Open your eyes! Islamists are proxy warriors for the Third Reich!

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and HitlerHadj Amin Al-Husseini was an officer in the Turkish army in WWI. After the British took control of the territories formerly held by the Ottoman Empire, they promoted Husseini as their representative in the Middle East. Between the two World Wars, he conducted pogroms against the Jews, in Palestine among others places. During WWII, he aligned himself with the Nazis. Their is a saying in the Middle East since WWII: « In Heaven Allah, on earth Hitler ». That gives an idea of the way they see the World. Wake-up! If you support the Palestinians, you are just continuing the anti-semitic agenda of Husseini! Support and protect Israel. That’s what you have to do.

For more information on Husseini, the Muslim Brotherhood and other subjects related to the Middle East, click-on the website on your right.

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