Three segments of interviews with Roger Stone on Infowars

The three segments are accompanied with an presentation note by Alex Jones.


Les opérations d’influence et d’espionnage du Bloc de l’Est…

Cet excellent documentaire dresse le portrait d’ensemble des opérations d’influence et d’infiltration du KGB et autres services d’espionnage soviétiques dans l’hémisphère occidental. Bien que la Guerre Froide soit officiellement terminée, il est clair que diverses opérations d’espionnage et d’infiltration de notre hémisphère sont toujours en cours, parrainées par divers pays, régimes et intérêts qui nous sont hostiles, ce qui rend ce document toujours très pertinent. Certaines filières, comme la filière cubaine, sont regardées. Certaines techniques de persuasion ou de recrutement, comme le sabotage, l’assassinat, le blackmail et le pot-de-vin sont évoquées. Parmi les points d’intérêts, on apprend que les Weathermen se sont rendus vers 1970 à Cuba pour s’entraîner aux techniques terroristes, sous le couvert d’une organisation militante de gauche appelée la Brigade Venceremos. Les Cubains étaient perçus comme étant à la fine pointe des forces communistes internationales. En octobre 1969, on se souviendra que les « Jours de rage » ont fait des dégâts importants à Chicago. On se souviendra également que c’était l’époque où le FLQ était actif au Québec. Ainsi, vers 1h 03minutes, le témoignage d’un des participants du documentaire nous révèle qu’au printemps 1970, des membres des Weathermen se seraient rendus au Canada pour rencontrer des membres du FLQ afin de tisser des liens plus étroits et coordonner leurs opérations. Bill Ayers faisait parti de la délégation. Aussi, vers 2h00, la question de la désinformation et de faux rapports de renseignement est regardée. Ceci n’est pas sans rappeler les scandales de Wikileaks et des agissements d’Edward Snowden. En effet, dans ces deux cas, autant Julian Assange qu’Edward Snowden ont fourni des quantités phénoménales de documents et de supposés « rapports de renseignement », alors que le public n’a aucun moyen de savoir ou de vérifier s’il s’agit bel et bien de document authentiques. Également, il n’est pas sans intérêt d’entendre une des plus célèbres espionnes russes durant la Guerre Froide, Hede Massing, déclarer vers 29:00 minutes qu’elle a fini par comprendre qu’elle ne combattait pas du tout le fascisme. Elle était plutôt manipulée par les Russes… Un documentaire à ne pas manquer.

Brave New World preschools in Sweden: Another expression of the Pirate Bay vortex?

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This article of The Globe and Mail by Jenny Soffel is extremely relevant. It presents the case of a preschool in Sweden, Egalia, funded by taxpayers and located near Stockholm, where incredible efforts are made to have children avoid making any connections to gender identity for the sake of equality of the sexes. For example and among other things, children’s books in Egalia deal exclusively with homosexual couples, single parents or adopted children, but not with heterosexual families. Talk about equality! Also, staff members try to avoid masculine and feminine references from their speech and have adopted the neutral pronoun «hen», used by gays and feminists to replace the « han » and « hon », the equivalents of him and her. Generally speaking, Sweden is a society where breaking down gender roles is a priority, if not an obsession. Certain preschools even have « gender pedagogues » (no kidding) to make sure that no one goes down the dangerous path of stereotypization, if I can coin that term. To give a concrete example, at Egalia, Lego blocks are intentionally placed next to the kitchen…to make sure the kids get the message to think and behave as neutrals.

I have been reflecting for a while on how much Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was really not in fact a « novel of anticipation » as it has been advertised to be, but rather a blueprint for a world ruled by fascism that was to come. I think that with Egalia, we have a perfect expression here of that agenda. Sweden has been presented in the media as a kind of earthly paradise were social-democracy had triumphed over capitalism, where men and women and citizens of all origins are all equal, a peaceful society where everything slides smoothly with no squeaky wheels. Famous IKEA company has become the emblem of that «perfection». It is a smaller embodiment of that paradise where you can find everything you need for your house and even have lunch, while your kids are being taken care of…in an on-site day-care center! Talk about foreseeing the needs of the clientele! Continuer la lecture

Julia Davis and Steve Kohn on The Boiling Frogs: What whistleblowing truly is

That interview with Julia Davis gives cold shivers. While listening to it, you can’t help but to realize that the United States of America, once the greatest nation in the world, has regressed during the last decades into a republic that is clearly in the middle stages of totalitarianism. Several causes could be identified to explain this break down. Fascists of all kinds, post-WWII nazi agents acting to destabilize the country and have it to collapse, communist infiltraters, etc, all have contributed to this. However, one trail of enquiry that is rarely mentioned is the Vatican. To my knowledge, there is only Lenny Bloom with his radio podcast show Shock Talk With Bloom And Steele, and a few others, that talk about that. Washington D.C. holds a monument, called the Washington Monument, that is an egyptian obelisk. Yet, we find the same obelisk in the City of the Vatican, with surrounding buildings matching in style. Coincidence? Maybe. Listen folks. You have to realize that the Roman Catholic Church never cancelled or abandoned the Inquisition, nor the Crusades by the way. It has merely changed its name. It is now called the « Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith ». So what tells us that they are not now acting to destabilize democracy itself in western countries, because their populations have turned their backs on the Christian and/or Catholic Faith? I think this question needs to be asked. Signs of a global covert operation to destabilize democracy are all over the place on Earth, in Europe, in the United States, in Latin America, around Israel — which has not been officially recognized by the Vatican yet, by the way. Don’t forget that the four books of the gospels put the blame on the Jews for the murder of Jesus, while it is evident that it was the Romans who killed him, because he was a pretender to the Throne of David, a competitor to the Cesars. Continuer la lecture

Interview with Russ Baker on the Peter B. Collins Show

Listen to this terrific interview with Russ Baker, author of Family of Secrets and founder of, a website dedicated to the pursuit of true, unimpaired and non-co-opted investigative journalism. Peter B. Collins receives him in his « secret » studio for a friendly conversation on subjects related to his work as a « forensic journalist ». Among different topics, the bin Laden case gets their immediate attention as Baker explores various issues and questions that he has concerning the timing, framing, engineering and crafting of the operation, and the communication or rhetorical job that was done by the Administration afterwards. For example, Baker notes that as the official version kept changing constantly, it was a clear sign that the story was in fact scripted, which opens many options in terms of what really happened in the first place. The DNA test, the burial at sea, the behavior of bin Laden when the operation occured, the behavior of women in the compound and several other elements lead Baker to raise serious doubts concerning the veracity of what we are being told by Washington. You know that I, for myself, was a skeptic form the start, as you may have read it in this earlier post written 48 hours after the events. Also, Baker proves again that he is a great person to have on board for a radio host and Collins, as usual, offers all the space his guest needs to share with us his inner thoughts, in this case on the killing of bin Laden, which resumes itself in the end to be one of the most important PSYOPS in decades. Baker also touches on the subject of private Bradley Manning, the man who allegedly dumped a series of files to the WikiLeaks website. Baker comments on Manning in a way to make us realize that he is not really a whistleblower, like other observers have also said in recent past. I also propose to you a series of articles by Baker posted on WhoWhatWhy, that deal with the bin Laden execution to help you continue your study. As well, for a review of Family of Secrets, you can visit this page here.

Interview with Russ Baker

12 questions about bin Laden

More questions on bin Laden

Evidence on Abbottabad

New development on Osama bin Laden execution: Bradley Manning might have blown the operation

Excellent researcher and anti-fascist resistant Dave Emory presented part of a blog post published on Extreme Liberal’s blog. The post contains an extract from a series of online chats between Bradley Manning and former hacker Adrian Lamo. In this series, originally published it is entirety on, we see that Manning presented himself to Adrian Lamo as the source not only of the Gitmo files but also of several other key documents that WikiLeaks obtained. So for the first time, Manning is specifically named as a source for WikiLeaks. But not only that. Among all of the files, another document shows that there is evidence that the State Department or some intelligence agency within the american government might have known where bin Laden was, since 2003. In other terms, because Manning might have inadvertently blown the operation that was coming, god knows when, to crack down on bin Laden in Abbottabad, the Administration was rushed to do it out of fear that he would otherwise escape. WikiLeaks began releasing the Gitmo files on April 24th 2011 and the operation on bin Laden’s hideout was conducted on May 1st. It is difficult not to see a connection. Read my earlier post to see how I assed the situation 48 hours after the event.

I hope you are not one of those who believe that Bradley Manning is really a « whistleblower ». On that I agree with Emory and Extreme Liberal’s blog webmaster. If there is a thing on Earth that Manning is not, it is being that. Why? Because a whistleblower will denounce a situation closely related to his/her professional skills and area of expertise, not on thousands of issues disconnected to one another. Manning released a thumbnail disc that contains thousands of files. We can all assume that he didn’t read the vast majority of them, for reasons of time to start with. So what was his goal in doing that? A few possibilities that we can identify in trying to explain his strange behavior is that he is a mind-control job, he is being manipulated, he has been promissed a chunk of cash…or he is just stupid, immature and crazy. Make your pick. Because it is obvious that he would get in jail for such behavior. Believe me folks, he is not a whistleblower. His actions play into a broader agenda of destabilization of the liberal and progressive political class, represented in the United States by the Democratic Party. The files that he « whistleblowned » will just help the enemies of democracy to break down a world that is already pretty much weakened by the incessant attacks of fascists, nazis and all kinds of groups of the Extreme-Right, with the help of their Extreme-Left and Islamist puppets. Folks, I am telling you: don’t bite into the Bradley Manning story and the WikiLeaks deception. Stay focus on democracy, on progressive and liberal values and on the political way of the Center. The truth lies in the Center and that Center shall set you free.

Le câble de WikiLeaks sur Power Corporation, Robin Philpot et la « Province » du Canada

Le câble de WikiLeaks publié dans Le Devoir sur les relations entre les hommes politiques canadiens et québécois et Power Corporation a fait beaucoup jaser depuis hier. Envoyé à Washington en 2009 par le nouvel ambassadeur des États-Unis au Canada, David Jacobson, le document met en lumière le questionnement de l’ambassadeur quant au niveau d’influence réelle qu’exerce Power Corporation sur la vie politique canadienne et québécoise. Le câble mentionne également les investissements de Power dans une société pétrolière française, Total, ainsi que dans les sables bitumineux de l’Alberta. L’ambassadeur donne en exemple le comportement de Jean Charest lors du sommet environnemental de Copenhague, où  le Premier Ministre du Québec semble avoir adouci sa rhétorique contre le gouvernement Harper et ses politiques sur les gaz à effets de serre.

Je vous propose ici le vidéo d’une conférence que Robin Philpot, auteur du livre Derrière l’État Desmarais: Power a donné au siège de la Société St-Jean-Baptiste voilà quelques années suite à la parution de son livre, ainsi qu’une entrevue donnée sur un ton plus humouristique à l’animateur de radio Benoît Dutrizac du 98,5 FM. Dans le vidéo de la conférence, on y apprend entre autres qu’à peu près rien n’a été publié sur l’empire Desmarais ou Power Corporation à ce jour. Les bibliothèques sont vides, alors que dans n’importe quel autre pays du monde, des dizaines de livres seraient consacrés à une famille aussi importante. Aussi, il semble avoir un vide médiatique autour des Desmarais, comme si on ne pouvait pas parler de cette famille-là ni de leurs affaires. Philpot y fait le tour du parcours financier et monétaire de l’empire et présente comment il s’est constitué. La fortune de la famille a commencé à se matérialiser grâce à l’industrie de l’hydro-électricité, avant que l’État québécois ne la nationalise. Avec les années, plusieurs entreprises se sont ajoutées au holding Desmarais comme Great West, Investors, etc. En de nombreuses occasions, la famille Desmarais a bénéficié de l’aide de l’État québécois ou canadien pour faire l’acquisition d’entreprises ou pour en prendre le contrôle et voilà quelques décennies, de généreuses subventions gouvernementales lui ont été accordées afin de moderniser la machinerie de l’industrie forestière. Or, depuis 1989, l’empire Desmarais n’a pas réinvesti un seul sou dans l’économie québécoise, ce qui est vraiment troublant. Leurs capitaux ont plutôt été placés aux États-Unis, en Chine, etc. Continuer la lecture

Julian Assange, Santiniketan Park Association kids and Dance Music

Julian Assange is probably one of the strangest birds, to use Dave Emory’s formulation, to have flown around for a long time. Everything about him is strange, physiologically and psychologically. Among other things, his platinum blond hair color is definitely a distinctive character of his. According to Dave Emory’s research and findings, Assange has been raised in a cult called the Santiniketan Park Association, a mind-control cult leaded by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. By mind-control one has to understand the use of techniques, similar to what we could expect from programs such as MK-ULTRA, to break up the mind and subjugate and submit the personality to the will of the group. Depravation of sleep, of food, abuse, torture and rape of any kinds are standard methods. The organization seems to have links with the intelligence community, the Australian secret service among others, and also with Swedish fascist financier Carl Lundstrom, and pharmaceutical company Sandoz which has put together LSD. The cult provides multiple identities and passports for the children they raise. When children don’t have natural blond hair, Hamilton-Byrne has a dye given to them which indicates a kind of obsession there reminiscent of the Third Reich. I encourage you to read the complete post written by Dave Emory and listen to the show about it here, for you to see who Assange really is and understand all the connections. The second link here shows you a picture provided by a listener of his show, For the Record, that seems to portray what appears to be a younger Julian Assange. The resemblance is certainly striking.

Also, I am proposing to you a couple of Dance Music videos in which we can see dancers wearing platinum blond hair. Is this only a coincidence or the entertainment industry has links with the Santiniketan Park Association and a similar agenda, I don’t know. But it is certainly curious. The first video is of Dutch DJ artist Armin van Buuren and the second is of British Pop singer Lolene.

Addendum on the piggy-back coups in the Middle East: the Turking Taffy series

To wrap things up on the piggy-back coups in the Middle East, I present to you the Turkish Taffy series by Dave Emory. I explored with you these complicated and highly evolved operations in these earlier posts: Karl RoveLibyaThe Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda. Make sure to go back and read the information available to refresh your mind before continuing your study. This is not an easy case. Fascism is on the rise on Earth and we must learn the new tricks that the transnationals have found to deceive us. Don’t be fooled: they are always several steps ahead, or so they believe or so they want.

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