Le renseignement

Why is it so difficult to understand what is going on? Why do I have always the impression of being outmanoeuvred and deceived? What is going on?

You might have this interrogation. I will try answering it for you. First, you have to realize that, on earth, nothing is free. You have to pay for everything that you receive. Basically, the situation is this: everybody is on his own, everybody tries to escape death, danger, hunger, rejection and prison. Some people have become really good at deceiving others. That’s how they became so rich. They reproduce by co-option from generations to generations. They live their lives surrounded by immense wealth and are the least concerned about the well-being of those who are being called « the poor ». So, for these people, the possibility for the immense majority of the population to get access to real knowledge, real understanding of the reality of things, not only is not a priority but on the contrary, is something not to let happen. Being at the top of the food chain, they manoeuvre to coerce country leaders to implement terrible school systems where low-grade science, literacy, humanities and social sciences are taught to youngsters that are so manufactured and brainwashed to remain ignorant, idiot, unaware and unconscious. And the same sick game is applied as well in the media, religion, secret societies and almost all components of our existence. At least, that is what this elite strives to do.

If you do nothing to take control of your life, if you accept anything that is given to you, effectively, you will remain so. Or you could do as I did. You could re-learn everything from the start…using your brain. Humans are liars. They lie all the time. If you believe them, you will irremediably fall for all their tricks. What you have to do in fact is to re-examine everything from a rational point of view. These are examples of questions you’d better ask yourself when something comes along:

  1. Does it make sense?
  2. Is it coherent with other laws of nature, physics, of human behavior, etc?
  3. Who benefit from these « facts »?

Most of humans are intelligent but don’t use their brain, unfortunately. They have immense capacity in terms of comprehension, analysis, deduction but…strangely…they prefer to rely on others, especially authoritative figures to know what to think of something or someone. Thus, they completely destroy their  own potential instead of developing it to become sovereign individuals. And so they remain small, powerless, inefficient, insignificant, of no consequence. We could attribute this behavior on fears of rejection, survival instinct, gregarious instinct, social-affective dependancy, etc. The bottom line is that these mental or intellectual attitudes create a  fertile soil for totalitarian ideologies to prosper and enslave whole populations. That is why fascism/totalitarianism is so popular with humans. It offers a hive-mind mentality where non-individualized human beings are taken in charge, directed, told what to do. In other terms, some other authority takes the decisions for them so these human beings don’t have to take responsability for their own lives. If something happens, they will always be able to put the blame on somebody else, like nazi soldiers and collaborators did after WWII. « Don’t look at me. I did only what I was told to do », they were saying. That is why, before the horrors of the Shoah present themselves again, we have to rise as individuals, humans and resist the sirens of fascism and be royals.