Monarchy is something that belongs to the past, to a pre-technical and pre-scientific culture. We, in the western world, have evolved beyond the boundaries that used to define our civilization. With the invention of printing, with new scientific advances in medecine, chemistry, physics, anthropology, with the ‘discovery’ of the Americas, we have created a new world where the individual occupies a much greater place than he used to do in previous centuries. Monarchy was conceived in a world where the individuals were not sure of their grounds, where animals could be as important threats as the tribe next door, where the elements  of nature were a constant preoccupation for everyone. Monarchy provided the tribe and/or society with a representative, to whom was given divine approval.

Today, the crowned heads of Europe are among the last to beneficiate from all the advantages and wealth that come with royalty. In the world of entertainment and publishing, that is where the term « royalties » came from: some money or wealth that you had to give to the owner. The downfall of monarchy in Europe has been seen as a liberation, in which the people got rid of oppressors who were keeping them into slavery. What we don’t realize however, is that those monarchies have been simply replaced by corporations, banks and intelligence agencies, pulling the real strings of power behind the newly-born nation-states. In the end, the fate of the people hasn’t changed very much: we are still serfs. Whether you do hard labour in a field for the king or sit in your office 5 days a week for a big corporation, it doesn’t make a difference. You’re not a part of the royals, you are a serf.

That is where I come in. I want to use the symbol of royalty, the strength of the signal and language it sends, to re-empower the individual to rise, stand-up and fight for his liberty. Fascism, totalitarianism, communism, socialism, globalism, Islamism, traditional monarchies, dictatorships of all kinds destroy the ability for the individual to organize his life and obtain prosperity and wealth. Totalitarianism is an attempt from the most conservative elements of our society to make our civilization regress, de-evolve to an anterior position in our evolution, a one in which we, the people, were considered incapable of decisions, judgement, discernment and unable to exert power.

We, the people, are royals. We, as men and women, are royals. We have the power to decide and exert power. So it is about time we stop thinking like the sheeple, like everybody does. We are individuals, we are not Borg, animals, drones, robots or anything else. We are humans. This is the greatest gift Christ gave to us, besides the Gospel, this conciousness that we are royals, that we don’t have to bow or kneel before anyone.

Stand up, shine and be royals!