Interview with Alex Jones about his banning from Twitter and other platforms

A few guests on Red Ice TV about internet censorship by big tech companies

In order, Vincent James, Daniel Frändelöv and Frank Espinoza adress this very important issue with Red Ice TV host, Henrik Palmgren.

Joel Gilbert: Barack Obama’s real father was Communist Frank Marshall Davis

That’s it folks. The cat is out of the bag, thanks to Joel Gilbert’s research. Like everyone else, I was wondering why Barack Obama would go to such lengths as to provide a fake birth certificate if he really was an American-born citizen. For what purpose? To cover what? Well, precisely for covering that his real father was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA and a famous one, Frank Marshall Davis. After being exposed that he, Obama, provided a fake birth certificate and other dubious documents such as his school records, this is the real meat of the matter. Obama is the son of Frank Marshall Davis, a Marxist-Socialist revolutionary, and of Ann Dunham, a pin-up girl from the Betty Paige era whom he used to meet and take pictures of. To get all the details, listen to these interviews presented on the Alex Jones Show. To get more information on the fake birth certificate, see this post about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s work on the subject. To study at a greater length the influence that Davis had on Obama, listen to this interview with Paul Kengor, author of The Communist, on Secure Freedom Radio hosted by Frank Gaffney. For more information about Joel Gilbert’s work, you can visit his website, here.

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Do you still doubt Ron Paul is a fascist? Really?

It would take hours to analyze everything in that article by Daria DiGiovanni. Basically, I agree with it. In a nushell, what you have to understand is that in all likelihood Ron Paul is the media spearhead of the very system, establishment or cabal he is supposedly denouncing. He is a fascist, disguised as a libertarian democrat. Listen to his arguments. They all tend to make you doubt about your own government and its institutions. Who would benefit from that? Those who want to overthrow that same government… Ron Paul can’t be taken seriously because he is working to abolish democracy itself.

Tin Foil Returns for 2012