Justin Trudeau fait preuve d’intolérance contre une citoyenne…au nom de la tolérance

Justin Trudeau est entré en colère contre une citoyenne tout simplement parce qu’elle a posé une question sur l’immigration. Lors l’on entend cela, on se prend à rêver à Maxime Bernier comme Premier Ministre du Canada. Maxime Bernier a un discours beaucoup mieux adapté aux réalités de l’immigration. Bien sûr, pour que cela puisse se produire, Monsieur Bernier devra trouver une façon de déloger Andrew Scheer comme chef du Parti Conservateur et cela ne sera pas facile. En attendant, on doit s’habituer à ce genre de comportement de la part de notre Premier Ministre actuel.

Lana Lokteff on Family separation and Henrik Palmgren on Somali welfare scam, on Red Ice TV

Culture et société – L’islamisation de l’Occident sur Nomos-TV

Retrouvez Sébastien de Crèvecoeur et Philippe Plamondon dans cette excellente vidéo.

Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV on the outlawing of white neighbourhoods

Following Lana’s commentary, I also add an interview that she made on Radio 3Fourteen with Ash Sharp who presents the situation of mass immigration in London. One of the good points that Lana makes here, is that Obama’s policies had a lot to do with getting revenge for slavery…Yeah, as terrible as it sounds, that’s what it was all about.

Soeren Kern on immigration and the future of Europe on SFR

To look at the webpage of the show, please visit: Soeren Kern: EU Refugee and Migrant Influx

Norse News, episode 7: Sweden’s Total Gender Confusion Amid « Hate Crimes » & Gang Rapes

Following this episode of Norse News, I also join a promotional video from a new and very promising political party in Sweden called Alternative for Sweden.

Interviews with Tobias Lindberg, Simon Holmqvist and Birgit Weissmann on Red Ice TV

These two Red Ice TV shows demonstrate the violence that is perpetrated against people of European descent in Europe. Physical aggressions, rapes, are common. But the worst of it is sneaky. It is the slow replacement of the population that is occurring, the replacement of the white people by people of color from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Violence is only a tool that is used to coerce, convince into submission. The first video is an interview with two activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Tobias Lindberg and Simon Holmqvist. They describe and explain the phenomena of gang rapes in Sweden perpetrated by foreigners. The second interview is with the political activist Birgit Weismann. She presents here a summary of the situation in Germany.

Intervention d’Alexandre Cormier-Denis sur l’immigration massive au Québec sur Nomos-TV