March 8th hysteria: a bolshevik tsunami

© Andrew Khritin |

Since last tueday, March 8th, we have been flooded with a deluge of articles singing the anthem of the glory of feminism. Far from being critical of the movement itself in relation with real gains it has brought to women, these articles were generally pretty complacent with the subject, beating the drum for even more feminization of society. One issue that finds itself on the front burner all the time is « equality » of representation of the sexes in jobs. Feminists absolutely want their 50% representation quota. It appears non-negociable. Norway, which practise policies around those lines, is often cited as an example. Quebec, my Province, is another stronghold of this tendency.

Well, the 50% representation quota has yet to prove its efficiency. Can you imagine an american football club, for example, where the team should be composed of 50% of Afro-Americans and 50%  of European-Americans? And what about Latinos? Shouldn’t they be included too, with a 33% of representation? A professional sport club is managed in a way to have in the roster the best players possible, wherever they come from. Their ethnic or geographic origin doesn’t matter. And that’s exactly the opposite that feminists try to do with the 50% representation quota. According to their logic, businesses shouldn’t be composed of the best people possible, whatever they are women or men,  but with « equal » representation of these.

Frankly, the whole thing is depressing. On one side, you have the fascists who try to degrade, exploit and submit everyone in a way that makes them slaves, robots or animals. There is no place for human evolution, for nuances, for critical thinking or sensibility. And on the other side, you have the communists/socialists who try instead to found Republics with « new » ideas that were never part of human tradition, while these « new » ideas are yet to prove themselves as worthy and efficient. It is obvious that communism/socialism can’t produce  anything of value. Just take the soviet car Lada as an example. Was it good? No. Examples are numerous where we can see that a system based on bolshevik, marxist, socialist or communist ideas cannot stimulate and engineer anything that will work and stand in the long run. When workers are assured to keep their jobs, they don’t work as well and as hard, and it shows in the final quality of the product.

During this time, feminists continue to brainwash themselves with these idealistic ideas based on fantasy and delusion. It looks like that they don’t understand the game of human life. While in all animal species it is the female that feeds and takes care of the offsprings, certain feminists advocate for the male in human societies to stay home and do precisely that while women go to work! Listen, I could go on for pages but I will simply let you read these three articles from local newspapers. You can find articles with similar views in your local area. Have a good reading and try not to be contaminated by this propaganda.




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