Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV analyses the repression of the Identitarian Movement in Austria

Again, our good ‘democratic’ governments in the West are busy transforming into criminals or terrorists anybody who might look like a patriot or a nationalist. Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV analyses here the case of the leaders of the Identitarian Movement in Austria but you can find examples of that in your local community very easily. Never in the history of the West, at least since the era of the Roman Empire, our people had been subjected to such a virulent and violent repression. Our countries are under occupation. It should be obvious for everyone but it is not, unfortunately.

Right-wing activists barred from the UK: Analysis and interviews

Recently, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were barred from entering the UK. While Lauren Southern was stopped in Calais, France, Pettibone and Sellner were arrested and detained in Britain where they were expecting to deliver a speech at the famous Speakers Corner in London. Tommy Robinson, the well-known British patriot and nationalist decided, in reaction, to deliver himself a few days later the speech that Sellner was supposed to give there. So, in order, the analysis of the whole incident by Mark Collett on Red Ice TV, followed by interviews made by Robinson with the political activists after their ordeal. Finally, you can watch a short video of the event. Apparently, the three activists are planning to sue the UK, so it will be interesting to see what follows from this.