Sweet Victoria celebrates Halloween and reminds us about our civilization

I just thought that, for Halloween, a little change of topic would be welcomed. Our lives are so boring, tiresome, difficult, in this era of slow descent into fascism that something more beautiful, lighter, and refreshing is definitely more than needed. Everything is going down the drain. Everything is collapsing and decaying. In such a dark period of our times, there is only the beauty and charm of a gracious woman that can succeed to make us forget for a few moments about our dire predicament. This sweet « Sweet Victoria » has an incredible body and irresistible charm. And it is precisely to be able to taste and appreciate women like these that we have to continue the fight against fascism, and especially the religious type like Islam. Our western civilization is one of taste, reflexion, beauty, science and grace. Such women exist in the Islamic world too but they are buried under several layers of burqas, niqabs, tchadors and hijabs, both material and conceptual. I will fight to my last breath to save my civilization, women like that, and our rights as men to enjoy them. And when I get to Paradise, I will be greeted by adult females such as Sweet Victoria, not by six-year-old little girls like the ones the « Prophet » Muhammed liked.

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