Sheik Yussuf Al-Qaradhawi comes back to Egypt…but for what does he stand for?

During his speech in Cairo on february 18th,  the famous imam invited the believers to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine… That’s a bad start for a ‘democratic’ revolution… Poor Egypt, it will have to wait a long time before seeing a real democracy… And for Israel, this is a catastrophy. In the first of this series of videos assembled by  ExtremeCentre website, Qaradhawi pretends that Allah punished the Jews several times for their disobedience and that Hitler was only a tool to do that. He announces (that was in 2009) that when he’ll be back in Egypt, he will kill the ennemies of Allah, i.e. the Jews. O.K… In the second video, Qaradhawi states that a continent like Europe can easily be conquered only with ideas, teachers and preachers…

That I agree with! Democrats, liberals and Christians are so weak, so soft, so gentle, anybody could conquer us. That is why I say: stand up! Rise and fight! Islam must not be resisted or fought against, it must be defeated!!!! That is the only way that we are going to settle this conflict of civilization. Unless you have any other ideas…in that case, bring it along. At this point, we are desperate for solutions.

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