William Cooper predicts 9/11 and comments on the Oklahoma City bombing and Osama bin Laden

Here is a series of radio show extracts about William Cooper. Cooper was a conservative, in the true sense of the word. He didn’t want the country of which he was a citizen, to change into something else. He believed that a shift was in preparation that would turn the United States into a socialist country, and that this would pave the way for a One World totalitarian utopian government. On that I disagree with him. The tendency we are witnessing on the earth today is definitely not socialist, but rather fascist. Nevertheless, he was accurate in his prediction of 9/11. 9/11 is the reverse of the 9th of November, 11/9, which is a very important date in nazi mythology.

In this series, he comments on a few elements that, put together, provide a good picture of the situation. First, a CNN reporter was capable of locating and interviewing Osama bin Laden in June 2001, while all the intelligence agencies in the world couldn’t locate him. That sounds impossible to anyone with a brillant mind. He does say that, according to him, this interview is the sign that something bad would happen in the U.S. very soon. He also speaks about the Oklahoma City bombing that couldn’t have been perpetrated by the two twits that were presented to the public. The fact that the attack happened on the eve of Hitler’s birthday, on April 19th, is certainly the indication that it is the Third Reich that is behind it. The fourth extract features a caller who is trying to blame this slow descent into fascism or totalitarianism, on the Jews. Again, that is another person who thinks that the Jews are to be blamed for everything and that they control the media, etc. Cooper tries to make him understand how the culture of corporations works. I am not sure that everything he says is accurate but again it is certainly a better position that trying to smear the Jews.

There is a lot of work to be done about the perceptions, especially on the Jews. It is easier to blame them than to face reality as it is. We are governed by mad men. We are descending back into barbarism, because our leaders have decided that a totalitarian utopian society was better, for them, than a society based on the principles of the Enlightment. That’s our predicament. For now, the best we can do, for those of us who are aware of that, is to protect ourselves and behave with intelligence and judgement. If we can’t save our brothers and sisters, at least maybe we can save ourselves.

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