Yussouf Al-Qaradhawi gives marching orders to Egyptians

In more or less direct terms Al-Qaradhawi, Chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, told the crowd in central Cairo last friday to liberate Egypt and Palestine…in others terms to wage war against Israel. He has given march­ing orders for the lib­er­a­tion of the Al-Aqsa Mosque…in Israel. It is also worth not­ing that the Rafah bor­der is now open one way, giving the opportunity to Palestinians to return home, and that two Iran­ian ships were allowed pas­sage recently in the Suez Canal… The Egypt­ian ‘rev­o­lu­tion’ is more and more rem­i­nis­cent of the Iran­ian Rev­o­lu­tion. It appears that we, those who try to resist fas­cism, nazism and islamo-fascism, were right from the start when we expressed doubts about it. The sec­ond video shows the crowd say­ing some­thing in ara­bic that I don’t under­stand, but that is prob­a­bly not Mother Goose.

Sheik Yussuf Al-Qaradhawi comes back to Egypt…but for what does he stand for?

During his speech in Cairo on february 18th,  the famous imam invited the believers to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine… That’s a bad start for a ‘democratic’ revolution… Poor Egypt, it will have to wait a long time before seeing a real democracy… And for Israel, this is a catastrophy. In the first of this series of videos assembled by  ExtremeCentre website, Qaradhawi pretends that Allah punished the Jews several times for their disobedience and that Hitler was only a tool to do that. He announces (that was in 2009) that when he’ll be back in Egypt, he will kill the ennemies of Allah, i.e. the Jews. O.K… In the second video, Qaradhawi states that a continent like Europe can easily be conquered only with ideas, teachers and preachers…

That I agree with! Democrats, liberals and Christians are so weak, so soft, so gentle, anybody could conquer us. That is why I say: stand up! Rise and fight! Islam must not be resisted or fought against, it must be defeated!!!! That is the only way that we are going to settle this conflict of civilization. Unless you have any other ideas…in that case, bring it along. At this point, we are desperate for solutions.

CBS female reporter Lara Logan sexually assaulted in Egypt

Well, well, well…Isn’t that just marvelous? Our ‘democratic’ protesters in Egypt took the opportunity, while being so moved and transported by ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ and protest, to have a little grope-fest if not a rape, on Lara Logan, a CBS female journalist! Isn’t that so cute! Because, after all, that revolution is not about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and a return to archaic values, no…It is about democracy, freedom of speech, rights for everyone…and for women… « In some areas, men formed human chains, cordoning off groups of women and children from pushing hordes… » And from what were they protecting them? God knows what… Well, they will just have to wait for the next ‘democratic’ revolution. Because before long, that will be the Islamists and their archaic views on humans and women who will take the stage…and sexual harassment will continue with all the rest. Business as usual. What do they use to say, « Islam is a religion of love and peace »? Umh…


The Egyptian powder keg or how fascists of all types use to steal revolutions from the people

I would like very much that the Egyptian revolution be genuine. It probably is, in the sense that people who gather in central Cairo are young Egyptians desperate to have a job, some money in their pockets and some food in their stomach. They demand for democratic changes to be able to better their situation and have a life, finally. That’s great. My apprehensions remain on the aftermath of all this. The Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t dissolved into thin air since the beginning of this popular uprising. They kept themselves at a distance, more or less into passivity. Will they accept that a democratic government take control of Egypt if President Moubarak leaves now? Well, that remains to be seen. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t abandonned the Jihadist and pro-Sharia agenda that they used to have so far. The way I see the Muslim Brotherhood, they are the equivalent of the CIA for the Muslim World. They infiltrate, analyse, study their opponents and with a strategy to defeat them. Is it possible that they are simply waiting in the dark, willingly using these democratic protesters to do the dirty job of ousting the dictator for them, in order to seize power after he has left the country? I think it is a distinct possibility.

Dave Emory in his last For the Record show FTR#734 refered to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in the early years of the twentieth century. Effectively, a more moderate group, the Mensheviks leaded by Martov, was trying to bring about a revolution as well. Both groups, Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, were competing to do it and at first, the Mensheviks were the ones who succeeded to implement the first stages of the process. But in the end, the Bolsheviks, the more radicalized group of these two, violent and anti-liberal, probably better trained in propaganda and tactics, recuperated the movement and chased the Mensheviks from power. Many of them went into exile after this. The spectre of a new manifestation of this sociological drama is waving in the distance in the so-called Egyptian revolution. The Egyptian democrats, the equivalent of the Mensheviks in this case, those who believe in democracy and in the liberal system, might end up doing the dirty job for the Muslim Brotherhood, the equivalent of the Bolsheviks.

Some observers have made the case that foreign influence might be at work in both Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings. While German and Sweden nationals have been arrested recently in Tunisia with weapons, which is definitely curious and dubious, the Moubarak government itself is putting the blame for the uprising on western influence. Western journalists are even harassed and beaten sometimes by the angry mobs. So I think that, in order to have a real understanding of the situation, we have to reach out again and use the marvelous science of geo-politics. It comes down to this: what are the signs with which we can appreciate the context of the uprisings in terms of western foreign policy in the cases of Tunisia and Egypt? Here are three basic facts to take under consideration:

  1. Tunisia and Egypt already are non-Islamic states;
  2. Tunisia and Egypt are ‘friends’ with the western world and Israel;
  3. Egypt has signed a peace treaty with Israel.

Considering the possibility that pro-democratic forces in the western world could have manufactured or stimulated these protests, what are the odds that it is the case? What improvement would revolutions bring  in Tunisia and Egypt if they already are friends of the western world and of Israel? What supplemental benefits would pro-democratic interests and players from the West receive from all this?

Considering now the possibility that fascist/reactionnary elements in the western world have been working in the shadows to foment these uprisings, now the possibility is much more distinct. If we take the same three elements concerning Tunisia and Egypt, you see that Islamists/Jihadists and their Fascist International sponsors have every interests to foment trouble in these countries favorable to the West and Israel. They would like very much indeed to seize power to be able to implement Islamic governments with Sharia as the governing Law. It is obvious because Islamists have a corporate fascism view of capitalism. Then, the Fascist International with their proxy warriors, the Islamists pro-Sharia fanatics, have all the reasons to try this. Especially at this point.

Besides a few authors such as John Loftus who have identified Muslim Brotherhood and nazi connections with regard to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, some institutions have begun to do the same in  an effort to mobilize the citizens of the ‘free’ world against a danger that is rising rapidly in the  geo-political arena. In effect, the Center for Security Policy, a think tank based in the U.S.,  has produced a document this last fall titled: « Sharia: The Threat to America ». Although the document doesn’t venture to pinpoint the mistakes and errors of judgement that Westerners have commited in their war against communism, namely their use of not only nazi war criminals but fanatic Islamists as well to destabilize parts of the U.S.S.R. and China, it nevertheless identifies clearly the Muslim Brotherhood as being the center group that is doing the covert undermining and slow sabotaging of the liberal world here and abroad. This document of the Center For Security Policy exposes the connections between all Islamic groups and the way they coordinate their work in order to take over the ‘free’ world.

So the Islamists have been exposed in their attempt to co-opt the liberal world or social-democracy and transform it into a Sharia-based society. It is expected now that they will react swiftly and strongly and I suspect that is exactly what is going on in North Africa these days, still with the help and ‘encouragement’ from their Fascist International sponsors. But we will have to wait for the dust to settle in order to have a clearer view of the situation. The action is just beginning. Stay tuned.