La mission

The mission of this website is to try creating a place where politics, intelligence, public opinion and perception, and the media can meet. The role of the blogger in our society is to provide such an opportunity. Being in the center of convergence of these influences without belonging to anyone of them, the blogger is able to do so…if he/she has the skills, the judgement and the know-how. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I think I have what it takes to do that. And it is about time that someone ventures to try doing such a thing. Up to this day, these four pillars of human understanding and power have worked in closed circuit, more or less. In fact, it is only the people at the top of society, the social engineers, who have been busy using, for example, intelligence to craft the media to influence politics and public opinion in return, or some other combination of these, fitted for them.

I want to create and provide for the people an oasis of understanding. That’s why, in the motto section, I state that my site is Intelligence by and for the people. Opportunities to get to this oasis are rare, precisely because analysts most of the times only look at what falls directly under their field of expertise, while the world is going to pieces and you don’t need a Ph.D. in sociology to see that. The media people look at media events, disconnected from their intelligence and political aspects, people in politics focus on what is good for elections and don’t seem to care about consequences for human societies as a whole, the public let themselves be carried away by social engineers who feeds on their fears and emotions to submit and enslave them, without seeing the geo-political games that are being played, intelligence agencies concoct operations that benefit the corporations most of the times at the detriment of their own populations, and so on.

Being tired of that regime, I am trying to bring something new, here at, and I hope you like it. Those who want to exploit you have one fondamental and deep desire: that you don’t understand. Everything is there. Although I don’t understand everything myself evidently, I am doing my best to bring online the best information to help you with your lives but in the end, this path of consciousness and awareness needs your total engagement. You can’t do it part time and get good results. It needs you totally. If you let yourself to be exposed to propaganda instead of trying to surround yourself with more valuable sources of information, your whole efforts could go to the drain. That’s why I took a position against television, especially sports. You need to do your own research, through reading and listening to good radio shows, like the one I recommend in the internet section. Becoming more aware is a continuing process and I know it is difficult and demanding. But don’t let yourself to become discouraged. Stay strong, like a true hero, a true Resistant, a true dissident. The truth shall set you free it is said in the gospel…but you have to do the effort to dig for it in the difficult times we are living in, and to accept to live with the burden of its weight.