Saudi Arabia and SunNews Network: Theocracy versus Liberal Democracy

Watch these two SunNews videos (the first two links). They are about an ongoing broil between the government of Saudi Arabia and Canadian broadcasters. The whole thing started with an add presented by, a NGO website that encourages people to buy oil from countries that embody liberal democracy principles, such as freedom of speech, human rights, and not to buy it from countries, like Saudi Arabia, that do the opposite. The add focuses more specifically on women’s rights and Saudi Arabia is given as an example to the contrary. Apparently, the Saudi government issued threats to broadcasters, such as CTV, to cease and desist running the add. The tv network, having to choose between principles and business considerations, decided to pull out the add to save legal expenses, among other things. In other words, they caved, instead of fighting to defend and save democracy and its principles. In the first video, you will see a short response from minister Jason Kenney. I like his tone of voice. In the second video, you’ll see Ezra Levant commenting on the situation. He brings, with great accuracy, the role that should play feminists in a situation like that, while we don’t hear them at all, and the same with the CBC…but we are not surprised. Toronto newspapers fortunately have talked about it and, evidently, SunNews Network.

Overall, I must say that I am beginning to be rather tired of the cowardice of our elites. CBC’s behavior in this is outrageous but, as I said, I am not surprised. They seem to have a bias in favor of Middle East petro-dollars. We can see it clearly when they cover news about Israel. The Jewish state is always portrayed as the bad guys, and Arab or Muslim states always as the good ones. So is it surprising that they keep silent about something that embarrasses their « partners »? Probably not. The CTV behaves as cowards too, motivated by profit and short-term business relations. And the most digusting behavior of all comes from those whom we would expect it the least, the feminists. It is curious. When I was growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, men’s behavior were scrupulously studied, analyzed, observed, and if one of them was caught doing something judged not « acceptable », he was lynched in the media, in the public arena and his whole career and life were ruined. I have the impression that men are not equally treated on the Earth. If you are a man of colour, especially an Arab, you can treat women like animals and do anything with them. Feminists in the western world don’t give a damn. But if you have the unfortunate characteristic of being a white western male, then you are considered guilty as charged and feminists will make sure that you are accused and brought to justice for stuff that, all things considered, are not that terrible if you compare them with things going on in the Middle East. Feminists apply a logic that is beyond logic: the worst you behave with women, the best treatment you get; the best you behave with them, the worst you are treated.

I want to thank Ezra Levant himself, the team of SunNews Network, Toronto newspapers and some of the ministers who stand up against Saudi Arabia. I join here, besides the videos, articles from EthicalOil website, a National Post article, and various articles that I wrote on the relations that exist between the Saudis and 9/11. I have been working on that for a while, so I appreciate that some people, finally, take that seriously in Canada. Saudi Arabia is a reactionary regime based on a 7th century version of Islam. You can’t find worst bigots that these. They never cared about democracy and they never will. The only way to neutralize them before they do to us more damage is to suffocate them. How do we do that? Buy stopping buying their oil, refusing their « donations » to university faculties and other candies that they give to buy professional opinion and influence decisions. I call upon all those who believe in democracy in this country: stop doing business with the Saudis. If we don’t, we’ll end up like the Bedouins, poor and without a voice. Do you really want to hand over the country to a bunch of reactionary religious bigots?

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