Joe Imbriano fait le point sur la situation en Ukraine, le prix de l’essence, l’inflation et la précarité alimentaire

Vidéo diffusée le 8 mars 2022.

David Icke s’entretient avec Maria Harris sur la tyrannie covidique

Conversation entre le docteur Thomas Cowan et Catherine Austin Fitts sur la situation actuelle

Entrevues #5, #6 et #7 avec Peter Levenda sur l’héritage hitlérien et le djihad mondial

Lors de ces trois autres entrevues accordées à l’animateur de radio Dave Emory, Peter Levenda continue de présenter les différents éléments constitutifs de son dernier livre, The Hitler Legacy, sur l’idéologie nazie et la constitution d’un réseau underground avant, pendant et après la guerre, qui s’est maintenu en place jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Entre autres éléments à retenir, l’auteur revient sur les routes de fuite appelées ODESSA, sur le rôle joué par certains personnages-clés des SS, sur l’expédition nazie au Tibet en 1938 et les liens qui ont été alors créés avec le Dalaï-Lama et son entourage, sur la concordance existant entre les bouddhisme zen et tibétain et la philosophie nazie au niveau de la transformation de la religion en arme de guerre, sur la présence nazie durant la guerre en Asie du Sud-Est, sur le rôle joué par le Président Sukarno, sur les péripéties de l’or confisqué (volé) durant la guerre, sur la Conférence de Bandung d’avril 1955 (la commémoration de cette même réunion à Bandung vient tout juste d’avoir lieu voilà quelques jours), sur la création d’un système bancaire alternatif à celui mis en place par les États-Unis (comme l’AIIB nouvellement créé par la Chine cette année) et bien d’autres sujets. Il y a énormément d’information à voir. C’est pourquoi il est recommandé de lire également les articles liés en plus d’écouter les entrevues.

FTR #842 Interview (#5) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

FTR #843 Interview (#6) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

FTR #844 Interview (#7) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Kanon the Preacher: What is wrong with that kid?

Seeing this video gave me pause. Is he possessed, mind-controlled or brainwashed? Or is he under some kind of hypnotic suggestion or control from the outside? Is there a spirit, a ghost that has taken control of him? To exhibit such kind of behavior at this age is not normal. I suspect that there is something wrong that is interfering in the normal development of that child. Every child has the right to receive the best education and treatment possible to permit him/her to grow up sanely and in a healthy way. I can understand the propaganda purpose of an adult preacher who would say that there is only one god and that this god is no one else than Jesus, but these words don’t mean anything in the mouth of a child. Only a grown man or woman can talk about and understand the deep significations of theological and philosophical subtleties. Care is of the essence here.

Anders Behring Breivik: A sweet candy for the Left and useful fools…but too good to be true

Jes’ that I have a lot to say about this manifesto! First of all, let me clarify a few things. Looking at the « facts » to begin with, as usual, I don’t buy the official story. It is utterly improbable that this guy could have acted alone. Like in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing and countless of other similar acts, the « lone nuts » as we have come to call them have operated in teams, for the simple reason that it is complicated to organize and do such coups in terms of logistics for a start. In effect, in a tree nuts always come with a lot of brothers and sisters. In all probabilities, there were several shooters on that island to account for such casualties. Also, for me, the bombing of the governmental building in central Oslo is a separate operation from the shooting at Utoya. Yet the press and the police are trying to make us believe a ridiculous story where Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged killer, has taken a transport to go from the city of Oslo to Utoya island, with heavy ammunitions. Remember that he shot for an hour and a half, that’s a lot of bullets… As well, the official story says that he has fabricated the bomb that blew the federal building in central Oslo with fertilizer… You see, he lives on a farm… When you are a farmer, that’s the kind of things that you have, fertilizer, and if you don’t, you won’t eat very fat with your farming… Besides that it is heavy, again. Bombers try to find the smallest but most powerful explosives they can find, not something that you need a whole truck just to carry.

Another thing that is striking in this case is the manipulation of data that seems to have been taken place. According to a finding made by the webmaster of, the tags « christian » and « conservative » have been added to the killer’s Facebook page. By who? I don’t know but it smells like a set up, a frame up, a masquerade. Continuer la lecture

Martin Bormann: the successor to the Fuhrer

Martin Bormann with HimmlerThe war didn’t stop in 1945. As a matter of fact, it is still going on. The Reich went underground at the end of WWII, as a way to ensure the long-term supremacy of Germany over the world. The Bormann Capital Network, probably the biggest concertration of wealth in world’s history, has continued since 1945 to further the nazi/fascist agenda toward that goal. Unfortunately for us, they have recruited new allies, like Islamists of all sorts and regimes like Iran. They are now more powerful than they have ever been, capitalizing on western populations hypnotic state of brainwashing, mind-control and passivity. We have been lied to regarding the facts about WWII. Foreign control (namely German) over U.S. corporate media is directly linked with this. It is about time that we face reality and retake control of our society. Read this article on the subject by Dave Emory and listen to the radio program.


FTR #305

Follow-up on John P. Wheeler III murder case

Here are various sources from which you can continue the study of this case. I have linked two radio shows. First, Michael Savage’s show The Savage Nation, and George Freund’s Conspiracy Cafe to help you get an idea of the different connections, theories and possibilities. Because, at this point, there is not much else that we can do except speculating. Apparently, the FBI is not on the case (!!!), the police corps don’t say much and there seems to be a media blackout about it. So, with all these restrictions, we continue searching in the dark…

The links present a number of connections with one interesting lead:

His involvement as a cybersecurity expert with the Mitre corporation. It is possible that he might have uncovered some unpleasant facts related to the state of our cybersecurity in the western world. The last statements he gave in the months prior to his death point in that direction.

I have put as well some written material from the web. I hope these sources will help you.






This article portrays him as somebody deranged, mentally unstable, not uncommon in a cover-up and disinformation operation.


Sarah Palin right on target

Look at Sarah Palin’s hit list for her campaign trail. Marshall McLuhan says that the media has to be studied like a grammar. Is it possible that the targets on this poster have been interpreted as a trigger by Jared Loughner to unclench his MK-ULTRA programming? Don’t we always say that a picture is worth a thousand words?