The NDP orange wave victory in Quebec: when the color orange looks rather like brown

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Well…what can I tell you? My fellow citizens, Quebeckers, have voted with their emotions, not with their head. That’s rather strange, if you consider that if there is a moment when you have to use your head instead of anything else, that’s when you choose your leaders. But Quebeckers, apparently, don’t do that. No. They prefer to listen to good talkers, singers and dancers instead if doing intelligent choices. For the last 20 years, they were attended and pampered by Gilles Duceppe who, as the leader of the Bloc Québécois, was taking care of business for them in Ottawa. But now, a new singer has arrived: Jack Layton. He is so cute, so nice, so gentle, that Quebeckers couldn’t resist. He will be their new momie in Ottawa representing them and caring for them…

Personally, I have difficulty giving credibility to this man and this party. The NDP advertises itself as social-democrat but the atmosphere surrounding it is rather the expression of a soft concoction of socialism, leftism, popularism. Furthermore, according to Tarek Fatah, Canadian political activist and founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, the NDP, since Jack Layton has become the leader, has apparently opened the doors to Islamist activists in very large numbers. Islamists, generally speaking, especially the ones related or belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, have a pro-corporate philosophy. They relate themselves to Ibn Khaldun, a Muslim philosopher of the Middle Ages who taught a pro-corporate financial and economical model. That’s why the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists are often used by the Far-Right to implement fascist agendas in countries or areas. But they often infiltrate institutions and political parties too in order to corrode and corrupt them and render them more Islam-friendly.

Jan Valtin, german communist and soviet agent between the two World Wars, has written in his book Out of The Night that the communists were collaborating extensively with the Nazis to sabotage conferences and meetings of the Social-Democrats in Germany, Social-Democrats being roughly what we call in North America Liberal Democrats. Check my earlier post here to read the whole story and a passage of his book. Even before the Nazis, there was a group of activists in Germany refered to as the « brown shirts ». Brown shirts are what we could call proto-fascists, that is to say a group that behave in a way to prepare a population, a country or a nation for the arrival of a fascist takeover. Activists of such an organization may not know that they are in fact facilitating such arrival, they may think on the contrary that they are working to install a socialist or left-wing regime that will serve the people. But the end result is that their actions are used against them by the Far-Right and that’s exactly what I am afraid of in the case of Quebec. This bunch of Neo-Democrat MPs who appear to be nobodies, in certain cases students or simple workers with no experience of office or public life, will do considerable damage in this Province if we let them have their mandate. We must find a way to break their backbone before they completely destroy the place.

I would like to leave you on a more humoristic note. Remember the movie A Clockwork Orange? The leader of the gang that pratices ultra-violence, Alex, holds a cane throughout the movie… If we don’t want to have behaviors like that soon in our peace of land, we have to watch out for these earlier signs of proto-fascist activity. Because, sometimes, the color orange looks rather like brown… Check the video with this link…and think carefully.


Warning: The NDP of Canada has close ties with Islamists

Read this excellent article by Barbara Key of the National Post. It covers a press conference presented at Omni Hotel in Montreal by four counter-jihadists: Marc Lebuis, webmaster of PointdeBascule and three Canadian Muslims who face death threats for their critical positions on Islam, Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur et Raheel Raza. The press conference was aimed mainly at exposing the New Democratic Party involvement with, co-option, corruption or corrosion by, make your pick, Islamists. Apparently, according to Tarek Fatah, Islamists flood into the Party since Layton is the leader. These four combattants for democracy did their patriotic duty to defend democracy and secularism but, as it is often the case, the press, namely here Radio-Canada, was all over some Muslim journalist to get her « reactions », as if it was the meat of the matter and not the links that exist between the NDP and Islamists. Beware of wolves, folks! The Left has been corrupted, co-opted by the sirens of the Right and Islamism. Next monday, don’t forget to vote not for the Islamists, not for the Leftists and not for the corrupted Liberals. Vote Conservatives, the only federal party that wants to protect you against Islamists and protect Israel. Think about it because next time there is a holocaust, you too might be gassed with the others.

Barbara Key National Post