DSK’s attorney Ben Braffman speaking before the Ultra-Orthodox Legal Forum in 2009

Here is Ben Braffman, one of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s attorneys. In this series of videos, he speaks before the Ultra-Orthodox Legal Forum in 2009. In his presentation, he focuses on a number of things that, according to him, the Jewish community should be aware of to be able to avoid problems with society in general and with the justice system in particular. In the light of what is happening to DSK, I think the importance of that conference cannot be underestimated. As an experienced attorney, he obviously has seen a lot of things, good and bad. So his advice to the community has a price and a weight that should to be taken into consideration. I just thought it would be interesting to have such a point of view a few weeks after the arrest of DSK. Considering the historical anti-semitism and the present attempts to delegitimize Israel and anything that has to do with Jewishness, members of the community must realize that the light is always heavier on a Jew that on the average man. This has to be remembered. Continuer la lecture