The world according to Monsanto: Welcome to food fascism

These two documentaries tell a sad story, one that we would rather not hear. But these days, bad news are about pretty much what we hear all day long anyway, so let’s get to it. Monsanto is this big giant corporation that has got its hands on the food industry since a couple of decades. They were known before for their chemical products, such as Agent Orange, aspartame, PCBs, polystyrene, and more recently for the famous Roundup Ready herbicide. Since they have patented genetically modified organisms, such as soy beans, they have literally ruined the life of countless farmers who simply wanted to make a decent living out of their land and farming. Now, due to business contracts with Monsanto for the use of their seeds, often signed under pressure or threats of being put out of business, they live under the burden of heavy obligations. And their production is diminishing, like if it was not enough, and the quality has decreased. Furthermore, if farmers don’t use GMOs seeds provided by Monsanto, they often find themselves annoyed with lawsuits, surveilled and investigated by the corporation agents, allegedly because their lands have been contaminated by cross aerial pollination, from whatever source, thus constituting an infringement of patent rights. Farmers, from dignified members of our society have been retrograded into serfs, like if we were back in the Middle Ages.

Personally, I am disgusted by this. Humans didn’t create life forms. They don’t belong to them. Remember the text of Genesis? I am afraid that, again, it is yet another trick used by the fascists of this world, call them globalists if you want, to control the world’s supply of food. Their first goal is to eliminate competition. If they make everybody working for them, then they don’t have to worry about it. Second, it looks like a strategy to control who has the right to eat and eat what, and who is allowed to grow food… You guessed it, in other terms, those who comply with these giant corporations like Monsanto. The nightmares of population reduction are coming back. By taking control of the food supply and by transforming life forms into property, Monsanto has crossed the line between legitimate business and criminal enterprise. What is the next step? Putting a patent on the air, water…and on certain breeds of animals and humans? I am telling you, no need to watch horror movies. You have the horror right here in front of you with the business of GMOs patented under law. On top of that, it appears that Monsanto provided either false or misleading information to the Canadian and American authorities when they presented the project of GMOs for approval. Talk about corporate ethics and responsiblity. So here are in order the documentaries The World According To Monsanto and Percy Schmeiser – David versus Monsanto.

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