We all need weapons of mass-seduction after 9/11: Christine Mendoza and Paradise

After the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we all need weapons of mass-seduction. You know, to get a sense of closure, even if it will never come. A very beautiful young woman called « MSN beauty » on Youtube, aka Christine Mendoza, inspired me lately. I can’t help but to say to myself that, if I ever go to Heaven, women will be exactly like that: long hair down to the bottom, almond-eyes, perfect suntan, lips to die for, incredible curves and breasts that one couldn’t resist drinking to. Muslims may dream about having 70 virgins when they get to Paradise. But why not having just one mature woman like that instead? I’m telling you, in my Kingdom, women look exactly like that. There is no desire to go to war constantly when you have this kind of perfect beauty around you. I could die at the hands of Islamic terrorists but I would rather prefer to die in her arms. Then I could go straight to Heaven…and meet other adult females.

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