Anders Behring Breivik: A sweet candy for the Left and useful fools…but too good to be true

Jes’ that I have a lot to say about this manifesto! First of all, let me clarify a few things. Looking at the « facts » to begin with, as usual, I don’t buy the official story. It is utterly improbable that this guy could have acted alone. Like in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing and countless of other similar acts, the « lone nuts » as we have come to call them have operated in teams, for the simple reason that it is complicated to organize and do such coups in terms of logistics for a start. In effect, in a tree nuts always come with a lot of brothers and sisters. In all probabilities, there were several shooters on that island to account for such casualties. Also, for me, the bombing of the governmental building in central Oslo is a separate operation from the shooting at Utoya. Yet the press and the police are trying to make us believe a ridiculous story where Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged killer, has taken a transport to go from the city of Oslo to Utoya island, with heavy ammunitions. Remember that he shot for an hour and a half, that’s a lot of bullets… As well, the official story says that he has fabricated the bomb that blew the federal building in central Oslo with fertilizer… You see, he lives on a farm… When you are a farmer, that’s the kind of things that you have, fertilizer, and if you don’t, you won’t eat very fat with your farming… Besides that it is heavy, again. Bombers try to find the smallest but most powerful explosives they can find, not something that you need a whole truck just to carry.

Another thing that is striking in this case is the manipulation of data that seems to have been taken place. According to a finding made by the webmaster of, the tags « christian » and « conservative » have been added to the killer’s Facebook page. By who? I don’t know but it smells like a set up, a frame up, a masquerade.

Let’s begin now with the analysis. The document that you will see here and that appears to be a video version of his manifesto, is produced or presented by a group that calls itself « The New Militia ». Remember that in the case of the Oklahoma bombing, Timothy McVeigh was said to be a member of a militia group in the United States. Remember as well that it is impossible to blow a building with such devastation by parking a van outside of it. The explosives must be installed inside the building to get these results. Coming back to our chickens, throughout the document, Breivik rants about Muslims and Marxists, and partisans of multiculturalism. It is true that Muslims cause a great deal of problems in Europe due to their refusal to integrate into european society. But Marxists? Come on, Marxism is dead! It is true that after WWII many european countries integrated elements of socialism into their political and economical models, paving the way for the instalment of social programs and the like. But to link Marxism to multiculturalism is inaccurate. I would rather describe multiculturalism as a tangent, a deviation from liberal democracy, something that can easily be corrected with understanding, education, laws and time. No guns needed.

Another thing that is striking as well is the way the document blames Muslims for Marxism, the same way Jews were blamed for Communism before and during WWII. In effect, it is revealing that the document mentions the expression « Conservative Revolution » around 10:00 minutes in the video manifesto. The Konservativ Revolution in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s was a movement of conservatives who were genuinely fighting against the forces of international capitalism. The Nazi Party, representing the very interests of corporate capitalism attributed itself the title « social » in its name, National-Socialism, to be able to attract genuine progressives, socialists and communists and have them work against their own interests and desires. By supporting Hitler, a national-socialist, they thought that they were fighting against capitalism, while in fact they were supporting it and helping its expansion. After Hitler took power in 1933, these people were liquidated, as it is almost always the case with useful fools and traitors. I just find it extraordinarily revealing that this expression comes back 80 years later while everybody has forgotten about it, except evidently heroic anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory. He talked about just that in a lecture on the Militia Movement in the mid-nineties.

Also, Breivik in his alleged manifesto, blames the Nazis, the Marxists and the Muslims…but not the Fascists themselves. Is that an omission, a misprint, a loss of remembrance? I think it is emblematic of a forgery or something like that. The exact group that is behind this document has put the blame on everyone…except themselves, evidently. The organization of the Knights Templar that is presented in this manifesto, created the first time in the 11th century to retake Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslims, gives itself the mission of targeting multiculturalists, Marxists and Muslims, not understanding, obviously, that it is the forces of the Third Reich that are at the root of almost all our problems, including the disintegration of Europe. Massive Muslim immigration in Europe is due not to Marxism or multiculturalism but to Third Reich totalitarian schemers who are trying to create a reaction against liberal democracy to be able to bring about their fascist nazi utopia. The European Union is already pretty much advanced in that process, see my earlier post on that. Also, the Left is now the lapdog of the Extreme-Right since the collapse of the U.S.S.R. Lefty intellectuals have made the assessment that if they are to survive as a political option, they have to change their speech and methods. That’s when they had the « brilliant » idea to sell their ass to the Right…at our detriment. Remember the book The flight of the Intellectuals by Paul Berman? The Left is now a garment to deceive useful fools, such as the Konservativ Revolution in Germany was used as a trap to round them up in 1920’s and 1930’s.

Overall, I would say that this mass-killing in Oslo is a very sweet candy for the Left…but that it is too good to be true. It looks like a perfect instrument of propaganda to discredit genuine conservatives, guys like me, who are trying to save Europe and the world from rampant corruption and a destruction that is pending. Around 09:00, you even see the clenched fist that I was using before as the logo for my motto section. Now the movement of genuine conservatives, that sometimes are in a mixed bag with right-wing elements, now these are discredited, smeared, stained, delegitimized by association with this killer, because he has the same discourse as the genuine conservatives. You know the expression, « guilty by association »… The Israeli-Palestinian conflit that has even been tossed into the mix. Apparently, many people on Utoya island were anti-Israel activists involved in boycott efforts. How convenient. Now those who fight against these anti-semitic campaigns of boycott, BDS, etc, organized against the state of Israel will have even less legitimacy than before to fight back against anti-semitism. And you also have the question of Breivik’s ethnicity. The fact that he is blond with blue eyes, a « native » norwegian, is just too sweet for the Left. It will allow it to discredit all other similar movements in the world, those that we call in the French language de souche, i.e. coming from the land and its ancestral ethnic group or race.

I suspect that in fact the coup was engineered by a faction of the Extreme-Right that wants to implement the nazi agenda and that begins to be annoyed by these genuine conservatives. The Extreme-Right would have manufactured this coup intended for another faction of right-wingers, those who wants to save, not enslave, Europe. The Left being the whore of the Extreme-Right, it is only logical that it should be targeted in a terrorist attack to reinforce its sense of victimization and the legitimacy of the things that it does like, you guessed it, bringing massive Muslim immigration and favoring a multiculturalist agenda to destroy the fabric of traditional European culture. Now that Breivik has killed, it will become even more difficult for genuine conservatives to be able to bring their point of view in the public domain. Censorship will probably be reinforced, nobody evidently will want to have to deal with the stain associated with Breivik. To sums things up, we, the genuine conservatives, have been screwed…

Regarding his military uniform that we see in the video, I would say that the army is the most likely place where he could have received a brainwash or a mind-control job to do the things he did, if he ever did them. He could even have been brainwashed to take credit for these acts while he didn’t do anything or has been only a minor actor. That’s the fucked up world in which we live. Welcome to Brave New World. I join a few articles dealing about that case. Don’t miss Jonathan Kay’s in which he links Breivik’s case with the Turner Diaries, a novel praised by extreme right-wingers and that is in fact a blueprint for a fascist takeover of the U.S., and Hitchens’ in which he warns about the dangers of nationalist fascism.

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