Miscellaneous articles for – Articles divers pour 02-22-2012

Peter Thiel Is Ron Paul’s Billionaire Sugar Daddy

The Playbook for an Israeli Airstrike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

Seasteading: Some Problems on the way to Castle Sovereign

Québec : l’élite reçue par le mouvement islamiste turc Fetullah Gulen

Behind Bars in the Deep State

Germany vs. the Rest of Europe

Silent Spring

The Boy Who Cried Lone Wolf

Once Upon a Time in Tehran

Ronald Reagan: Worst President Ever?

America’s NarcoBank: Wachovia Bank was BCCI with a drawl

Translators are traitors

Pas de liberté sans courage individuel

Jerusalem “Defense” Conference Opens In Qatar

“Strategic Freemasonry”: Shades of Anti-Semitic Protocols in The Irish Times

Blind Ideology

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