an atomic bomb on our heads? And I guess that, if it happens, it will be the fault of the patriots, right? Because, in the end, so goes the narrative, it is always the fault of the patriots…

Notre sport national: Une belle métaphore de la culture canadienne…

Je continue sur ma lancée de l’article précédent en reprenant le même sujet mais avec un angle différent. Je vais vous parler du hockey professionnel. Dans l’article précédent sur le cadeau-boni donné à Omar Khadr, je vous disais que le Canada était un pays qui aimait récompenser la médiocrité. Un autre bon exemple de cela est la façon dont les parties de hockey se déroulent dans la Ligue Nationale de Hockey et autres ligues de hockey nord-américaines. La LNH est une curieuse de ligue professionnelle. La grande partie de l’intérêt pour le hockey de trouve au Canada mais la majorité des équipes se trouvent aux États-Unis alors que le peuple américain manifeste peu d’intérêt pour ce sport. Il y aurait en fait plus d’argent à faire au Canada mais les gouverneurs de la ligue s’entêtent à garder les franchises aux États-Unis pour obtenir les fameux droits de télévision. Alors que les billets pour les matchs peuvent se vendre plusieurs centaines de dollars à Montréal ou à Toronto, beaucoup d’équipes aux États-Unis ont de la difficulté à attirer des spectateurs, et ce même en offrant les billets à coût dérisoire, dans le genre: 10 dollars, incluant deux bières, deux hot-dogs et le stationnement (j’exagère à peine). Les Rangers de New York s’en tirent beaucoup mieux et il y a d’autres équipes aussi qui font leur frais. Il y a un système de partage de revenus (ce n’est pas très capitaliste en passant…) et les équipes canadiennes font des chèques aux équipes américaines pour rééquilibrer le tout.

Or, lorsque l’on s’installe dans son fauteuil pour regarder un match, chez soi ou à l’aréna, il y a deux choses qui sautent aux yeux immédiatement. C’est que les parties se déroulent selon des critères moraux assez discutables. Premièrement, on permet aux joueurs de se battre. Une punition de cinq minutes est décernée et les joueurs peuvent ensuite retourner jouer. Le hockey est le seul sport professionnel que je connaisse où des joueurs qui se battent ne sont pas expulsés. Ici, je fais évidemment abstraction des sports de combats comme la boxe, la lutte, etc. Lorsqu’il y a un combat, les spectateurs se lèvent d’un bon et applaudissent à tout rompre, comme si Léonard de Vinci venait d’apparaître ou comme si Einstein venait de découvrir la théorie de la relativité sous leurs yeux. Deuxièmement, les bons joueurs sont systématiquement ciblés pour être neutralisés. D’habitude, c’était comme cela à l’époque où je suivais cela en tous cas, un couvreur est désigné pour contrer le meilleur joueur de l’autre équipe. Chez les Canadiens de Montréal, Guy Carbonneau était souvent choisi pour couvrir Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux ou Peter Stastny. Le fait de couvrir le meilleur joueur de l’autre équipe peut signifier de le suivre de près simplement mais, parfois, ça peut impliquer aussi de le harceler, l’intimider en lui donnant des coups de bâtons par exemple. Guy Carbonneau, de mémoire, n’avait pas l’habitude de faire cela mais d’autres l’ont fait abondamment.

Eh bien…en y repensant, ces deux comportements que l’on voit souvent au hockey professionnel nord-américain est une belle métaphore de la culture canadienne. Vivre aux Canada, cela ressemble à un match de hockey. Voyez-vous, nos élites ont de la difficulté à accepter que lorsque l’on a des points de vue différents, on peut, par la discussion, le dialogue, l’argumentation, en venir à résoudre des problèmes. Et lorsque que quelqu’un a du talent dans un domaine, leur jalousie et leur envie feront en sorte souvent qu’ils emploieront toutes sortes de tactiques d’intimidation et de harcèlement pour détruire cet individu au lieu de le laisser s’épanouir et offrir à la société le fruit de son labour ou de sa créativité. Le harcèlement et l’intimidation sont extrêmement répandus au Canada, beaucoup plus qu’on pourrait le penser. Lorsqu’il y a une situation qui pose problème dans une institution, une ville, une entreprise, on en vient vite aux menaces et à l’intimidation. Les grands discours sur la communication et le dialogue provenant des départements de ressources humaines ou des politiciens ne sont souvent que des mots vides. Ceux qui les prononcent sont fréquemment les premiers à être incapables de les mettre en pratique. En tous cas, ce n’est pas comme cela que les choses se passent dans le monde réel au Canada.

D’autre part, le citoyen canadien moyen ne se gêne pas d’habitude pour critiquer les Américains, pour les traiter d’impérialistes, de bellicistes, pour les accuser des créer des guerres inutiles. Beaucoup se scandalisent par exemple si le sang coule dans le désert de l’Afghanistan ou de l’Irak suite à une intervention militaire américaine. Par contre, si le sang coule sur une glace de hockey, en Amérique du Nord, suite à un combat entre joueurs, alors là le même citoyen moyen applaudit de toutes ses forces, en redemande, et plus le sang coule, plus il est content. Vous ne trouvez pas cela incohérent? Il y a des jours où l’on se dit que ce que les Canadiens ont réellement de besoin, contrairement à ce qu’ils croient, ce n’est pas le départ de Stephen Harper ou de Donald Trump de la vie politique, ce qu’ils ont besoin, c’est d’un bon psychiatre.

Dans les sports professionnels populaires aux États-Unis, notamment le base-ball, le basket-ball et le football, les règles sont strictes. Les bagarres ne sont pas permises et les joueurs sont expulsés s’ils le font quand même. On ne tolère pas non plus que les bons joueurs soient contrés d’une façon disproportionnée. Pour revenir à l’exemple du joueur qui est désigné pour couvrir le meilleur joueur adverse, il y a certains matchs où on pouvait le voir carrément accroché au pantalon de son opposant. En Europe, on ne tolère pas les bagarres non plus dans les ligues de hockey professionnelles et les bons joueurs sont encouragés à exprimer leur talent et leur habilité. En Europe, on s’attend à ce que les joueurs de hockey fassent preuve d’adresse et les équipes adverses, pour gagner, au lieu de faire des menaces et de l’intimidation, essaient tout simplement de démontrer une habilité supérieure à leurs opposants.

Il y a quelque chose de malsain dans la façon dont le hockey professionel est géré en Amérique du Nord. Mais ce qu’il y a d’amusant, c’est que les penseurs et gestionnaires du hockey professionnel nord-américain qui ont organisé ces règles ont, involontairement, dévoilé la nature réelle de la culture canadienne. Oubliez les missions de paix des « casques bleus » des Nations Unies ou les chèques faits pour des causes humanitaires, etc. La vérité sur le Canada, vous l’avez lorsque vous aller voir un match de hockey professionnel. Tout y est dit. La menace de la violence est brandie pour décourager toute opposition et les individus les plus talentueux sont systématiquement écrasés et détruits pour protéger les intérêts de la classe dominante. Les élites canadiennes basées à Toronto et à Ottawa ont construit un pays complètement bidon. C’est une farce monumentale. Lorsque l’on est un travailleur journalier, soumis à de lourds impôts et contraintes de toutes sortes, on revient vite à la réalité. Nos bonnes élites ont beau essayer d’utiliser le sport et le divertissement pour nous endormir, tôt ou tard, on finit par se réveiller. À quand la souveraineté du Québec? Vive le Québec libre!

Le moment de vérité sur le Canada: Le cadeau-boni à Omar Khadr…

Je dois vous dire que j’aurais eu bien d’autres choses à faire en ce samedi que d’écrire sur le sujet d’Omar Khadr. Il y a tant de choses à faire et si peu de temps! Commençons. Voilà quelques jours, le gouvernement Trudeau a annoncé qu’il donnerait un montant d’environ 10 millions de dollars à Omar Khadr en compensation des mauvais traitements qu’il aurait subis à Guantanamo Bay, en plus d’excuses officielles. On peut débattre à savoir si c’est mérité ou non. Le fait est que cette décision montre le vrai visage du Canada. Voyez-vous, en deux siècles et demi d’histoire, les patriotes québécois n’ont jamais réussi vraiment à déboulonner le mythe du Canada. Certes, ils ont essayé mais sans réussir. Ils ont critiqué, sermonné mais l’image du Canada comme un « bon » pays a tenu le coup. Or, dans cette seule décision, Trudeau a réussi à fracasser le mythe et l’image du Canada pour de bon. Quand j’étais plus jeune, j’avais un professeur qui me disait que je perdais mon temps « ici », en voulant parler du Canada/Québec. En gros, ce qu’il essayait de me dire c’est que les élites canadiennes ont une vision si petite et si mesquine des choses que c’est une perte de temps que d’essayer de leur faire comprendre le bon sens. Avoir compris plus tôt le point qu’il essayait de me faire réaliser, je me serais organisé pour aller vivre ailleurs. Brièvement j’ai considéré l’Europe mais, heureusement, j’y ai renoncé. Lorsque l’on voit le désastre qui s’y déroule, cela a été un excellente décision de ma part.

Or, dans le cas qui nous intéresse ici, l’affaire Khadr, nous avons un individu qui a été reconnu coupable d’avoir tué un soldat américain et d’en avoir bléssé au moins un autre lors d’un attentat en Afghanistan. Le gouvernement canadien vient de le récompenser avec un chèque de 10 millions. Il n’y a rien de surprenant là-dedans. Les élites canadiennes ont l’habitude de traiter les patriotes et les vétérans de l’Armée canadienne assez mal, très mal parfois. Au cours des dernières années, les témoignages des vétérans de l’Armée disant avoir été traités avec indifférence et mépris se sont multipliés. Beaucoup se sont plaints de ne pas obtenir les soins médicaux, physiques et psychologiques, dont ils avaient besoin pour continuer leur vie. De façon générale, les patriotes au Canada ont à composer avec la censure et vivent dans la clandestinité souvent. Ils craignent pour leur réputation, leur emploi, la sécurité de leur famille et pour leur vie même parfois. La liberté d’expression est un concept que les politiciens locaux aiment balancer mais dans les faits, quand vient le temps de la protéger, les actions ne suivent pas ou vont dans le sens contraire.

Dans ce contexte, certains individus, parmi les plus talenteux, ont choisi de s’en aller aux États-Unis. Pour ne citer que les plus célèbres, on peut mentionner les Céline Dion, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, William Shatner et Mark Steyn. Il y en a plein d’autres. Et pour bien comprendre la nature du problème qui est posé ici, il faut comprendre la nature linguistique et ethnique du Canada. Il y a deux peuples fondateurs, les Canadiens-Français et les Canadiens-Anglais, descendants respectivement des colons français et britanniques qui sont venus ici du XVI au XVIIIème siècle. Comme Louis XV a décidé d’abandonner les colons français en Amérique du Nord, ceux-ci ont perdu la guerre contre la Grande-Bretagne. Les colons britanniques ont pris possession du pays et y ont imposé leur système et leurs valeurs. Leurs descendants ont toujours le plein contrôle de la situation jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Une grande part de l’activité de l’élite canadienne-anglaise a été centrée à Montréal pendant longtemps mais depuis quelques décennies, Toronto et l’Ontario sont devenus sa forteresse.

Depuis 1760, cela a toujours été assez difficile pour un Québécois de réussir au Canada en raison spécifiquement des politiques (non officielles) de répression envers les Canadiens-Français au Québec et partout au Canada. Beaucoup de Canadiens-Français qui sont allés à Toronto pour lancer une carrière en anglais se sont cassés la figure. En effet, les Canadiens-Anglais, au fond d’eux-mêmes, ont souvent une attitude qui frôle le racisme envers les Québécois. Ils peuvent être les plus accueillants du monde envers les personnes de couleurs venant de tous les coins du monde mais lorsqu’il est question des Québécois, c’est autre chose. C’est pourquoi beaucoup de Québécois qui ont voulu réussir dans la vie n’ont pas perdu leur temps à aller à Toronto. Ils sont allés directement aux États-Unis. La Californie et New York, sont les deux destinations principales.

Ont peut dire ce que l’on veut des Américains mais ils ont une grande qualité. Ils savent reconnaître le talent. Ils vont donner la chance à qui ce soit de se faire valoir s’il a du talent. Peu importe ses origines, sa langue, sa religion, quelqu’un qui a du talent peut réussir aux États-Unis alors qu’au Canada, si tu ne fais pas partie de la clique, de la « swamp » comme dirait le Président Trump, tu seras mis de côté dans le meilleur des cas. Dans le pire des cas, les individus talentueux et différents pourront subir toutes sortes de harcèlement et d’intimidation et voir leur vie détruite car les élites canadiennes n’acceptent aucune contestation de leur monopole.

Pour revenir à la décision d’octroyer 10 millions à Omar Khadr, on doit se questionner aussi sur la légalité du geste. La question centrale est la suivante: Sur quoi le gouvernement fédéral se base-t-il pour prendre pour acquis que la somme versée à la famille Khadr ne servira pas, dans le futur, à financer des activités terroristes? C’est une excellente question. Qui plus est, c’est un standard international dans le libellé des lois antiterroristes que le fait d’apporter du « support matériel » au terrorisme tombe sous le coup de la loi. Vous ne trouvez pas que le gouvernement fédéral prend un gros risque en donnant une somme semblable à une famille de la sorte?

Quoiqu’il est soit, on comprend tout de façon très claire maintenant. C’est logique. Le Canada est un pays qui récompense la médiocrité et non pas le talent contrairement aux États-Unis. Au Canada, il est tout à fait normal que quelqu’un ayant un passé terroriste se voit offrir un cadeau-boni de 10 millions alors que les vétérans de l’Armée vivent dans la misère. C’est dans la nature du pays que des choses semblables se passent et Justin Trudeau, en prenant cette décision, a tout simplement rendu manifeste et visible ce que tout le monde avait compris. Je le répète, le temps est venu pour le Québec de devenir indépendant. Le Canada, c’est terminé. Nous n’avons plus rien à y faire. Je voudrais dire aussi que les Québécois sont talenteux, courageux, lucides et tenaces. À ce que je sache, il n’y a jamais eu de Québécois à la Maison-Blanche. Un jour, il y en aura un. Ce n’est qu’une question de temps. L’entêtement de l’élite canadienne-anglaise et le cirque déployé par Justin Trudeau ne feront qu’accélérer l’effondrement du pays. La fin est proche et tant mieux pour le Québec. Comme l’a dit le Général de Gaulle: « Vive le Québec libre! »