Sexual repression feminism style: welcome to Pink Fascism

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This never-ending quest for « equality » and stop of sexual « exploitation » of women has made another victim this week. The Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club, that will make its debut in the Major League Soccer on saturday 19th, have launched an advertisement video in which a beautiful and young female is seen wearing a body-paint. Look at the video for yourself. There is nothing there, except for a little nudity. And it is not even full nudity nor a real body-paint as we can see the model wearing a bra and panties. Nevertheless, it was to be expected that somebody in the feminist community would try to make a « case » out of it, jumping on the occasion to raise the holy sword of women’s rights and testosterone bashing. Anne Giardini, a local Vancouver forestry executive and novelist, complained to the Whitecaps Football Club and to Bell Canada Enterprises, one of its partners, as we can see the Bell logo on the model’s chest. Giardini, to make her case, points out among other things that her 16-year-old daughter who plays soccer doesn’t look like that at all.

I am asking you folks, when will that complaining ever end? While the human race regresses into barbarism and that the whole world is going to annihilation, crashing down under the heavy-weight pressures and attacks of the International Fascist, some women are losing their time and are making us lose ours on such trivial and stupid things. Don’t they have anything else to say and do than worrying about body-painted women in ads? Frankly, there are things much more important in our world than protecting their sensitive eyes from sexy girls…

I am talking to you, feminists. Why don’t you attack women wearing burqas or hijabs and the men who encourage them to do so, instead? That would certainly be more logical and efficient. If there is anything that is a symbol of women’s exploitation, it is the burqa, the hijab, not the body-paint. And I have another question for you. If your daughter is the victim of incest, what do you do to protect her from that harm? Feminism has gone very far in defending women’s rights but has completely forgotten to do the basics. Defending women’s rights starts in your own home. If you can’t or won’t protect your own daughters from sexual exploitation, what are you trying to achieve here by « denouncing » sexual exploitation, sexy fashion, nudity or pornography? Start with you own life, we’ll see then what happens.


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