The Guardian’s David Cronin takes the armour of « Free Palestine »

Poor David Cronin… What is he trying to prove here? On February 22nd, while he was affected to cover a EU press conference in Brussel, he engaged in an attempt to make a « citizen’s arrest » of Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. The accusation is, again, that Israel practise apartheid against the Palestinians but one cannot fail to see the connection with the anti-Israel two week boycott event that is being held from March 7th to the 20th. In doing so, Cronin has clearly crossed the line between jounalism and activism. Not being an expert, I would say that it violates the basic rules of jounalism that are recognized and followed through worldwide. What is really interesting though is that Cronin apparently co-authored an article about this incident in which he was nonetheless the key player. The article appeared on the Google News RSS feed. Cronin made a « correction » in the comments section of the news, saying that he didn’t co-author it. But was it an attempt to cover-up after the fact or a « slip of the keyboard »? After Julian Assange’s comments on the Guardian’s editor and team, alleging they were Jewish, it is certainly flavorous to see that anti-Israel video. Check the report that HonestReporting made of it and the video of the « citizen’s arrest » attempt. Terrific moments in democracy…


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