Libyan rebels give their first seminar on democracy

Look at these beautiful « rebels » from Libya. Don’t you think that they are not inspiring for the democratic life? Look at the way they present freedom of speech, democracy and all the values belonging to it… Isn’t that amazing? All this time we could have had the immense privilege of being taught and guided by these extraordinary examples of citizens exercizing their democratic rights, and we missed it! I guess it is because we, westerners, have such a poor opinions of these folks. In our wisdom, we decided to back authoritarian figures that would terrorize the people of these countries, and all this time we were wrong! Look at how they are capable of handling democratic expressions, enter into dialogue, negociate and find concrete solutions that would satisfy all parties… It is such a pity that we did’nt see that before… Anyway, that’s the kind of people the West is backing in Libya. Check also my previous posts on the Libyan mess: GhadafiPiggy-Back Coup, 50 Point Manifesto, Mike BakerChina’s aggressive bid, Turkish Taffy. These pictures are graphic, so brace yourselves.

Mike Baker interview on Fox News: the West might be backing terrorists

Listen to this interview with Mike Baker, former CIA officer on Fox News. What he says in substance confirms the doubts and apprehensions that I have had concerning the events in Libya. On that subject, see my earlier posts here and here. Well, you don’t need a Ph.D. in geo-politics to understand that the West is backing the wrong side, taken for granted that its real intention is to encourage democracy. It is a known fact that Al-Qaeda was and is still active in the east part of Libya. Furthermore, as I wrote before, Libya shares a border with Sudan, which sees its north part controlled by Islamists. Baker is commenting here on a statement made by a senior member of Al-Qaeda who encouraged the rebels to keep up the fight against Gaddafi. Please note that Gaddafi was supposed to be an ally of the West until recently and that Al-Qaeda managed to get their hands in Libya on some weaponry, namely surface-to-air missiles, in their progression to propagate « democracy ». Also, check as well this article of the Telegraph UK in which we read that the rebel leader, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, declared that jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines in Libya against Gaddafi’s regime. So who are we, the West, backing? The rebels of course. But who are the rebels? If you open your eyes and your ears, you have roughly all the answers here.