Le réseau

So, what should we do now? How should we proceed?

The most important thing is to put in place a network of people, institutions, groups, radio shows, web sites, writers, journalists, researchers that are willing to be part of a Resistance movement. There are already hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who qualify for this, by the quality of their work, research, reasoning, critical sense, qualities of heart, etc. All we have to do, is to bring them together in a single network of collaboration. The reason why most of the time attempts like these fail is that people forget one important detail: a group can be infiltrated. Once the group has been formed, it is just a question of time before it is actually infiltrated by those who want to destroy it. We have to outsmart that by creating a network where each person involved is considered an independent unit of the network. Being an independent unit with only one member, himself, each individual is then protected from infiltration. Corruption, bribes, blackmail, pressures will still be possible but at least with this system, the network remains impermeable to sabotage. If ever there is a problem with an individual involved with the Resistance and that we judge that his conduct goes contrary to the spirit of the movement, we cut ties with him. In doing so, an individual will never have the capacity to compromise the entire network, like it is often the case with other groups where power is centralized. Recognition by peers is based only on coherence with the spirit of the Resistance, not with the ego or pride of the leader.

Join the Resistance…before it is too late.