Son of Hamas founder, Mosab Hassan Yousef tells the truth about the Hamas

Congratulations, you are a true hero, Mosab. There is not enough people like you in Palestine and Gaza and too much of the others who are fanatized to hate Israel and try to destroy it. Now that you are a Christian you can see that Islam is bad, unless you understood it before that, and that it made you convert afterwards? Anyway, you are a true soldier of Christ and humble servant of Israel. Now we, westerners who are opposed to Islam, have you, a Palestinian, to bear witness to the terrible corrosion and corruption that Islam brings to this world. After the mass-killings in Oslo, it is refreshing to hear someone saying calmly and simply that Islam is a terrible religion, rotten to the bone and that it has to be denounced and fought back against. Islam is a lie, as you say. Again quoting you, Hamas refuses Israel the right to exist, it wants to destroy it. The problem with Islam is not its people, it is its ideology. The vast majority of Muslims don’t follow the teachings of Muhammad, because otherwise they would automatically become terrorists. Splendid! It is with that kind of people that I want to fight along side! With Arabs like you, there is still some hope for the Near and Middle East!

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