New scam with the Covid-19 hoax: Let’s multiply by 17…

At least one county in Texas has found an original way to inflate its statistics of Covid-19 cases. Since mid-May, Collin County in Texas considers people who have been contact-traced with a confirmed Covid-19 case as ‘probable’ cases, and they end up in the category of Covid-19 cases. A total of 17 people are thus added to the pile of new cases. That shows you why there are suddenly new ‘cases’ in several states in the U.S. There is no increase in cases, there is not a second wave. What you have here is a revised manner of counting cases. And that’s on top of the CDC and of several states counting results from both PCR tests and antibody tests as Covid cases. What a theater of smoke and mirrors! What a joke! These people should be ashamed of themselves! First a video of Infowars talking about that and an article on the subject.

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