A resistant against Islamic fascism sets the example: continue to fight back, Yoel!

© Penny Mathews | Dreamstime.com

Resistance is Life!Yoel Zilberman, a young israeli military, has decided to fight back. Tired of the incessant harassment, beatings, robberies, mayhems, sabotages, exactions, violence, etc, that his people but especially the farmers have to suffer since the creation of the State of Israel, he then decided to create a militia with the agreement of the government. Composed for the moment of roughly 600 people, Zilberman wants to make it grow up to 6000 people by 2015.  Seven Preparation Centers have been deployed to protect the lands, the farmers and the people of Israel. You see? That’s the spirit of the Resistance. Instead of passively accepting the violence of the Islamic and Arab anti-semites that populate Palestine, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. Israel will defend its borders and territory against the malfeasance of Islamic and Arab Freicorps and Brownshirts.

By the way, the Arab population in Palestine has passed from 250 000 in 1880 up to 1 250 000 in 1948 (Source: Aschkel Info). So much for the « occupied » Palestinian population. I recall to your attention that the Balfour Declaration of 1922 created the basic structure for the State of Israel. You see, when a state is occupied, normally the inhabitants seek to flee the country, not to get in in such great numbers as they did. As such, everyone can see there that there is much more to the issue of Palestinian « refugees » than meets the eye, i.e. that anti-semite Islamic fascists and fundamentalists emigrated to Israel to bring terror, death and destruction to Israelis. My Jew friends, if you don’t defend yourselves, there is new Shoah that is coming soon and this time, that won’t be the Germans who will perpetrate it but the Islamists. So stand up and fight! Don’t stand down before the human filth and dirt and is coming from the Muslim world, fight back!