The future of social media, regulation and our rights in the electronic age…

This week’s shooting at Youtube was certainly a very tragic and sad event. Curiously, the media has not talked about it a lot, for reasons that are still unclear. Personally, to the contrary, I think that this very sad event presents us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the ways to take back control of the steering wheel of our numerous electronic platforms and devices.

So let me plunge right in by saying that Big Tech companies have gone way too far in the way they handle our personal information, in the way they are tracking us 24/7 and in the way they treat their «users». Since these companies are american ones, it is the responsibility of the U.S. government to make sure that they comply with the most basic values and principles of the United States. That is why I think that the time has come to give these Big Tech companies the status of public utilities, in the same category as the phone, the gas and the electricity. Electronic services have become so entrenched in our lives that now it is impossible for anyone to live and function without them. I know that President Trump is not keen on regulation. However, there are circumstances where regulation is the only solution. Social media and internet companies are absolutely incapable of minding their own stores. They don’t have the discipline, the clear-eye that is necessary to do that and most especially, until now, they had a de facto carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. This has got to stop. Presently, this is the far west in the world of electronics. Anything goes. Regulation seems to me like the only solution because, if we wait for these companies to come with some sort of arrangement, they never will.

There are two things absolutely essential for me that are in order to rule this problem. First of all, Big Tech companies would have to be obliged, by law, to conform their policies, behavior, contracts, platforms to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Their «Terms of Use» and «Privacy Policy» documents would have to say that explicitly. Presently, with the current arrangement, we have lost all privacy and our data is shared with anybody without our knowledge. Their documents, in their current form, could easily be renamed «Terms of Misuse» and «Invasion of your Privacy Policy». To start with, these documents are written in a legal language that is evasive for most people. It is gibberish for the common man so even if we actually read them, there is nothing we can understand. Most of the terms present in these contracts are vague, undefined and the language used in general remains meaningless for most of us who are not used to legal writing. What the common man needs is a document that can be read easily with precise terms and formulated in a way that make sure that the person understands what he/she agrees to. In the current situation, most of internet users have absolutely no idea to what they have agreed to by accepting the «Terms of Use» and «Privacy Policy». If they had understood what these contracts were really implying legally, maybe they would have decided not to use one or several of these platforms. To give just an example, there is always a paragraph in these documents that says that the company may share some information with «third parties». Well…could we have the list of these «third parties»? They are not mentioned by name, so how the hell are we supposed to agree on «terms of use» if we don’t know who will handle our information?

The other thing is what I would call the burden of proof. Presently, the burden of proof is on the shoulders or the «users». Users have to behave in a way that is more and more in line with political correctness, diversity and the agenda of the Left in general. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google/Youtube, Apple can terminate your account or your monetization at any time arbitrarily for any reason and you can’t appeal their decision. They have the absolute power over you…because their services are free. Users don’t pay for the service so they are at the complete mercy of these companies and their will. In a normal business relationship, the burden of proof is on the shoulders of the service provider, the company, and it has to please its clientele, which are called not «users» but «customers». The words we use are important. If you are a customer a service provider will have no other choice but to respect your rights and give you satisfaction if the company wants to keep your monthly fee coming in every month. That’s why it is imperative that we start paying for the use of these platforms. It is only this way that we will ever be respected. If millions of people give, let’s say, 25 dollars a month each for their Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple accounts, it is unlikely that these corporations would suspend or terminate any accounts because there is language used that is not politically correct or opinions that are not approved. They would simply keep going and let the police handle the very heavy cases. Also, the status of public utilities given to these companies would also protect customers against arbitrary decisions to cancel or suspend accounts. Of course, they could still terminate accounts for non-payment but in order to terminate accounts for other reasons, it is reasonable to envision that would be required by law to present their case before a judge in a court of law in order to protect the rights of the customers. And obviously, everything that I have said above also apply to smartphones, since they connect to the internet and record a great quantity of information on theirs users.

You must have heard many times the popular expression that says that «he who pays calls the shots». It was true ten thousand years and it is still true today. Since a couple of years, we have seen a number of conservative voices, bloggers and activists being censored, de-platformed, demonetized, etc. It would never have happened if they had been customers instead of just «users» and, on top of that, it would never have been possible in the first place if the companies had been required, by law, to abide by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as I have said above. How the protections granted by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights could be extended to citizens living outside the U.S. will certainly be a very difficult and long legal challenge. Because, in the current situation, it is too easy for the totalitarian states of the world to use our Big Tech companies against us. We are defenseless since these corporations have adopted a business model that makes them perfect tools to attack and undermine our societies. Why should these Big Tech companies do dirty tricks on behalf of China, Russia, North Korea while they could defend and uphold our values and civilization instead? It is not the communists and the terrorists who are kicked out of social media. It is the conservatives and right-wingers. Don’t you see what is going on? I will leave you will a short video of Project Veritas, the fourth part of the Twitter series. It last only two minutes but it says it all.

Right-wing activists barred from the UK: Analysis and interviews

Recently, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were barred from entering the UK. While Lauren Southern was stopped in Calais, France, Pettibone and Sellner were arrested and detained in Britain where they were expecting to deliver a speech at the famous Speakers Corner in London. Tommy Robinson, the well-known British patriot and nationalist decided, in reaction, to deliver himself a few days later the speech that Sellner was supposed to give there. So, in order, the analysis of the whole incident by Mark Collett on Red Ice TV, followed by interviews made by Robinson with the political activists after their ordeal. Finally, you can watch a short video of the event. Apparently, the three activists are planning to sue the UK, so it will be interesting to see what follows from this.

Project Veritas series on Twitter censorship policies, Part I and II

Judging by this ongoing series, there seems to be a conspiracy at Twitter to take down or at least censure President Trump. I don’t think they will succeed but it is certainly interesting to watch. I join also the full article accompanying the release of the second video, where you can read specific information regarding this subject.

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions

Why right-wingers should bypass social media…

Instead of losing your time on social media, why don’t you encourage websites that put out good information? That’s what we, in the political right, have to do to bypass censorship. The simplest way to do it would be to write commentaries directly on the websites themselves and not on the facebook or twitter page of these websites. That being said, unfortunately, some websites don’t have an independent comment section that allows you to do so. On some websites, it is possible to publish a commentary but only if you login on some social media first. Web hosts who do that are missing the point. If web users have to login on social media to comment an article of yours, they are not on your platform, they are on the one social media they use. That’s why it is imperative that right-wing web hosts create their own independent comment section on their website, if the one they use links with some social media. This way, comments written and published will stay there as long as you wish. They will not disappear at the will of some censorship czars. By creating networks of blogs and sites that link to each other and by writing commentaries directly on them, we will effectively be able to bypass social media. We have to stop depending on these multinational corporations to express ourselves. The day patriots, nationalists and dissidents understand that, things will start to change. We need to create our own tools and networks. Forget about Facebook and Twitter. The answer is at the tip of our fingers. Concerning video uploading now, PewTube seems to be a nice alternative to Youtube censorship, at least for the moment. We will see how things evolve in the future. Here are an article and a video from Red Ice TV where these issues of censorship on Twitter are discussed and analysed. The Weekend Warrior video features a section on twitter policies starting at 21:50.

Twitter Will Remove Users with Whom They Do Not Agree

Retour de Boris Le Lay sur le web: Deux nouvelles vidéos

Après la décision de Youtube de clôturer le compte de Boris Le Lay, ce dernier a décidé de changer de plateforme pour diffuser ses vidéos. Le site PewTube a la prétention de ne pas censurer les vidéos qu’elle publie en fonction de leur contenu politique. Espérons qu’ils ne feront pas marche arrière. Compte tenu du niveau de censure auquel les patriotes sont confrontés, c’est certainement une plateforme qu’ils peuvent utiliser pour diffuser leurs idées, tant que celle-ci restera libre et ouverte. Voici donc deux nouvelles vidéos de Boris Le Lay, publiées sur PewTube, où il explique et commente son exclusion de YouTube.

Censure globale de Youtube, Twitter, Facebook

La censure islamo-gauchiste et les moyens de la contourner

Conférence de Marine Le Pen sur la fermeture des comptes bancaires du FN

Dans cette conférence de presse, Marine Le Pen nous apprenait que certains comptes bancaires du Front National ont été fermés par les autorités de la Société Générale. De plus, elles nous apprenait également qu’au moins un de ses comptes personnels a été fermé par la HSBC. Ce qu’elle qualifie ici de «fatwa bancaire» est totalement inacceptable. Ce qui motive ces fermetures de compte est, évidemment, l’orientation politique. C’est carrément de la discrimination basée sur les idées politiques, alors que l’on réserve souvent la notion de discrimination seulement pour la race, le sexe ou la religion. Or, les services bancaires, comme le gaz, l’eau courante, l’électricité, le téléphone, et maintenant l’internet, est un service d’utilité publique. C’est un service essentiel sans lequel aucun citoyen ne peut fonctionner normalement. Priver un citoyen d’un de ses services est une atteinte directe à ses droits et à sa dignité. Ces décisions respectives de la Société Générale et de la HSBC mettent non seulement la démocratie en danger en France mais elles mettent en danger aussi directement les droits fondamentaux des citoyens. Si on peut priver un citoyen de son compte bancaire, en toute impunité, alors demain c’est le gaz, l’électricité, l’eau courante, le téléphone ou l’internet que l’on lui coupera sous prétexte qu’il ou elle n’a pas les bonnes idées politiques.

Franchement, je ne vois pas comment les Français peuvent accepter cela. En effet, un fait essentiel demeure. Dans le monde entier, et c’est universel, les organisations criminelles sont bien obligées de lessiver les profits de leur activités en utilisant le système bancaire. Elles ne peuvent tout de même pas garder des milliards de dollars sous le matelas, cela tombe sous le sens. Tout le monde le sait, les banquiers le savent aussi. Or, d’après ce que nous pouvons en juger, les banques ferment tout simplement les yeux ou regardent ailleurs lorsque cela se produit. En d’autres termes, si les banques ne refusent pas de donner accès à leurs systèmes à des individus ou à des organisations qui sont douteuses, pourquoi faudrait-il qu’elles le fassent pour des individus qui ont des activités légitimes? Après tout, l’activité politique fait partie intégrante de nos institutions. Avec ce genre de dérive, on pourra se retrouver bientôt dans une situation où des Français se retrouveront sans compte bancaire, sans électricité et sans eau courante alors que quelques portes plus loin des trafiquants en tous genres pourront profiter pleinement des largesses de notre société.

De toute évidence, on a affaire ici à la goutte qui fait déborder le vase. C’est assez. Les Français ne peuvent plus accepter de faire rire d’eux comme cela. Depuis quelques années, beaucoup de gens se sont levés pour dénoncer le démantèlement de la République française mais le problème c’est que, sur le terrain, rien ne se passe. Du côté des institutions, comme dans l’Armée par exemple, la plupart des généraux restent bien tranquilles et la vie continue. Pour ce qui est du système électoral, il est complètement pipé, puisque la proportionnelle n’a toujours pas été adoptée, d’une part, et d’autre part parce que la votation aux deux tours fait en sorte que tous les partis s’unissent contre le FN au deuxième tour. Il ne reste donc au Français qu’une seule option et c’est de prendre la rue pour faire entendre leur voix. Si la première Révolution Française a pu commencer parce qu’il n’y avait plus de pain, peut-être qu’une nouvelle Révolution pourrait commencer parce qu’on s’attaque à nos droits fondamentaux, comme celui d’avoir un compte bancaire. Les mêmes causes entraînent les mêmes effets. Si on peut se permettrent dans une société de fermer le compte bancaire de quelqu’un pour des raisons politiques, alors ce n’est pas plus compliqué de le dépouiller des tous ses biens et de l’envoyer dans une camp de concentration. C’est le sort qui attend les Français et tous les peuples d’Europe s’ils ne réagissent pas. L’Europe est sous occupation. Il serait grand temps, chers cousins, que vous le réalisiez, avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.