Russ Baker on The Boiling Frogs: Debunking a few lies

The excellent Russ Baker is back on The Boiling Frogs only a few weeks after another terrific interview given on Peter’s own program, The Peter B. Collins Show. In this conversation with Peter B. and Sibel Edmonds, Baker tries to debunk a few lies that have polluted our political and media landscape for the last months, notably the fake Arab Spring, the bogus claim that Qaddafi ordered mass-rapes of Libya’s women fueled with Viagra  and the total incompetence and lazyness with which the coverage and analysis of the Pan Am 103 incident have been made by our media. I totally agree with Russ Baker on these issues. Dave Emory started to analyse the real action behind the scenes during the time of the Egyptian « revolution », in a series of shows that I have referenced on my blog and that are called the  Piggy-Back Coup series and the Turkish Taffy series, and Baker is continuing the analysis with the same diagnosis. It was fake, all the clues are there, you just have to look at them. It was, in all probabilities, engineered by agents of the intelligence community. I provide you as well with a few articles, in which Baker goes deeper into the analysis on that topic. 

Also, Baker takes a few moments during the interview to raise our awareness on a gross example of psychological warfare that has been fabricated, the mass-rape claim in Libya. In effect, Qaddafi might be a dictator, he might cruel but he is not a fool. To order such thing in a time when the spotlight of the international community is on him would be totally suicidal. I agree with Baker that it is virtually impossible that this story could be genuine. Chances are that it has been cooked up in the labs of psychological warfare crews somewhere in the West, in an attempt to smear Qaddafi, adding to the shame already coming with the Pan Am 103 bombing. As soon as I heard this story, I didn’t believe it for a second and Baker comes in that interview as a second opinion that confirms what I had thought from the start. By the way, have you noticed that all of a sudden there are a lot of sexual « scandals » around the world, form DSK to Wiener to Qaddafi, etc? Do the power elite have a problem with sex? Or is it just the simplest way to smear someone without any chance for him/her to have a defense and continue unharmed? Anyway, listen to the interview and read the articles. Baker is one of the best journalists in America, if not of the world, and he deserves fully to be encouraged. If I were millionaire I would give him a good pay and a house…but unfortunately I am in the same situation than he is. It looks as if it is only the poor who are ready to struggle. The rich are all corrupted or cowards and they don’t do anything to help the world survive.

Russ Baker on The Boiling Frogs, #48

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Look at these beautiful « rebels » from Libya. Don’t you think that they are not inspiring for the democratic life? Look at the way they present freedom of speech, democracy and all the values belonging to it… Isn’t that amazing? All this time we could have had the immense privilege of being taught and guided by these extraordinary examples of citizens exercizing their democratic rights, and we missed it! I guess it is because we, westerners, have such a poor opinions of these folks. In our wisdom, we decided to back authoritarian figures that would terrorize the people of these countries, and all this time we were wrong! Look at how they are capable of handling democratic expressions, enter into dialogue, negociate and find concrete solutions that would satisfy all parties… It is such a pity that we did’nt see that before… Anyway, that’s the kind of people the West is backing in Libya. Check also my previous posts on the Libyan mess: GhadafiPiggy-Back Coup, 50 Point Manifesto, Mike BakerChina’s aggressive bid, Turkish Taffy. These pictures are graphic, so brace yourselves.

Addendum on the piggy-back coups in the Middle East: the Turking Taffy series

To wrap things up on the piggy-back coups in the Middle East, I present to you the Turkish Taffy series by Dave Emory. I explored with you these complicated and highly evolved operations in these earlier posts: Karl RoveLibyaThe Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda. Make sure to go back and read the information available to refresh your mind before continuing your study. This is not an easy case. Fascism is on the rise on Earth and we must learn the new tricks that the transnationals have found to deceive us. Don’t be fooled: they are always several steps ahead, or so they believe or so they want.

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