Lode Vanoost, former Belgian MP, on the Libyan war

Lode Vanoost makes a pretty good assessment of the situation in Libya. In a nutshell, he says that NATO is not going to give up its position once Gaddafi has been removed. For him, we are witnessing the second colonization of Africa. While Egypt and Tunisia have seen uprisings by their citizens that led to the toppling of their dictators, Libya is experiencing something else. In effect, the « uprising » in Libya is led by armed gangs with the backing of NATO and with the use of military force. It has nothing to do with Egypt and Tunisia. He concludes the interview by saying, with great accuracy: « People or organizations who take power by violence are not really tempted to give away that power by democratic means ». Yes, indeed. And it has certainly to do with the advances of China in Africa that has taken place in the last years. The West is trying to protect its backyard.

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  1. Hi Lode,
    You got it right, recent interview on RT News about America and NATO intentions in Africa. Below is information that is a hidden agenda of the CIA.

    The “Arab Spring” as it is being called was started back in October 12 1999. I appeared on the front page of the North West Evening Mail. There was a swastika and Nazi graphity painted on the Cenotaph, I warned that a Nazi militia was targeting the area: the publicity from that paper made this militia flee. This militia was part of the CIA assassination program that had a global reach network. I now know that this program was terminated globally. The dictators of Tunisia and Egypt lost their militia repression program that was run by the CIA. These uprisings were started by the young men because they had had enough and they “lost their fear” of the previously controlled regime.

    If you go to a blog by Professor Claude Fischer entitled: A crime puzzle; violent crime declines in America

    Compare the graph on the above blog with the information below and you can see how the American experience of homicide pattern mirrors the violence pattern in Britain. Indicating this is part of the same program. The same pattern must have happened in all the other countries the CIA had installed and propped up dictators.

    The Arab dictators were backed by America until the point where they could back them no longer, then America switched sides and said they were for the people protesting for democracy. At the same time it appears the CIA have been running their militia in Libya in the hope of regime change.

    Whilst the CIA is loosing it`s global stranglehold it is still playing the old Imperial Empire program.

    In September of 2000, Bush, Cheney and others discussed how they could dominate the world in the 21st century. This was because they knew their global domination had been smashed. In that “Think tank” they decided that a realignment of American military strategy was needed and that there were only two ways they could achieve this: either to do it incrementally or they needed a new Pearl Barbour, because of political constraints.


    In 2009 President Obama put Leon Paneta in charge of the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY(CIA). Panetta eventually found out that the CIA was running secret assassination squads in, ‘friendly countries’, to the USA. These squads were run by Dick Cheney. They have been kept secret from Congress. Cheney insists they have been thought of only since 9/11 but were never made operational. Many in Congress do not believe him and are calling for proper investigations to be undertaken. Anyway I’m not holding my breath, Below is Britain’s part of that programme

    On November 27 2008, Bob Quick, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner in charge of specialist operations and counter-terrorism, raided the English parliament. Quick raided Damian Green MP`s office in parliament, his constituency office and his home address. It`s the first time parliament has been raided by state forces in about 400 years. Damian Green MP had all his computers confiscated. He had been leaking information to the media regards government and Home Office cover up’s. Damian Green had a civil servant in the Treasury Department of the Home Office who was acting as a mole.
    The present commissioner for UK police is sir Paul Stephenson, he authorized the raid on parliament, at first Stephenson didn’t want to raid parliament but Quick assured him it was the only way, ‘to do it’ so Stephenson gave Quick the green light. Damien Green MP was arrested and his computers were searched.
    I know what they were looking for; they were looking for any evidence relating to the programme that was piloted in Lancashire. Sir Paul Stephenson was Superintendent of Lancashire Constabulary at that time. He was said to have been in charge of a squad that was set up.
    On March 14th 1991 an article appeared in the Citizen newspaper, a free paper distributed in Lancashire. The article was a police press release and its contents were as follows:

    END OF THE CRIME LINE Three thousand five hundred volunteer drivers have targeted Lancashire over the last two years, it’s been a pilot scheme, first of it’s kind ever, funded by the Home Office and run in conjunction with the police. The criminal fraternity know all about who we are, we’ve hit every one of our targets and we’ve been so successful that we are now to move nation wide, other bodies will take over where we leave off.

    The above operation was the forerunner to the National Criminal Intelligence Service, (NCIS). Jack Straw, the Home secretary, placed them on a statutory basis in 1998 after the Labour Party won the 1997 general election,

    That article has disappeared from all libraries in Lancashire, see EXHIBIT

    The Citizen newspaper archives relating to above article have also disappeared, EXHIBIT.

    The Editor of the Citizen, at my request, made repeated requests to Lancashire police to provide a copy of the above police press release but eventually was told by the police to “back off”.

    On March 14 1991, same date as above article published, a leaflet was put through letterboxes over a large swathe of Preston by an organization calling itself the,’Third Position’. EXHIBIT A councilor held a meeting in Preston Town Hall to bring this to the attention of other councilors.

    Throughout that two-year period I was constantly stalked and terrorized by the above, they operated in “rat packs” and were using “high frequency”weapons on myself and family, EXHIBIT. For information on these weapons check out the following web sites: Paul Baird. Psychotronic or microwave weapons, Tim Rifat, microwave weapons used in the UK,Dr less Dove ,Cheril Wealch, citizens against microwave weapons, Elonar White, John Finch and there are many more. A good one is AMERICAS SECRET POLICE.

    POLICE ENLIST ARMY OF SPOTTERS, that article mentions 700 spotters on the streets of Lancashire sponsored by BNFL, BAe systems and group 4 Total Securities, these are the other bodies that have taken over from the earlier two-year pilot scheme EXHIBIT .

    This “third position,” stands for neither capitalism nor communism, but a “Third Position.” This organization is from Italy and it’s roots go back to Mussolini, it was responsible for the Bologna train bombing in 1980, 85 people lost their lives. Up until this point the Italian authorities thought they were just a bunch of patriots. After Bologna they were deemed to be a Nazi death squad. The Italian authorities started to track these murderers but a lot of them managed to escape, and found safe haven amongst fascists in London, England.
    It is also called “Forza Nuova,” see BID TO OUTLAW FACHISTS SPARKS DIPLOMATIC ROW. This article is about a row in the Italian parliament in 2003 where calls were made to cut off diplomatic relations with Britain. The calls came when it was discovered that the Nazi murder squad that fled Italy were working with the secret intelligence services of Great Britain. EXHIBIT

    Nicholas Griffin, head of the BNP (British National Party) was in charge of the International Third Position with Roberto Fiore in the mid 1980’s (Fiore found safe haven in London UK, after fleeing Italy).

    I sent the following information to Jacquie Smith, the then Home Secretary, about two weeks before Bob Quick flashed a so called top secret document to the press outside the British Prime Ministers home, 10 Downing St, and resigned the following day.

    My MP John Hutton has seen the following. I went to see him after I had been terrorized out of Preston, Lancashire, and had fled back to Cumbria with my family. At my request, John Hutton wrote to the Chief Constable of Lancashire police, Mrs Claire, on the 7th October 1997. He asked for details of the organization piloted by the police in Lancashire to which all the records have vanished. The reply was dated 10th October 1997 and A D Dolphin, Inspector, signed it. It stated: Unfortunately, neither I nor my colleagues can recollect a scheme as described by your constituent.

    I had recited the wording of the police press release to John Hutton and shown him documentation from Lancashire`s head Librarian which stated that records had gone missing from the archives of all Lancashire’s` Libraries.

    I went back to see Mr Hutton and told him that, they can’t recollect isn’t good enough, he shrugged his shoulders. My partner phoned John Hutton’s office to make me an appointment after this but was told I wasn’t having one by his research assistant, who was also aware of my plight.

    I sent it to Michael Howard when he was the leader of the Conservative Party in 2004, his reply was that strict parliamentary rules stopped him from being able to help me personally but the wider issues I raised concerned him and that he would be forwarding this information to the Conservative Party Policy Making group.

    I also sent this to Clair Short MP, her reply was that John Hutton MP would have to deal with it and that she had forwarded the information to him. Again John Hutton MP who is my MP will do nothing.

    This has also been sent to Kevin McNamara MP. I asked him to make sure this gets to Commander David Armond who is acting on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner regarding investigation into intelligence services in relation to the Lady Diana inquiry?

    In the summer of 1991, I watched a World in Action documentary; it was about the Italian Gladios. The head of the Gladio`s was being interviewed. The Gladios were discovered because someone found documentation relating to them. The head Gladio was asked, ‘who and what was your organization in Italy’, the reply was, ‘ we were set up secretly by the Italian Government to stave of Russian KGB infiltration but in reality we didn’t do that, instead we targeted our own people. No one knew of our existence, not even the police; three police officers became aware of our organization so we lured them to what they thought were stolen cars, we then detonated remote controlled bombs placed inside those supposedly stolen cars and killed them. We targeted anyone who spoke out against the far right, we murdered them, no one ever got caught.’

    Interviewer then said ‘you scum bags, I can understand atrocities being committed when one nation is at war with another but to do that to your own people, you scum.’

    Head Gladio replied, ‘don’t you call us scum bags, I’ll tell you something, we send our gladios to your country, Great Britain, to get them trained, its so big and highly organized in your country that’s why we send them, to get them trained, then they return to Italy to carry out that training.’

    Interviewer asks, ‘where are they being trained in GB’.

    Gladio boss says, ‘ Im not telling you, that’s a matter for you and your people, all I’ll say is that the Free
    Masons and the extreme right are at the back of it’.

    October 2nd 1992, front page of Lancashire Eve post carried the story, Hidden Terror of Race Abuse Revealed EXHIBIT . An Asian taxi driver told me in early 1988 that race relations in Preston were very good, so the affect of the above covert police, militia was to turn Preston from a town that was tolerant of different races and cultures, into a Nazi hell hole.

    I have asked numerous solicitors for help, none will. I have even contacted a law firm named Matrix, Cherie Blair’s firm, wife of Tony Blair, the reply I got was that it’s not their problem.

    Cherie Blair has since been in front of a government Select Committee looking spooked, telling them that she is terrified of letting her kids out because of the amount of murders happening on the streets of Britain.

    The National Criminal Intelligence Service has been discontinued because it never caught any serious criminals. It has been replaced by the Serious and organized Crime Agency, (SOCA). Two former employees have appeared on a Brtish national news programme, Channel 4, saying that SOCA gets hundreds of calls from other agencies regarding serious crime, and that they ignore the intelligence they are supplied with.

    Daily Star, 24 January 2010 has a story, ON THE RUN MAFIA UK. Terror gang fears over fugitives who fled Italy:
    The five-all members of the infamous Camorra mob-have escaped detection despite a tip-off from a super grass that they were in Lancashire in the UK.
    Detectives believe they are forming a new clan.
    They have been blamed for 4000 murders over the last 30 years.
    Lancashire police and SOCA say they cannot find them.
    They were told by Gennaro Panzuto, the mafia, ‘godfather’ who was seized near Preston, Lancs in 2007 and extradited to Italy.
    It was he who revealed that 5 Camorra mobsters were living in Lancashire.
    A prosecutor in Naples told the Daily Star; Panzuto was able to give us much information not only on crimes in Italy but also on associates in the UK.

    A SOCA insider said; ‘Italian mafia organizations are among the hardest too crack’.

    Tuesday, October 12, 1999.
    On the above date I appeared on the front page of the North West Evening mail. The headline was NAZI ATTACK ON WAR MEMORIAL. My picture appeared in front of the desecrated war memorial. I warned the people that a paramilitary Nazi outfit was targeting Cumbria just as I had seen them target Preston when I lived in Lancashire.

    The Nazi outfit immediately vanished from my home town of barrow as a result of this front page expose of them. Barrow instantly went back to how I remembered the town thirty years ago. Quiet and pleasant.

    August 24, 2000.
    Article in the North West Evening Mail. That article was entitled “Police Stretched to limit.” Barrows most senior detective believes figures showing a huge drop in violent crime could just mean fewer incidents being spotted because the town has fewer officers on the streets. A 40% cut in violent offences revealed in new force figures. Figures released showed that between April and July of 1999 there were 621 violent offences. This year only 380 incidents had been reported.

    On studying the above I realised the police had compared a two month period of 1999 against an eight period of 2000. The two month period had 621 violent offences whereas the eight month period of the following year had 380 incidents. I also concluded that the term ‘incidents’ did not specifically relate to just violence but was an ‘umbrella’ term.

    The police then said that this was a 40% drop in violence in 2000 compared to 1999. When I went to school we were taught that you could not compare like against unlike, a two month period against an eight month period and come up with a 40% figure.

    When I returned to Barrow in 1997 people here were terrified of walking out after dark. Lancashire University did a massive study in Barrow and found that 6 out of 10 people were frightened to walk through the town centre after dark, despite there being a military type police surveillance camera on every street corner.

    David Blunkett, Home Secretary, came to Barrow to try to find out why Barrow had gone from being one of the most violent towns in the country to one of the safest not long after the above had happened. He was met by police and town hall Chief Executive, Tom Campbell who told of how their Community Orientated Problem Solvers team (COPS) had sorted the violence problem.
    Other terms they use are Intelligence led, pro active, target hardening or neighbour hood police. Blunkett said he would tell the world that this method of policing was the key.

    I realised the only way to track things was through hospital records.

    North West Evening Mail, April 25, 2005 carried this story: Violent crime injuries down
    Researchers at Cardiff University looked at the number of people treated by accident and emergency departments as a result of violent crime between 2000 and 2004.

    The study concluded that nearly 25,000 fewer people went to casualty departments in England in 2004 after suffering a violent crime than in 2000.

    I realised that what I did in Cumbria on October 12 1999 had had not only a local impact on violence but that it had impacted nationally as well.

    Article in the Daily Mail October 23, 2009. “The Crimes that no one is counting”. Since 2005 the Home Office has made 320 changes to the way violent crime is recorded. Mr O’Connor, Chief inspector of Constabulary, suggests the picture has become so confused that ministers may need to replace entirely the 150 year old assault laws.

    Recently we are told the Home Office changed the way violent crimes were counted in 2002, Changed in a way that made it look as though a lot more violence was happening than actually was.

    This is why the British Crime Survey is telling a completely different story of violent crime trends than that of the police stats.

    So how much can Labour claim responsibility for?

    Very little, according toEnvor Solomon, deputy director of Kings College London’s Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

    He points out that the fall in crime was greatest during Labour’s first term. That’s when spending on crime and policing was at it’s lowest as the government had stuck to the Conservatives police spending plan.

    However the Nazi network was re-established after I drove them out of Cumbria.
    North West Evening Mail Dec 13 2001. Headline, “Civilians to back police on streets.”
    A local BNP activist called Bernard Devlin has organised street stalkers working with neighbour hood police teams, he has been backed by Tory councillor Jack Richardson. They target decent individuals and secretly harass them. They are using directed energy weapons on thei.r targets.

    I have and am still being targeted by them and their weapons, no one will help me and all I keep hearing from Gordon Brown is that Neighbourhood policing is the key.

    You can see why the former Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse came under fire for his claims that the Tory’s control the police. He was exactly correct. Cameron has teamed up with the European Nazis and plans to abolish police authorities.

    ACPO boss: ‘lunatics’ will win with Tory police plan.. 7 September 2009.
    Sir Hugh Orde warns that under Camerons proposals to scrap police authorities the Nazi nutters will end up running police, well they already are.

    The directed energy weapons that the Community Orientated Problem Solvers are using on me have caused severe arthritis in my spine and made all my large back teeth fall out.

    The raid on parliament and Damien Green MP was related to this account. Sir Paul Stephenson was in charge of the first wave of this. He was a commander in Lancashire in 1988 in charge of the3500 volunteers set up under Thatcher. That’s where your Community Orientated problem Solvers first started.

    They are the Third Position; they are behind the rise of the Nazi in Britain. These covert “police” operations are behind the destruction of multycultarism.

    A recent documentary entitled, “When Boris met Dave,” gave away that a secret phone call had been sent from the royals to Conservative Central Office. That call instructed the Tories to fast track Cameron to the top of their party as soon as possible. A link Mohamed Alfayed tried to establish in the Diana inquest but failed.

    Thatcher set it all up, New Labour have carried it all on and the election victory for Cameron on poling day.

    The Fuhrer has arrived.

    Peter Martin.

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