Hang on, Colonel Ghadafi! You have to continue to fight back against Islamists!

Yes, dear readers. Ghadafi MUST continue fighting the Islamo-fascists that are trying to take over the country. It is a question of life and death for western civilization! We are assisting now at an attempt to recreate the Ottoman Empire, through a Caliphate that would begin at the Detroit of Gibraltar to end at the confines of China. An immense land-mass, the Earth Island as it is called, containing the biggest concentration of natural resources, of oil, of land, etc, where unadulterated Islamic beliefs and practises, Sharia, would be the law of the land. An Empire where pure corporate capitalism would have the time of its life, free to conquer, submit, destroy and exterminate at will! Really, you have to continue the fight, Ghadafi. You might be our last hope to avoid such a nightmare. If Libya stays strong, firm, defiant, it might be enough to sabotage this attempt by the forces of darkness to corrupt the world more than it already is and to bring it to total destruction. Keep fighting back! Stay strong! The future of the whole world is on your shoulders! Check these articles where Ghadafi is seen arriving in a hotel in Tripoli, his fists high in the air in sign of combat and defiance. Really, that expresses beautifully the spirit of resistance!



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