Pat Condell on Islam illuminati Anjem Choudary

Check the newest video from Islam debunker and atheist activist Pat Condell. His analysis is excellent as always. I just have one question regarding Choudary. His rhetoric is so gross, so direct, so plain, that I am beginning to suspect that he is in fact a covert operative or an agent provocateur hired to discredit Islamists who have infiltrated western society. Because, let’s face it, if otherwise, he is a complete fool. The rules of taqqiya apply to any Muslim who is on jihad. The only logical explaination is that he has been recruited to expose this threat. But by who? It is not clear. Islamists and Jihadists are very clever people. They don’t expose themselves as grossly as Choudary does, not so frankly, otherwise they are idiots, as I said. It will be interesting to see how his different actions and statements will play out in relation with Muslim infiltration and its opposition by local resistance and reaction. In the second video, you can hear Choudary pontificate on Sean Hannity’s show. Hannity is certainly not a reference here but it gives an idea of what kind of rhetoric Choudary proposes. I will let you judge by yourself.