Martin Bormann: the successor to the Fuhrer

Martin Bormann with HimmlerThe war didn’t stop in 1945. As a matter of fact, it is still going on. The Reich went underground at the end of WWII, as a way to ensure the long-term supremacy of Germany over the world. The Bormann Capital Network, probably the biggest concertration of wealth in world’s history, has continued since 1945 to further the nazi/fascist agenda toward that goal. Unfortunately for us, they have recruited new allies, like Islamists of all sorts and regimes like Iran. They are now more powerful than they have ever been, capitalizing on western populations hypnotic state of brainwashing, mind-control and passivity. We have been lied to regarding the facts about WWII. Foreign control (namely German) over U.S. corporate media is directly linked with this. It is about time that we face reality and retake control of our society. Read this article on the subject by Dave Emory and listen to the radio program.


FTR #305

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