A terrific week for President Trump

Last week was a terrific week for President Trump. He scored three times. First, he was able to move forward with his tax plan, second the Supreme Court upheld his executive order on immigration and third, he made the right decision on the status of Jerusalem. That was three strikes against the obstructionists. Good for them! Here are a few relevant videos about these subjects.

The rally in Charlottesville: The ‘coup’ against the Alt-Right and Trump…

It pains me a great deal having to write this article but it is my duty as a responsible citizen to do so, so bear with me. Things are not going well with the Trump Administration. The policies put in place by President Trump are importantly different from those advertised by Candidate Trump and it doesn’t bode well for the future. What we saw in Charlottesville a few weeks ago when the supposed ‘white supremacist’ rally, called Unite The Right, happened was a real circus, a theater of smoke and mirrors to deceive the many. The media lied about it in a way for me that was unprecedented. I knew the media was lying but they surpassed anything I was expecting. Even Fox News, a supposedly right-wing network, lied up to their cheeks. The female host who was describing the events going on live was absolutely horrible, calling rallygoers racists and nazis. She was so completely over the top, unprofessional and dishonest that you were wondering if she was not making a pitch to be hired by some other network. I had to check the station identification logo to be sure.

To set the record straight, here is what happened at Charlottesville, from the facts and witnesses accounts that I could gather. Right-wingers of a variety of school of thought and political philosophy gathered in that town to protest the removal of Confederate monuments, the statue of Robert E. Lee among many. It was also an occasion to meet other right-wingers, to network and create bonds. A lawfull permit was given to the organizers and the police was informed of every detail. Everything was looking good. Rallygoers start to assemble in the morning and the atmosphere was peaceful. The police was monitoring and securing the event. Then the antifa showed up and increased their numbers rapidly. Some of them were armed with clubs and other weapons. Then for some reasons not explained the rally was declared unlawful, the State of Emergency was declared and things deteriorated rapidly. The police, at the request of local authorities clearly not in sync with the ideas and values of rallygoers, pushed Unite the Right participants toward the antifa thugs making them easy targets for injuries of all sorts. What is important to precise here, again according to people who were there such as Richard Spencer and others, is that the perimeter had been set in a way that made rallygoers trapped and had nowhere to go to escape the antifa. So violence broke out between the two groups. That’s a chance that right-wingers brought shields to defend themselves. Then, there was also the incident with the car but we don’t even know if it was intentional. We don’t know the circumstances.

The media portrayed the whole event as a nazi and KKK event while it was nothing of the sort. There might have been a few people with nazi flags but that doesn’t make all rallygoers nazis. Effectively, if your neighbour puts a Bolivian flag on his balcony that doesn’t make the whole neighbourhood Bolivian. You also have to remind yourself that sometimes people in the New Right or the Alt-Right for exemple use nazi paraphernelia as a means of provocation, not because they are real nazis. I agree with Richard Spencer when he says that the Charlottesville rally was a total set up. Everything was ready, the police, local authorities, the media, to be able to present the event as a nazi rally.

But then who was the target of such an extensive operation? Obviously the Alt-Right movement first, which is gaining momentum and in strength rapidly. I think that those who planned this ‘coup’ against the movement wanted to be able to tie in the stain of nazism to the Alt-Right to be able, in turn, to get to President Trump. You see, the media and the Left have been trying unsuccessfully for months to portray Trump as somebody who ‘collude with Russia’. They have been repeating this story over and over again but it doesn’t stick. It is obvious that they have decided to change tactics: If the Russia label doesn’t work maybe the nazi label will. That’s what it was all about. Members of the Alt-Right movement, largely represented at this rally in Charlottesville, were instrumental in providing support to Candidate Trump to assure his victory on November 8. They made the difference, so to speak. So they were targeted to be smeared as nazis in Charlottesville, by the Left and other nefarious forces, to be able to smear Trump himself in a second step as a nazi and discredit him.

Then you have Trump’s response to the events. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure that Trump gets it the way he should. Or maybe he gets it but his entourage don’t let him think besides what Washington expects. In the very dangerous world in which we live, the puck is going very fast. So, in order to survive and win, you have to think fast and act fast. In the aftermath of the rally in Charlottesville, Trump provided a response that was rubber-stamped by the swamp, so to speak. He talked about ‘bigotry, hatred, racism, etc. Then, a few days later, going off script, he provided a much better response when he denounced ‘violence on both sides’. But again that’s not what happened.

It is obvious that Charlottesville was a set up, a very clever, meticulous, articulate information warfare and propaganda operation designed to break Trump’s Presidency. All the signs are there showing that a soft ‘coup’ is under way to overthrow the President and marginalize his supporters. Within the Administration, those who support his agenda and policies are being pushed aside, fired or dismissed. The ousting of Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka are sending the signal that the Trump Presidency will not be about what Candidate Trump made campaign on. Also, those who support or used to support President Trump are being kicked out of social media, they see their videos on Youtube being demonetized, censored, they see their access cut from payments services, etc, in other terms they are being targeted for their political ideas. In that regard, everybody can notice that there seems to be more censorship going on since Trump took office than there was during Obama’s Presidency. Obama transfered the control of the internet to ICANN, the organism that delivers names and numbers for websites. Technically, while that is still a matter of interpretation by legal experts and lawyers, that transfert took off the protection offered by the First Amendment on speech, since now it is no longer the government that is in control of the internet but a non-profit organization.

President Trump could have easily denounced that transfer and proposed to cancel it, bringing it back under the government’s control. Why hasn’t he done that? President Trump said a few times that he would defend ‘religious liberty’. Well…there’s just one problem. Religious liberty and freedom of speech are not compatible. If you look at history, you will notice that very often religions were imposed on populations by force, sometimes by the sword. So religions spread throughout the world thanks to their ability to suppress the freedom of speech of those they wanted to convert. As far as I know, all religions of any importance did it. And today, we have to face the problem of Muslims trying to impose shariah law on non-Muslims. To let the Muslims deliver their propaganda in order for them to impose shariah on us is not ‘liberty’. It is folly and submission. When President Trump made his trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with the leaders of the Muslim and Arab nations, he was received and treated as a king. Personally, I am not sure I like it. Islam is a supremacist religion that tolerates nothing and no one outside its realm. When Muslims don’t like somebody, usually, that’s a good sign, a sign that that person is not submitting to shariah and is actually defending our values and freedoms. In that regard, you could say that Muslims are divided on Trump. Some of them like him, others don’t. Recently, Muslim activitst Linda Sarsour proposed the idea that resisting Trump was a form of jihad. Was the whole circus of Charlottesville part of that jihad?

I would like to finish with this broader question: How far are we willing to go in the West to accommodate the Muslim world before getting destroyed? I suggest that you listen to these two witnesses accounts, those of Richard Spencer and James Allsup.

Sean Hannity: L’Amérique à un point tournant…

Hannity identifie dans ce monologue les différents aspects de l’opération de sabotage qui est en train d’être menée contre le Président Trump et son administration. Nous vivons des moments cruciaux dont il faut sortir vainqueurs. Les patriotes doivent tenir le coup devant cette opération d’information (information warfare) sans précédent dans l’histoire moderne.

Le Président Trump remet les pendules à l’heure avec Cuba…

Le Président Trump, vendredi dernier, a annulé les modifications qui avaient été apportées aux relations avec Cuba par le Président Obama. Curieusement, ce dossier ne fait pas grand bruit dans les médias, eux qui préfèrent parler de la «collusion» présumée de Donald Trump avec «les Russes». Or, cette déclaration et le document présidentiel qu’il a signé par la suite sont très importants. Ils constituent l’acte exécutif qui donnera le ton pour l’établissement, la défense et le renforcement de la liberté politique et de la démocratie dans toute l’Amérique, de la Terre de Feu au Pôle Nord. Il est grand temps que les régimes communistes d’Amérique plient bagage et Cuba en est un. On pourrait nommer aussi le Vénézuela. Et tant qu’à y être, pourquoi l’Iran et la Corée du Nord ne feraient pas de même? En ce qui me concerne, moins il y aura de régimes communistes et/ou totalitaires et mieux je me porterai. Vraiment, ce geste de politique étrangère augure bien pour l’avenir. Il nous revient à nous, le peuple, de donner au Président Trump tout l’appui dont il a besoin pour mener à bien ses politiques. Bravo…et on continue!

Conférence de presse du Président Trump sur l’Accord de Paris

Je suis ravi que le Président Trump ait décidé de sortir de l’Accord de Paris. Bon débarras. Encore une fois, revoyons les données scientifiques de base qui permettent de comprendre comment ce qu’on appelle les «changements climatiques» est une fraude sans précedent dans l’histoire. On essaie de nous faire croire que le CO2 émis dans l’atmosphère serait responsable d’une hausse de la température à l’échelle planétaire. Or, le CO2 est un gaz. En physique et en chimie, il est admis que pour que la température monte dans un système donné, cela prend une source de chaleur ou une force quelconque qui agit sur lui. Sur cette Terre, la source de chaleur principale qui influence la température est le soleil. Chacun peut vérifier cela facilement. Selon qu’il fasse jour ou qu’il fasse nuit, selon les saisons et l’endroit où l’on se trouve sur la planète, il y a des écarts importants de température. Au centre de la Terre se trouve également du magma en fusion, qui peut être une source de chaleur supplémentaire. La Terre se trouve dans un système planétaire, qui lui se trouve dans une galaxie quelque part dans l’univers. La Terre, avec son champ magnétique, entre en interaction avec les autres corps célestes et subit les forces magnétiques et électromagnétiques que ces corps produisent. Dit simplement, le climat sur une planète est la résultante de toutes ces forces. De prétendre qu’un gaz a la capacité de faire augmenter la température à la surface d’une planète est absurde. La température immédiate ressentie dépend essentiellement du rayonnement au sol. L’augmentation des particules de CO2 dans l’atmosphère devrait par principe bloquer davantage de rayonnement solaire et donc favoriser la baisse de la température…Mais on nous dit que la température augmente! «L’effet de serre» que l’on nous vend est le contraire de la vérité. Une couche de gaz plus épaisse, plus compacte autour de la Terre diminue le rayonnement au sol et donc diminue la température globale.

Depuis que la Terre existe, il y a toujours eu des «changements climatiques», puisque les forces auxquelles la Terre était soumise ont constamment changé au cours de son histoire. Ces changements n’avaient rien à voir ni avec le pétrole ni avec le CO2. Je crois que vous avez compris que ce qui est en jeu ici, c’est l’extortion de sommes d’argent importantes que les pays occidentaux devront payer aux pays dits en «développement» pour compenser la pollution qu’ils causent. Le système des crédits de carbone est une vaste entreprise de transfert de richesse des pays développés vers les pays du Sud. En d’autres termes, on va se faire voler nos richesses par des pays et des peuples qui ne produisent pas de richesses ou qui n’en sont pas capables. Les traités internationaux sur les «changements climatiques» ne sont pas autre chose que l’établissement d’un système de bien-être social planétaire dans lequel les pays occidentaux, riches et développés vont faire des chèques à des pays qui ne font aucun effort pour se prendre en main, qui sont corrompus, qui n’encouragent pas le développement économique, etc.

Le Président Trump a pris la bonne décision. Dans sa conférence de presse, il évoque la possibilité qu’un nouvel accord puisse voir le jour, qui serait plus juste pour les États-Unis. Le problème, c’est qu’il n’y aura jamais d’accord «juste» dans le contexte d’une manipulation aussi grossière, d’un mensonge aussi flagrant où la malhonnêteté de ceux faisant la promotion d’une telle mascarade ne peut être plus claire. J’implore donc le Président de renoncer complètement à travailler sur une nouvelle entente pour se concentrer à trouver des solutions pour prendre soin de l’environnement des États-Unis par le biais par exemple de nouvelles technologies, de nouvelles techniques de productions, etc. Nos richesses nous appartiennent. Ne laissons personne nous les prendre. Je vous laisse sur la conférence de presse du Président Trump.