Assange alleges smear job by a Jewish-led conspiracy

Well, well, well… Isn’t that just fantastic? Julian Assange, probably the fakiest Lefty of the century (see FTR #724, FTR #732 and FTR #733) has shown his true colors. The story published in Private Eye magazine reports that Assange suggested that a smear campaign  was being orchestrated by Jews, including allegedly the editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, as well as other staff members such as David Leigh and John Kampfner. Rusbridger is not Jewish at all to start with. But the most interesting thing here is the synchronicity with a worldwide anti-Israel event that will take place from March 7th to the 20th. The 7th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week will aim at protesting against the supposed apartheid that Israelis impose on Palestinians. The fact that these statements by Julian Assange were pronounced just a fews days before this worldwide event begins is not a coincidence. I think they were deliberately planted there because they are a part of the Annual Week. But here…we have to be understanding and show our compassion to Julian Assange. After all, it is hard to live a life of pretension and acting 24 hours a day… When you are a fascist, to pretend to be a Leftist is difficult. So if he, once in a while, drops the ball, we have to be forgiving. Every man can make mistakes, even professional liars.


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