Rio de Janeiro’s carnival costumes blaze: sexual terrorism?

Is that too sexy for fascism? A blaze in Rio de Janeiro on February 7th destroyed thousands of costumes specially made for the carnival, just a month prior to the event. How the hell are the craftsmen and women are supposed to be able to replace these costumes with such a short amount of time? They just can’t.  But think here for a moment…How convenient that this fire happens just a few weeks prior to the carnival, giving thus no time to find or fabricate adequate replacing outfits? I suspect that fascism being on the rise and triumphant, these bloody reactionnary impotents put the place on fire deliberately to ‘chastise’ these too lusty Brezilians. Sexual repression has always been part of the reactionnary milieu of every society and it is just too practical that this blaze hits at this time. Wilhelm Reich would call it an expression of the muscular armor. Armored people can’t stand manifestation of sexual pleasure and liberty. Do a google image search for the Carnival and you’ll see how fantastic and beautiful these women are…Christian women…You see how the Gospel make humans beautiful and fully blown? Islam can’t do that.


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