Infowars: Trump is preparing to release declassified documents on the Clintons and the Democrats

According to Alex Jones’ sources, President Trump is about to go on the offence against the Clintons and the Democrats. He is preparing the release of declassified documents relative to the Uranium One scandal, to Clinton’s governmental emails that were stored on her private server, to the FISA warrants, etc. Alex Jones sums up what is going on in the first video. The second video features Roger Stone in which the political strategist presents to the viewers what President Trump should do in the coming weeks before the new Democrat House is sworn in.

Project Veritas: Deep State Unmasked series, part 3 and 4

The Democrats’ version of justice: The lynch mob versus the honest man…

A circus was in town in Washington last week. Barnum? Not really. Bozo the Clown? Neither. In fact, it was worse or better depending on the point of view. Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings for the Supreme Court presented to the American people and to the whole planet such a despicable spectacle that no regular circus in the world could have ever come up with that. It was a disgrace, a travesty, a shame and a dishonor. I must tell you that I didn’t believe a single word I heard in this Hearing, except those coming from Judge Kavanaugh himself. The whole thing was made up, it was a show and a completely fake event. The Democrats are trying to swap the current version of the justice system with their own, where the accused is considered guilty regardless of the proof presented and where lynch mobs replace the jury and deliberation. A Confirmation Hearing is not a trial. It is supposed to be an event where the qualities of an individual are tested and evaluated to make a decision on the fitness for a job appointment. Those who were there to put Kavanaugh on trial were at the wrong address.

I think I have a good idea of what is going on. You see, Democrats, in good socialists that they are, can’t win on the debate of ideas. They loose inevitably because they can’t beat us on rational grounds, since their ideas are irrational and impossible to implement in reality. So now their only way to achieve their goals is to use the good old tricks. Intimidation, harassment, violence, smear attacks, framing, etc. In this case here involving Judge Kavanaugh, a few ‘victims’ were found of crimes that he supposedly committed when he was younger. It is interesting to note that the ‘victims’ all chose this particular moment to talk while they kept silence for the last thirty years… I smell a rat. I think the Democrats are simply throwing the most dirt and s*?# at Trump to try to slow down his presidency, jam any progress in any activity whatsoever of the Administration in an effort eventually to impeach him. Democrats are trying to find ‘victims’ for crimes supposedly committed by employees, partisans, candidates or supporters of the Trump Administration, to be able to pin those ‘crimes’ on the back of Trump and pile up enough material for an impeachment. One wonders what kind of pressure is being put on these women to coerce them to come forward with these fabrications, highly damaging to the people they are targetted to. Some of these ‘victims’ must be in terrible situations, hopeless, to agree to be used like guinea pigs for political purposes. It is really a circus, in all sense of the word.

The justice system works perfectly when we respect its rules and principles. In order of procedure, the victim of a crime reports to the police; the police investigates; if there is enough evidence for charges to be pressed, the police makes a recommendation to the Justice Department to press charges; the Department evaluates the case; eventually, the Department may decide to press charges; if charges are pressed, there is a trial; at the trial the accused is represented by a lawyer and his rights are respected. That’s how justice was served until recently in America and that’s how it should be served, not like the disgusting spectacle that we have seen this week on Capitol Hill. I hope that the Senate Judiciary Committee will change its rules to make it clear that any Hearing should not be used to make a show trial. Any such attempt should be dismissed immediately, declared void or referred to criminal courts. The testimony of Christine Blasey Ford should never have happened in the first place. This was not the proper setting for it.

Interview with the President of the United States, Donald Trump

A good house cleaning is necessary at the Justice Department, starting with Jeff Sessions. What the President is waiting for to fire him? I don’t know. Some say that he would be more likely to do that after the midterm elections in November. The tricky thing with that, is that it takes for granted that the Republicans would keep control of the House and Senate. But what if Republicans lose control of either of these two chambers or even both? Wouldn’t it make the firing of Jeff Sessions even more difficult? I think that the more the President waits to fire Jeff Sessions, the more difficult it will be politically. To go to the midterm elections with new blood and new faces could reinforce the President and his agenda. But of course here, it’s all a matter of interpretation. We are all anxious to see what the President will decide.

The ‘room 101’ treatment of Tommy Robinson…

It is a very dark day for Great Britain. Tommy Robinson has just been released from prison, and that’s good news. The bad news is, as anyone can see in this interview given to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, that Robinson has apparently suffered from some kind of psychological damage or trauma as a consequence of his imprisonment. Will that damage be permanent? Nobody knows but the British government bears responsibility. During the interview, Robinson recalls that he was placed in solitary confinement in a prison with a large representation of Muslims and that those Muslims used to throw feces through his open window, among other things. He was arrested on very disputable grounds, his rights were not respected, due process was not followed, etc. The whole thing seemed like a kangaroo court-type of procedure. The look of horror on Tucker Carlson’s face while Robinson tells his story is worth the trip because it says it all. What country on Earth, supposedly a democratic one, would treat one of its citizens like that, especially a patriot who, beside a few minor things, does nothing wrong and is beyond reproach? Great Britain apparently.

But why, would you ask yourself. Let me provide my own explanation. Robinson was arrested simply because he was protesting in front of a court building where a specific case that interested him was held. Authorities used the pretext that he was already in the vicinity of a court building to bring him in, if you know what I mean, before a judge. Again why? Probably because they wanted to punish him for doing the unthinkable: speaking his mind, courageously, in public. In effect, he was the one who read the famous speech at Speaker’s Corner that Martin Sellner, in the company of Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, was supposed to give there. You see, it has been a long time since Great Britain is no longer a democracy. Remember that both George Orwell’ 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World see their action taking place in Great Britain. It is not an accident. Also, the famous cult TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, was a british production. These three artistic productions were trying to portray reality as it is, not the fantasy world that the media would like us to believe. And by the way, Canada is a former british colony (they took over from the French in 1760) and curiously, I have seen before these kind of tactics. I can recognize the modus operandi. They are used regularly here against individuals with a strong mind a strong personality, so I am not surprised. Business as usual in the British Empire.

However here, contrary to the life of relative comfort and abundance that Patrick McGoohan’s character enjoyed in The Prisoner, Tommy Robinson was given a treatment reminiscent more of the ‘room 101′ treatment in George Orwell’ 1984. In that novel, room 101 was the room where the prisoners were interrogated and tortured to break their will and their mind. And I think this whole episode with Tommy Robinson has to be considered like that. The powers that be in Great Britain are trying to break him psychologically, and to a certain degree, they seem to have succeeded at least partially and temporarily, judging by the non-verbal signals and language given in this interview. We have to denounce that vigorously because if we don’t, tomorrow, it could be anyone of us going down the same road. Yes, it is a dark for Great Britain. The least the government could do would be to apologize to him and drop charges. Will they do it? Don’t hold your breath…

The ongoing attack against Red Ice TV…

Alternative media Red Ice TV is under attack, again, because of their non-politically correct views. The latest development in this ongoing saga concerns the payment gateway for their website that has been shut down by Paypal. The consequence is that they can no longer receive the money that they use to receive from subscribers and members. Last year, at the time of the Unite The Right rally (that was a total set up), their website was hacked while they were on the road to the now famous nationalist gathering. Here is the video where they present the details of this new ordeal. When you look at it, it is obvious that it is the continuation of the hacking operation that took place last year during the nationalist rally. A week ago, they were just finished to be ready to start back production in their new studio…and this happens. It is obvious that whoever did this waited for the best timing to do it. In others terms, they let the hosts of Red Ice TV invest time, money, energy, etc, to sabotage it when it was done. That gives you and idea of the level of perversity and sickness of the people that we, nationalists, are fighting against. Anyway, we have to support people like that who do what they do. In case you haven’t notice, people who are ready to go against the current and show their faces in the media come in very short supply these days. We have no choice but to show support, our future is at stake. The next video features Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV, asking President Trump to pass a law to protect his supporters (it is urgent!) against censorship and political discrimination.

Quelques analyses sur l’affaire Benalla

Le Président français Emmanuel Macron est dans l’eau chaude depuis quelques jours alors qu’un de ses protégés, un certain Benalla, aurait été pris la main dans le sac à perpétrer des violences lors de manifestations. Cet individu aurait même poussé l’audace jusqu’à prétendre être le chef de la sécurité du Président et à donner des ordres à la police. Cet incident qui peut paraître banal à certains ne fait que confimer ce que j’appréhendais d’Emmanuel Macron depuis le début. Il est évident que Macron aimerait être le Président de l’Europe. Peut-être a-t-il l’impression d’être au-dessus des lois françaises, puisqu’il ne croit plus à la France et qu’il s’entoure de personnes peu recommandables. Dans l’ordre, l’intervention de Marine Le Pen, celles de quelques invités sur un plateau de BFMTV, ainsi que l’analyse de l’incident par l’Union Populaire Républicaine.


L’affaire de la saisie de la dotation publique du Rassemblement National: Le lent glissement de la France dans l’anarchie…

Décidément, il est difficile de prendre des vacances lorsque l’on défend la liberté, puisque ses adversaires, eux, n’en prennent pas. Une des plus récentes attaques sur nos valeurs démocratiques concerne le Rassemblement National, présidé par Marine Le Pen. Deux juges viennent, arbitrairement, de saisir la redevance d’État (dotation publique) destinée au financement du parti, prétextant une histoire de rémunération de permanents du Front National avec des fonds de l’Union Européenne, qui aurait eue lieu de 2009 à 2017. Ce principe de financement publique, qui existe d’ailleurs dans d’autres pays également, permet à un parti politique français de toucher une subvention proportionnelle au nombre de votes obtenus aux élections ainsi qu’au nombre de parlementaires élus. Deux juges ont donc décidé de sortir de leur réserve pour faire de la politique. Du fait de cette décision, le parti ne peut plus fonctionner puisqu’il n’en a plus les moyens.

Le plus ahurissant dans cette affaire, c’est l’arrière-goût désagréable qu’elle laisse dans la bouche des Français et de tous ses enfants. Après Charles de Gaulle, les élites politiques françaises ont essayé, même si elles n’étaient pas toujours très convainquantes, de faire semblant que la France était encore un grand pays. Elles ont essayé de continuer à projeter l’image que la France était toujours la France malgré les difficultés. Mais depuis Hollande et Macron, on essaie même plus. On a laissé tomber. Marine Le Pen dans l’une des entrevues que je joins ici, a raison de faire remarquer que la perception au niveau international de l’affaire sera terrible. Ce qui vient de se produire donne l’impression que la France est une république de bananes, littéralement. De plus, pour rajouter à l’injure et au bafouement total de nos droits et de celui de vivre dans une république démocratique où les citoyens ont des libertés, il est triste de constater que certains des adversaires politiques de Marine Le Pen ont adopté une attitude manquant de professionnalisme et de hauteur. Pour donner un exemple, l’UPR à écrit seulement deux lignes (voir la section Magouilles politiciennes) sur son site web officiel, en relayant un article du journal L’Express, en reprochant aux membres du Rassemblent National des dépenses injustifiées en bouteilles d’alcool et en repas. On se demande bien ce qu’ils auraient dit des opulences de Louix XVI. Or, de toute évidence, même si l’information s’avérerait fondée et véridique, on peut se questionner sur la pertinence d’informer la population sur le train de vie des membres du Rassemblement National à Bruxelles, si ce n’est pour ternir leur réputation et les discréditer. Et de toute manière, les institutions bruxelloises regorgent de politiciens, bureaucrates, fonctionnaires et lobbyistes qui sont loin d’être sans reproches. Alors d’entendre ces gens-là faire la morale sur les comportements mondains des membres du RN est plutôt assez comique.

Mais la question n’est pas là. La question est la défense de nos institutions et de nos droits. François Asselineau, que j’aime beaucoup soit dit en passant, a fondé l’UPR voilà plus de dix ans. L’UPR est un parti politique qui est voué à un brillant avenir. Mais là, disons qu’il a raté le bateau. Si on laisse le gouvernement français saisir la dotation du RN, demain, c’est peut-être celle de l’UPR ou d’un autre parti d’opposition qui sera saisie. La vie démocratique en France est en danger, non seulement le principe même des élections mais aussi celui de l’état de droit, ainsi que la notion de propriété privée. Vous n’êtes pas sans ignorer que les pensions des personnes âgées sont visées par les envies de beaucoup de prédateurs en Occident par les temps qui courent, pas simplement en France. Si des gouvernements peuvent se laisser tenter à saisir (ou diminuer) les pensions de la vieillesse, à saisir la dotation publique d’un parti politique, demain, ce sera peut-être vos salaires, vos économies, votre maison avec tous ses meubles qu’ils saisiront.

J’appelle tous les Français, surtout ceux en position d’autorité et de responsabilité, à faire preuve de jugement, de grandeur et de sens de l’état. Ce que vous pensez de Marine Le Pen et des adhérents du Rassemblement National n’a aucune importance. Il s’agit ici de sauver la démocratie. Il s’agit ici de sauver la France. Cette décision arbitraire des magistrats doit être renversée immédiatement dans l’intérêt de tous les Français et dans l’intérêt de la France. Je vous laisse avec deux entrevues de Marine Le Pen, ainsi que le communiqué de presse du parti sur le sujet.

Alerte démocratie : Conférence de presse de Marine Le Pen