The « Israel lobby » or how to masquerade anti-semitism

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I’m going to talk to you about something that is getting on my nerves pretty much since a couple of months. Yeah, that’s right, the so-called « Israel lobby ». At the forefront of propagandists for this alleged lobby are a whole bunch of right-wingers, Islamists, Arabs, bourgeois and people from the middle-class, leftists, so-called progressives and liberals. In other terms, it covers rather the whole spectrum of the political life. Everybody whines about this, except Jews and Israelis, of course. To begin with, it is obvious that everybody in a democracy is entitled to have his or her own opinion on the subject and express it. I don’t have any problem with that. My problem is that all those awareness-raisers that entertain us so generously on the « Israel lobby » don’t bring anything to substantiate their claims. No names, no dates, no files, no amount of money, no representative’s names, etc, nothing. They don’t propose anything to back up what they say. I am somebody very open and I am ready to listen to anyone. If I have the occasion to learn something new, I will take it. I am ready to give a chance to anyone. But the problem is that these individuals show neither proof nor evidence to back the alleged Israel lobby theory that they postulate. So I am forced to conclude that the whole thing is in fact a fabrication, manufactured to express but hide at the same time anti-semitic sentiments. It is as plain as that. Because if there was such proof of an Israel lobby, don’t you think that Israel’s detractors wouldn’t present it to give credibility to their case? They certainly wouldn’t miss such an opportunity. That’s what leads me to believe that it is a complete fabrication to masquerade anti-semitism.

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