The United Nation’s human-rights farce: When Israel-bashing becomes one of the fine arts

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Decidedly, the situation is worse than I thought at first. Not only is anti-semitism rampant but it has become kind of a high-class intellectual game. At the United Nations, several countries, many among them being Muslim ones at no suprise, are indulging in an incessant Israel-bashing that is just a front for a clear and non-equivocal racism. Because folks, don’t be fooled: Israel-bashing is the new form of anti-semitism. You won’t see the old version of it anymore or very rarely, the one that we saw in the Middle Ages or during WWII. No. It has evolved like everything else evolves, and now it veils itself behind the scarf of « criticism » of Israel. The people who criticize Israel are not anti-semites, no. But they just can’t stand those f——– goddamned Israelis… In effect, you have to realize that since the end of WWII, everybody has become better at propaganda. Before 1945, totalitarian ideologies didn’t hide. They expressed themselves clear and sound in the open with their manifestations. One could even say that they were gross and without nuances. Just think at the Nazis and their processions with the flag and the torch, and at Staline with the columns of soldiers before his oversized portrait as big as a building. Propaganda is much more subtle now than it used to be, that’s why it is so difficult to analyze anything that is going on these days.

Let’s give a few statistics on Israel-bashing, aka anti-semitism, at the UN’s Human Rights Council provided by the National Post in the article in reference. From 1946 to 2006, the previous UN Human Rights Commission adopted many motions of country-specific criticism, 1/3 of them concerning Israel. Since the creation of the new entity, the Human Rights Council, 50% of the motions have been aimed at Israel. In the last five years, out of the 12 special sessions of the Council, 6 alone were on Israel. And one « urgent debate » has taken place on…you know what country. These few numbers are enough to illustrate the partiality of this entity that prefers to bash Israel, a democratic country, while it looks the other way on human rights abuses in Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. Islamic states compose the majority of the Council so it comes as no surprise if Israel-bashing has become the new leisure for this « higher » political class. Putting the blame on Israel allows them to shift away the attention of the poor treatment that is given to their citizens who are demanding democratic reforms. Certain of these countries that present or back motions to condemn Israel are the worst in terms of human rights abuses.

Here is a video featuring Hillel Neuer, of UN Watch, at the session of the UN Human Rights Council on June 14th. He didn’t miss the opportunity to denounce the item #7 « Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories », that « urged » that special debate. Next is the article by the National Post on the UNHRC, that has become such a farce, literally.

Anne Bayefsky on UNHRC

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