Interview with Alan Keyes and important report by Millie Weaver on Infowars

Don’t miss these two segments. The interview with Alan Keyes starts around 56:55 minutes. Keyes lays out everything that President Trump has to do in order to re-establish order in America and restore the republic. An active insurrection is going on right now. The only option for the President is to take command, as Commander-in-Chief, of the militia, the National Guard and the Army. The police is completely overwhelmed and overrun and there is no way they are going to be capable of restoring order. Don’t miss also the report by Millie Weaver, starting around 1:43:25, about how the ongoing insurrection in the U.S. is run by military personnel and swamp creatures. Democrat operatives in conjunction with the Sunrise movement have been grooming kids for a few years now to indoctrinate and prepare them for the insurrection. Swift action is needed. Red Alert!

James Moore orders screening of Iranium

After screening of the movie has been cancelled by Library and Archives Canada, James Moore ordered the agency to finally present Iranium despite threats and possibility of protests. Yeah! You see? That’s the spirit! That’s how you resist, by standing-up!