Harvard Square Palestinian activists: Are there any worst totalitarians than these?

I am so tired of these Palestinian activists. They represent the worst kind of totalitarians you can possibly imagine. Why? Because they belong to a trend of fascism called the « Third Position ». The third position is a mixture of Extreme-Right, Extreme-Left and Islam. Or, in other words, it is an extreme-right movement that disguised itself as a leftist or socialist movement, using the « cause » of defending Islam and poor and oppressed peoples to attack liberal society and values. The study of Francis Parker Yockey‘s philosophy is certainly of a great help here. Author Kevin Coogan has dwelled into these matters and you can get more details about that by listening to this interview with him on Dave Emory‘s show. Coming back to this Youtube video, just listen to their rhetoric. You don’t need to be a doctor to see that these activists are completely brainwashed by palestinian propaganda. That propaganda is nothing else than pure third position fascism. Don’t you find it strange that Jews (oh yeah, you’re right, they call them Israelis…) are targetted in this smear campaign? I thought the Left liked the Jews, because of historic links between Bolshevism and the Jewish community. The Nazis supposedly tried to exterminate them because of these links. So why is that that now an activist group that seems to be leftist is targetting Jews? Because it is third position fascism, for no other reason. Palestinian activists are helping the Extreme-Right to make a comeback into the fold from the underground, from the shadows. The signature of their deeds, which should be evident for every one in control of their faculties, is right there, in plain sight. Today, in 2011, they do exactly the same things that they were doing in Germany prior to WWII. They are targetting the Jews, accusing them of being responsible for the problems of the world. To get a better idea about the existing links between Nazism and Islam, check this web page. In French, the document studies the links between Palestinians and Nazism. The photos speak volumes and so all the other pieces of documentation that are exhibited.

Roots The Club in Gaza City: Tales from the biggest open-air concentration camp in the world, strike 2

My dear friends, I have got to tell you something, I was so shocked by the images that you are about to see! Oh, my god! Can you imagine for a second the suffering that these poor Gazans must endure? Do you realize how barbaric Israelis must be, yes, these despicable and cruel beings, to let the inhabitants of Gaza go through such trials, tribulations and pain? Because, yeah, evidently, we all in good faith would think that the Israelis, even as cruel, heartless and savage as they we know them, would let Gazans at least get some food, more or less edible but still, some not too-contaminated water and a few rag of clothes to cover their meager bodies. But no…It appears that the Israelis don’t have any values at all, no decency, no heart, no compassion. You see, they would rather let these poor Gazans die out of hunger, disease and despair rather than to show some good faith and help them! And not only the Israelis have the guts to control the whole media in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, but adding to that, they also go to the extreme of letting starve to death the weakest and most vulnerable of all among us, the Gazans and Palestinians! And I am not even mentioning all the occasions where they could have spared lives in the Occupied Territories but chose instead to murder innocent people at random, just for the simple pleasure of taking lives and spilling blood! Frankly, these Israelis should be ashamed of themselves. Look at these pictures from Roots The Club in Gaza City, and tell me that you can stand seeing these innocent concentration camp prisoners being abused so much?

The « Israel lobby » or how to masquerade anti-semitism

© Ivan Mikhaylov | Dreamstime.com

I’m going to talk to you about something that is getting on my nerves pretty much since a couple of months. Yeah, that’s right, the so-called « Israel lobby ». At the forefront of propagandists for this alleged lobby are a whole bunch of right-wingers, Islamists, Arabs, bourgeois and people from the middle-class, leftists, so-called progressives and liberals. In other terms, it covers rather the whole spectrum of the political life. Everybody whines about this, except Jews and Israelis, of course. To begin with, it is obvious that everybody in a democracy is entitled to have his or her own opinion on the subject and express it. I don’t have any problem with that. My problem is that all those awareness-raisers that entertain us so generously on the « Israel lobby » don’t bring anything to substantiate their claims. No names, no dates, no files, no amount of money, no representative’s names, etc, nothing. They don’t propose anything to back up what they say. I am somebody very open and I am ready to listen to anyone. If I have the occasion to learn something new, I will take it. I am ready to give a chance to anyone. But the problem is that these individuals show neither proof nor evidence to back the alleged Israel lobby theory that they postulate. So I am forced to conclude that the whole thing is in fact a fabrication, manufactured to express but hide at the same time anti-semitic sentiments. It is as plain as that. Because if there was such proof of an Israel lobby, don’t you think that Israel’s detractors wouldn’t present it to give credibility to their case? They certainly wouldn’t miss such an opportunity. That’s what leads me to believe that it is a complete fabrication to masquerade anti-semitism.