Here is a series of questions and answers that will enlighten your spirit and open the doors of resistance for you. They will help you getting started with a new mind-frame. They will expand with time, as I will be adding new questions for you regularly.  I propose these ones for now.

Q. How can I overcome my mind-control?

A. Trash you television set. That’s the best way to begin your recovery from the incessant brainwashing.

Q. What part of the mass-media can I use in order to begin to walk the path of consciousness, awareness and spirit?

A. Radio and books  are terrific, for their ability to bring content, reflexion and understanding. And of course, the internet is the media that brings anything that is authentic, true, valid to have its free way of expression. The internet allows radio shows to have an international diffusion. These webradio shows give you the opportunity to get in contact with great authors, personalities and activists and their works and to know and meet people that are in the Resistance.

Q. How can I change my mind-frame?

A. Be an individual. Stop thinking like the sheeple. Develop you own thinking process. Don’t take anything at face value. Counter-check, verify, ask questions.

Q. How do I react if I get a demand from an Islamist to make an « accommodation » to be able for him/her to pratice his/her religion?

A. Don’t do it. Period. Don’t make any accommodations, arrangements or else. If you live in a Christian country, the Gospel is the Law of the Land, from which the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are derived. Stay strong. Affirm with pride and clarity that no « accommodations » will be given to anyone. If they don’t like it, they can still move to a country that is governed by a different law. Period. That’s our land. We decide what is going on here.

Q. How should I behave generally speaking?

A. Be strong. Don’t submit to anyone. You are royal. You are sovereign. Stand up, rise and speak out. Don’t bow, don’t kneel, don’t lay, don’t sit. Stand up and remain in that position until your last breath.

Q. What about religions? Is there anything good about religions? What should I think of them?

A. Generally speaking, religions are social cancers. They tend to corrode everything that is good in a society to transform it into a fascist dictatorship, where the priests and the politicians share the power. Of course, there are certain elements in every tradition that embody values opposite to this tendency, and we happen to have one in our own tradition: the Gospel.

Q. What are the three most important things in life by which you can judge the sanity and health of a society?

A. Silence, female orgasm and the happiness of small children.

A society that has no silence, as it is the case with our own, is not sane. It is in silence that we find true peace and serenity, not in the noise and confusion of public places, markets, sports events, etc. Silence brings the best of humans to the surface so often discarded by our disorganized lives.

Female orgasm is the way by which we ensure that our women can relax, be happy and at peace. A society in which women don’t orgasm is a society that is  already dying. It is the vitality of women that caracterizes the vitality of a society as a whole. Of course men need to have a strong vitality too, but when  women don’t have that energy, the potentiel of the society is not fully expressed.

Small children need to be happy, free, able to experience joy, pleasure, amusement. These are the citizens of tomorrow. If they are already dead, shut up, closed down in their youth, what will they look like when fully grown into adults? They will simply continue the  social and cultural suicide that was implemented in them by their fathers and mothers.

A society where there is no silence, where women don’t orgasm and children don’t experience joy and happiness is a dead society, probably fascist in its nature or ready to submit to it.

Q. If I am a woman, what should I do with my hair?

A. Don’t ever cut them. Hair is an important aspect of female sexuality. It allows you to express your feminity, your charm, your power of attraction over men, or women depending. If you cut your hair, you send a very bad signal to your unconscious. It will interpret it as a refusal from you to assume your full sexual potential in terms of seduction, love and sex. It may even impair your capacity to feel sexual desire and reach orgasm. Let them grow to their full length and don’t ever cut them until you die.

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