Images on the invasion of Greece and Sweden’s No-Go Zones, on Red Ice TV

The first video features TV images and reportage related to the invasion of Greece by migrants sent by Turkey to attack Europe. The second video is a compilation of attacks made on people of European descent by migrants, refugees and immigrants of color in Sweden. These images show the future of our countries, our future. The newcomers will never respect us, simply because they are not immigrants but invaders, warriors sent to destroy our countries and exterminate the local population to take possession of the land and its resources. It’s time to wake up. Look at these images and see for yourself.

Interview with John Mearsheimer about the tension between nationalism and liberalism, on Hidden Forcess

John Mearsheimer | The Failure of American Hegemony: Why Nationalism Trumps Liberalism Every Time

Alexandre Cormier-Denis présente l’ouvrage La France divisée contre elle-même, sur Nomos-TV

Alexandre Cormier-Denis présente ici l’ouvrage d’Adrien Abauzit, La France divisée contre elle-même. L’auteur y développe la thèse selon laquelle la France serait le théâtre, surtout depuis la Révolution Française, d’un remplacement du Français par un homme jacobin qui est le réceptacle, l’héritier et le missionnaire des droits de l’homme et de la philosophie des Lumières. Un des points marquants de son livre consiste à déboulonner le mythe du Général de Gaulle comme incarnant «la France». L’auteur réhabilite plutôt le Maréchal Pétain dont il dit qu’il a fait le choix stratégique de signer l’armistice avec les Allemands, en attente d’une meilleure conjoncture pour une victoire future. De toute évidence, c’est un auteur dont la pensée va à l’encontre de la pensée dominante en France, au Québec et dans la francophonie.

Interview with Kyle Bass about Communist China, on Hidden Forces podcast

This great interview by Demetri Kofinas with Investment Officer Kyle Bass features a lot of relevant topics concerning the threat posed by Communist China, including the possibility that they may develop in the near future bio-weapons targeting White DNA.

The Present Danger: America, China, and the Second Cold War | Kyle Bass

Philippe Plamondon présente le concept de la criminalisation de l’ennemi, sur Nomos-TV

Interview with Bill Gertz about China’s unrestricted warfare against the U.S., on SFR

Phil Simpson presents the heroic story of the Cimbri, on Red Ice TV

The Cimbri are a good example of what courage is and of what to do when confronted with adversity against incredible odds. I disagree though with their decision to commit mass suicide. This is not the way to go for patriots and nationalists. On the contrary, we must keep living our lives as long as we can to continue the fight against the tyrants (the modern Romans) who are trying to enslave us. The first video features Phil Simpson giving an interview on the air of Red Ice TV about the Cimbri. The second one is one of Simpson’s about the Cimbri and the consequence of cowardice.

La Petite Histoire – Croisades: Le grand mensonge, sur TV Libertés

Lana Lokteff on race and mass murder

Lana Lokteff responds to accusations that white people would like to mass murder non-whites, while it is the opposite that is true. The current trend shows an increasing danger for the lives and well-being of whites. The case of South Africa, where white farmers are being killed regularly, is certainly the most extreme. But we can see the threat growing in the western world as well as non-whites become increasingly aggressive and impolite toward whites, on top of predatory moves made on their property, their wealth and resources.