The Middle East: An earthly paradise that is just awaiting to be sculpted out

© Laurent Renault |

I have come to change my mind about the Arab Spring. At first, I thought it was yet just another trick used by the powerful of this planet to effectuate a land grab or, on the other hand, a ruse used by the Islamists to get rid of the bloody dictators who had stopped them from taking power, or both of these two scenarios. You know, in the sense that now that fierce dictators were out of the way, western powers could move in, with the complicity of the Islamists, or vice versa, and take whatever they want at the expanse of any real democracy. But now, I see it differently. The Arab and Muslim populations of the Middle East are caught in a time loop. Because of Islam, they are stuck in 7th century A.D. They can’t get out of it and evolve from there. That’s why Islam must die. The population of the Middle East will never be able to evolve and attain happiness until Islam is defeated and abolished. Judaism and Christianity have shown that they are very well capable of creating societies that are wealthy, rich, prosperous, and all things being equal, happy. Corporations are very efficient when it is time to create wealth, jobs and opportunities. This competence to create prosperity and richness should also be available to develop other parts of the world than just Europe and North America. It must be given to the Middle East, even by force, as a way to help it get out of its own misery.

That’s why today I want to give my blessing to it. Go for it. The Middle East needs to be transformed, for its population’s sake and for our own sake. I can imagine it in a few decades or hundred years. This vast stretch of land, that certain call the Earth Island or Eurasia, will have become an earthly paradise. Instead of desert, one will see lands filled with magnificent green plants and flowers. Incredible crops will be nourished by incessant streams of water coming from the underground. From the Strait of Gibraltar to the confines of China, one will find only beauty, fresh air and harmony. Its population will have been freed from the burden of Islam. Instead, they will be under the soft rule of a new form of Christianity that will have reconciled will Judaism. Jerusalem will hold the Holy See, the place where the King-Messiah will reside in permanence, while the Catholic Church will be dead for a long time. Its women will be the freest and the most beautiful ones in the world. Brown-skinned or suntanned, they will have long hair down to the bottom, breasts as big as watermelons, with always a smile on their face. Men will long to be in their company and they won’t be disappointed. And children will play in full security and innocence, out of the reach of mind-controlling imams and mollahs.

This Earth Island will be part of the western world, comprising also the Americas, Europe and black Africa. In the East, the Chinese will have their own empire with the Russians. The Eastern mentality being very different form the western one, it is only logical that they will always want to make things their own way. The Chinese are a very old people. They are as old as the Jews, the Greeks and the Persians. It’s up to us to see how the order of things can work in the East, so we can make better decisions in the West. In a nutshell, now we must understand that there is no other way concerning the Middle East. Its population will never get out of their mess by themselves. They need help from the outside, which we are providing. Against their own immediate wishes probably, we must terminate Islam in order to make this stretch of land the paradise of the Earth. Today they maybe whining or complaining about it, but one day they will thank us.

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