Some thoughts on the wall and DACA…

Recently the White House presented its Framework on Immigration Reform and Border Security. Basically, this framework is an attempt by President Trump to get the funding necessary to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. In order to convince the Democrats into accepting to support the funding of the wall, President Trump has proposed to legalize 1.8 million illegal aliens who came or who can be brought under the program known as DACA. No need to say that this proposal has angered, disappointed, astonished, horrified a great number of conservatives, right-wingers, alt-righters, patriots and nationalists. This seems like a total 180 degree-turn from one of his major campaign promises, that is to end illegal immigration into the U.S. Certainly, to offer a path to citizenship to 1.8 million illegal aliens sends the wrong message. If that goes through and becomes a reality, it is one of these decisions that President Trump will undoubtedly regret for the rest of his Administration and probably for the rest of his life.

One thing needs to be understood here. Nothing will please the Democrats. They hate Trump. Nothing he will do, say, sing or dance will be beautiful or fancy enough for them. President Trump is wasting his time trying to get the Democrats on board with his project of building a wall. And it is not a question of numbers. Providing amnesty to 1.8 million, billion or trillion illegal aliens is not the issue. The issue is political. In this context, I think it is important to put things into perspective and to understand what is at stake here. A physical wall is needed between Mexico and the U.S. and providing a path to citizenship to people who came illegally into the country is irresponsible, unacceptable and foolish. So what can be done? It is pretty simple actually. There is a loophole here that would be interesting to investigate. We know that President Trump has promised to have Mexico pay for the wall. Then, if that happens, technically, it won’t be the U.S. paying for the wall but Mexico. And that’s where it becomes interesting. Briefly put, Congress and Senate have to vote on and approve spending bills that fund the different operations of the government. In other terms, before any of the tax-payers’ dollars is spent on anything, Congress and Senate have to authorize their spending and that is absolutely normal in any free country.

But the fact that Trump has said several times that it is Mexico that will pay for the wall changes things. In effect, if it is Mexico that pays for the wall, then the funding of the wall doesn’t really come from the U.S. but from Mexico… In turn, that implies that the President doesn’t need the approval of the House and Senate to have the wall built. He can give the order for the construction of the wall and when it is finished, send the bill to Mexico directly or raise a tariff at the border that would serve to cover the cost. This way, President Trump can abandon this very dangerous idea of providing citizenship to 1.8 million illegal alien, since he only suggested that to bring Democrats to support his wall project. By following this game plan, President Trump would be able to both have the wall built AND terminate DACA, which would be directly in line with his campaign promises and with the platform he ran on. I strongly encourage President Trump and the Administration to reconsider what they are about to do with the DACA recipients. I feel that a terrible mistake is about to be made but it is not too late. Sometimes, the way out of a difficult situation can be narrow, small and tough but it is worth trying it if you consider the payback that is awaiting. Let’s Make America Great Again one step at a time. The House Intelligence Committee memo has been finally published last week and the truth is coming out about the extend to which the Deep State has tried to undermine and destroy Trump. We will learn more as things evolve. But in the meantime, we have another very important milestone to reach. Now it is time for the construction of the wall and for the illegal aliens to get back where they came from, finally.

John Loftus talks about intelligence matters on For The Record with Dave Emory

Dave Emory has gone through a dental surgery and his voice suffers from it. But the subjects he is talking with John Loftus in this interview don’t. The great John Loftus recaps here some of the most important matters regarding the world of politics and intelligence that have occured in the last century. Don’t miss it:

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Republican Reverse Robbing Hoods: Bob Fitrakis on the stealing of the 2004 election…among other things

Radio host Bob Fitrakis joins Peter B. Collins on the Peter B. Collins Show to talk about election fraud in 2004. According to new evidence, Republicans would have used a computer scheme to be able to steal the election in Ohio that year. A back-up system was put in place that essentially created a « middle man », an independent autonomous program created by Mike Connell, one of Bush’s buddies, sitting between the precincts and the Secretary of State. This « middle man » had the capacity to input new data in the system. Evidence show that in certain precincts more votes were registered than voters. Votes for Bush were added during tabulation, etc.

I am just wondering: Is there anything different that Republicans can do besides stealing, cheating, robbing and encouraging mayhem and crime? If there is, it doesn’t show. That’s why I call them Reverse Robbing Hoods: They steal the poor to give to the rich. Later in this interview, Bob Fitrakis talks about the way certain people close to the Republican Party or to the Bush Administration tried to steal people’s pensions using the scheme of selling them « toxic assets ». You must be saying to yourself, if the people running these pension funds are stupid enough to buy debts (that’s what toxic assets means) too bad for them. Well, it is not that simple. First of all, it is our money, we the people. Second, if I would have been in charge of these pension funds (it happened in my area too) I would never have bought debts. Who buys debts except fools? Normally, sane people buy things that possess a positive value, not a negative one. But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that it is the responsability of the people in charge of society to implement solutions and projects that actually help society get better. The only motivation that can exist for selling debts is evidently the intent of robbing somebody else’s property. In my opinion, all those brokers and finance clerks who sold « toxic assets » should be put in jail. One of the most basic rules of commerce is that when you sell something, you get something in exchange for its value. How come was it possible to get money in return for something that has no value, and let alone a negative one? Anyway, nothing surprises me anymore.

Listen to this show. While the first part of it is dedicated to cover a possible challenge to Obama in 2012, the second part, when Fitrakis comes in, will give you a good idea about the level of corruption, perfidy and dishonesty of our leaders. And be careful with Reverse Robbing Hoods. You will always be better off managing your own finances by yourself than to let these crooks do it for you…because they will do it for themselves. I also added an interview with an OHIO attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, if you want more details about the stealing of the 2004 election in the U.S.

Bob Fitrakis on the Peter B. Collins Show

Interview with Cliff Arnebeck on Talktainment Radio, hosted Bob Fitrakis