Israel is preparing to produce 50 000 barils of oil a day: Take that, Third Reich!

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A major project in under way in Israel to produce a shale gas deposit in the area of Jerusalem. According to Dr Vinegar of Israel Energy Initiatives, Israel has the second-biggest shale deposit in the world, just under Saudi Arabia with a 250 billion barils estimate. It would allow Israel to produce domestically 50 000 barils a day out of the 270 000 barils that it needs for its daily consumption. Authorities are considering environmental risks, and are planning for a 18-month pilot phase, which would be followed by a 4-year demonstration phase. At this point, up to 1000 people could be employed by the time commercial exploitation begins. Take that, Third Reich! You have not won the war yet! We will fight you until our last breath!

Wall Street Journal article