Daniel Hopsicker and the New American Druglords: Let’s meet some of the nice people who were involved in 9/11

 9/11 is definitely is one the deepest trauma ever to have happened to America. Never we would have thought that our peaceful environment, western countries and cities would be disturbed by such a terrible event. We used to think that wars and trouble only happen elsewhere, in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, in other words everywhere but not here. We were wrong. A network of crooks have taken control of the Earth and they hit us with great savagery on that terrible day. Lead 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta learned to fly at Huffman Aviation fly school, located at Venice Airport, Florida. In these video segments that you can also find at independent investigative report Daniel Hopsicker’s website, Madcowprod.com, you will learn a few things about the connections between the 9/11 hijackers and international organized crime.

The documentary begins by talking about the character of Rudy Dekkers, who was all over the place in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. To give you some of the highlights, did you know that months just prior to 9/11 Venice Airport was literally swarmed by Arab men who had come there to learn to fly? Did you know that a DC9 was busted in Yucatan in 2006 flying from Venezuela carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine, and that that DC9 was owned by a St-Petersburg, FL, company that used an adress at Venice Airport? Did you know that the owner at the time of Huffman Aviation, Wally Hilliard, who also worked for the CIA, was caught with 43 pounds of heroin? Did you know that while in America ordinary citizens are strip-searched although the vast majority of them do nothing wrong, private planes are not inspected at all at Venice Airport and that no federal agencies recognizes any responsibility to do so? Have you ever been acquainted with the charming Michael Brassington, one of Wally Hilliard’s pilots, who seemed to be able to get away with everything he did? Brassington appears to have been involved in currency, drug, people, and diamond smuggle, among others. He finally saw his career as a pilot terminated when the Bombardier Challenger CL-600 he was flying skidded off a runway in New Jersey before hitting a steel fence, crossed a 6-lane highway, crashed into a warehouse and bursted into flames.

Through a long and painstaking research and many interviews, Hopsicker has succeeded to bring to light what our terrible, lazy, unprofessional, coward and treasonous media hasn’t. Hopsicker is a terrific journalist, that’s why I am encouraging you to watch these excerpts and visit his website. I also join three interviews with Daniel Hopsicker that were recorded on Dave Emory’s For The Record show.

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