The Palestinian Wall of Lies: The truth about the Muslim Student Association

The Armenian genocide: A rehearsal for the holocaust of the Jews?

This documentary details and explains the Armenian genocide. The massacre of the Armenians began at the end of the 19th century. Between 1894 and 1896, roughly 200,000 Armenians were killed in battles between Armenian nationalists and armies of the Ottoman Empire. However, the Young Turks Party took power in Turkey in 1908 after the Sultan was removed and the conditions of the Armenians improved for a while. Then in 1912-13, Christian regions of the empire, namely in the Balkans, such as Greece, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, challenged militarily the Ottoman Empire to get their independance. And they succeeded. Thousands of Muslim Turk refugees gathered at Istanbul as a result, thus creating tensions between Christians and Muslims. In 1913, a radical wing of the Young Turks Party, the Commitee of Union and Progress, formed as a coalition featuring three prominent leaders: TanЯT, who would become Minister of the Interior, EHBep who would become Minister of Defence and AҖaman, who would become Minister of the Navy. They embraced an ideology of Turkish nationalism. EHBep wanted especially to join Germany with its war against the Russians and then seize the occasion to conquer the Caucasus and Central Asia to be able to unite all the Turks in a Grand Turkey.

Some Armenians chose to fight on the side of Russia. In 1914, the Turks attacked the Russians and suffered a terrible defeat. Then the Turks disarmed the Armenian soldiers, in a move to neutralize them as possible collaborators with the Russians. Many were killed. On April 24th 1915, the Turkish government deported some 250 Armenian intellectuals to Constantinople where they were tortured or killed. Later, through « emergency executive legislations », the Turkish government undertook massive deportations of Armenians. Some one million people died as a result, either from hunger, sickness, extreme fatigue, dehydration, etc. Furthermore, the « Special Organization », a smaller group inside the CUP, were dedicated to the extermination of the Armenians. They formed mobile killing units. They recruited among criminals, the lumpenproletariat, Caucasian tribes, convicts and released prisoners, to stop Armenian convoys and murder their travellers.

A lot of people in the U.S. were aware that this massacre was happening and were publicly taking stands on the issue, such as Ezra Pound, Theodor Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, etc. The New York Times published tens of articles contemporary to the massacre. After the war, the Turkish military tribunal conducted a trial on the case and concluded that the Young Turks Party was responsible for the conception, organization and execution of the Armenian genocide. In absentia, TanЯT, EHBep and AҖaman were convicted and sentenced to death. Although they fled at the end of the war and went into hiding in neighbour countries, all three were killed within a few years, one after the other. To this day, the Turkish government still refuse to ackknowledge that such genocide took place. There is even a movement among the Turkish population and officials to openly denigrate its advocates. This amounts, in some respect, to holocaust denial. But, after all, for a nation that has been working hand in hand with Germany in both WWI and WWII, is it really surprising? For more information and to continue studying this crime against humanity, please visit this post and radio show by anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory, here:

Who still talks about the extermination of the Armenians?

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Israel true pioneers vs the Palestinian myth: Just ask Mark Twain

In this short but revealing video, we have the privilege to see a series of aerial pictures taken of some areas of the land of Israel in 1907, and then again in 1974. Put side by side, these photos reveal how Jews showed resilience to bring that desolate part of the world into a garden of life. If Israel is such a nice place today, it is precisely because of the hard work and dedication of these brave Jews who struggled against all odds to make it into a small paradise. Look at the pictures. Those of 1907 show a dry and rocky land where nothing exists, while those of today show cities, neighbourhoods, trees and life. Famous 19th century writer Mark Twain made a trip to Palestine. In his writings, he says that for complete days he couldn’t meet anyone while walking throughout the country. If Palestine is such a precious piece of land for the Muslims and the « Palestinians », how come they were not living there when the Jews slowly established themselves in the second half of the 19th century? If it is so important to them, how come throughout all history of the Ottoman Empire and of Islam they have not installed themselves permanently in Palestine, from the conquest in the 7th century until the creation of the State of Israel in 1947? For a people that pretends that this piece of territory is so sacred and crucial, it is definitely strange. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Jerusalem is not mentioned a single time in the Koran…But now that the Israelis have succeeded in making the land flourish and give fruit, now they want to live on it, now the « Palestinian refugees » want to « go back » as if they ever were there in the first place… Curious how circumstances influence one’s sens of ownership and citizenship…

Israel True Pioneers Vs Palestinian Myths

Confrontation at Concordia: an Iran-Nazi fifth column in Canada

This film, Confrontation at Concordia, is a great follow up and complement to Discordia, that documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada about the 2002 riot at Concordia University. This short film shows how the activist, pro-Islamist, leftist and sometimes extreme-leftist milieu in North American universities is in fact an Iran-Nazi fifth column among us that threatens to destroy our society. People who participate in protests against Israel in our universities are often violent, racist, anti-semitic, obnoxious. They encourage mayhem, vandalizing and destroying property and denying freedom of speech to Jews and opponents. I would like here to remind Palestinians and Arab nations a few things, in case you haven’t got history right. First, if we go back in past centuries, the Arab world made no significant development in terms of science, culture, civilization, in roughly 8 centuries, from the 12th to the 20th. It looks as if the Crusades had struck such a blow on the Arab civilization that it virtually stopped there its development. And that’s not Israel’s fault. Second, you lost WWI and as a result, the Ottoman Empire was divided into several countries but no country was formed under the name Palestine. Israel didn’t exist at the time, so it can’t be blamed for it, although a lot of people do. So I wonder on what basis exactly you are blaming the Jews for your predicament and your situation. You should look at yourselves first. Look at what you did wrong to explain your situation. It takes only cowards to blame the Jews for anything. Look into yourselves.

Next, in the second video, Benjamin Netanyahu adresses the students of Canada about the situation in the Near-East, Israel and its relation with Palestinians. The contrast between the « democratic » expressions of the pro-Palestinian activists and the moderation of Netanyahu is staggering. He also sketches the various reasons, historical, ideological, political, cultural, etc, that have led to so much hatred toward the Jews and the State of Israel. Netanyahu is a moderate man, civilized, democratic, liberal. To label him as a war criminal is nonsense. It gives you an idea about the level of brainwashing, mind-control, propaganda and hysteria that exist in the Arab/Muslim worldwide community. Nothing is never their fault; it’s always either Israel’s or America’s. This has got to end. Come on, brave men. I summon you to rise up and fight back against this tyranny of lies and deceptions! Israel is our Fatherland. We have to protect it. If it is destroyed, peace will never come in the Middle East nor anywhere else on Earth. Continuer la lecture

Hang on, Colonel Ghadafi! You have to continue to fight back against Islamists!

Yes, dear readers. Ghadafi MUST continue fighting the Islamo-fascists that are trying to take over the country. It is a question of life and death for western civilization! We are assisting now at an attempt to recreate the Ottoman Empire, through a Caliphate that would begin at the Detroit of Gibraltar to end at the confines of China. An immense land-mass, the Earth Island as it is called, containing the biggest concentration of natural resources, of oil, of land, etc, where unadulterated Islamic beliefs and practises, Sharia, would be the law of the land. An Empire where pure corporate capitalism would have the time of its life, free to conquer, submit, destroy and exterminate at will! Really, you have to continue the fight, Ghadafi. You might be our last hope to avoid such a nightmare. If Libya stays strong, firm, defiant, it might be enough to sabotage this attempt by the forces of darkness to corrupt the world more than it already is and to bring it to total destruction. Keep fighting back! Stay strong! The future of the whole world is on your shoulders! Check these articles where Ghadafi is seen arriving in a hotel in Tripoli, his fists high in the air in sign of combat and defiance. Really, that expresses beautifully the spirit of resistance!



Open your eyes! Islamists are proxy warriors for the Third Reich!

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and HitlerHadj Amin Al-Husseini was an officer in the Turkish army in WWI. After the British took control of the territories formerly held by the Ottoman Empire, they promoted Husseini as their representative in the Middle East. Between the two World Wars, he conducted pogroms against the Jews, in Palestine among others places. During WWII, he aligned himself with the Nazis. Their is a saying in the Middle East since WWII: « In Heaven Allah, on earth Hitler ». That gives an idea of the way they see the World. Wake-up! If you support the Palestinians, you are just continuing the anti-semitic agenda of Husseini! Support and protect Israel. That’s what you have to do.

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